How could ANY mother do this to her daughter?

I simply cannot understand why some women behave the way they do.It completely baffles me.Women have been abused,exploited and made to feel inferior to men since time immemorial.All in the name of “culture”.They have been so completely brainwashed into believing that “culture” is so sacrosanct that no one should question the great “culture” that they belong to.Obviously they seem to think that “culture” however inhuman,barbaric and uncivilised it may be,must be protected against the onslaught of modernity and progress just because the concepts of modernity,progress and human rights(including women’s rights) have originated in the West.And they think that Western culture is inferior to their own culture that they want to stick on to some inhuman and shocking practices that will even make a man feel ashamed.

This post is all about one of the most shocking practices that I have heard of women being subjected to.It is called female genital mutilation or female genital cutting.

I cannot describe this horrible practice in my own words.Take a look at this wikipedia article for the whole story about this obnoxious practice.

Ofcourse,that article is scientific in nature,so it is not going to describe this practice in an artistic way.Art can describe inhuman and shocking practices better than science.Click on  this article from the Daily Mail to get a good artistic view about this “great cultural practice”.

Well,I have always suspected that one half of the female population is the greatest enemy of the other half and men are usually tools to be used by one half or the other.The more I read about such things,the more they reinforce that view.

All I can say is that if women want to harm themselves and other women,no power on heaven or Earth can save them.

Rabindranath Tagore said,”Into that heaven of freedom,my Father,let my country awake!”

I wish he had said,”Into that heaven of freedom of thought,my Father,let the women of the world awake!”

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6 Responses to How could ANY mother do this to her daughter?

  1. debradde566 says:

    Women, I believe, were placed on this earth to complement a man

    and to be be his helpmeet for his needs, and subsequently hers.

    The Fall of man was accomplished by appealing to the woman’s

    sense of wounded pride that God should keep something from her

    and her husband beyond their scope and they doubted His Wisdom

    and ultimate protection because of the Serpent’s Lie(GardenOfEden).

  2. Hi, I found you looking through tags. I just wanted to say that there’s a lot more to understanding FGM. Although many forms of it are MUCH WORSE than male circumcision, my culture (in the US) doesn’t see anything wrong with male circumcision, which is another form of genital mutilation without the consent of the person it’s being done to. I’m NOT equating the two, I just mean, the culture you grow up in can affect the way you see things. And FGM is part of their culture and at times their religion. It’s not a decision like whether to get your ears pierced, it’s a requirement to be accepted in those societies, and the mothers would rather inflict pain on their daughters than have their daughters not be able to get married, which is vital for women in many of those societies. But don’t blame the women completely – I feel quite certain men started this as a way to control female sexuality. It’s just that the women actually carry it out because for men to do it would be inappropriate (after all, it’s about purity and chastity). But the ultimate authority behind it is the men who can refuse to marry an uncut woman. I find it terrible and I hope it stops, but saying that the women who do it are awful isn’t going to help. We have to understand their situation.

  3. Raj says:


    Thanks for the response.I have nothing against any religion.I think religion is great if it is kept in the personal domain.But when it comes to society,I think human rights are important.I can only hope that women see themselves as the equals of men in every sense.I believe men and women are equals !

  4. Raj says:


    Thanks for your response and welcome to this blog ! I can see that you are a person who stands up for human rights and women’s rights.Your comments are always welcome here.

    Please don’t misunderstand me,I am not blaming the women.I know that women are the victims in almost every society.And yes,men are responsible for most of the mess.But I do think that some women actively or passively participate in these things.I visited your blog and I will visit again and go through your articles.I found an article about dowry in India.Dowry is one example where women’s rights are violated with the active or passive participation of women themselves.Sometimes,women in the family of the groom are more keen on dowry than the men !

    I agree with you that male circumcision should not be performed without the consent of the guy and that it should be performed only by a medical surgeon under operating conditions.

    And yes,I too think that FGM was started by men to control the sexuality of women.It is a terrible situation that the helpless women find themselves in.But atleast in countries where the practice is not accepted,I think that men would not insist on marrying a cut woman.I hope atleast in those countries,women would put an end to it.

    The horrible part is that in those societies where it is widely practised,it is not going to stop any time soon.A real shame,if you ask me.I think it is about time that women are given what is rightfully theirs.I have had enough of women being treated as the ‘property’ of men and much,much worse.There is no hope for humankind if women are treated the way they are now.

  5. Yeah, it is a pretty frustrating issue because it continues even where it’s outlawed. I read something where someone suggested that, based on how foot-binding was ended in China, it would probably have to end by people making pacts not to cut their daughters and to let their sons marry uncut women. Anyway, thanks for understanding where I was coming from, and I appreciated your comments on my blog!

  6. Raj says:


    Yes,it is not just female genital mutilation and foot-binding but things like sati,dowry,child marriage,forced marriages,forced prostitution of different kinds and so many other things that keep women oppressed-all in the name of “culture”.Such kinds of “culture” should not be termed as “culture” but as savagery-for savagery is what they are ! Only then would we call a spade a spade.

    But I feel really,really sad when women defend those obnoxious practices in the name of “culture”.They simply do not realise that they are defending savagery.That is why I say:

    “Into that heaven of freedom of thought,my Father,let the women of the world awake!”

    (Father here does not refer to any male God,but Father Time)

    And you are doing a fantastic job on both your blogs.I always admire and support people who stand up for the rights of the oppressed,the marginalised,the minorities,women and children especially if they are not among the oppressed themselves.

    It requires great courage to stand up for human rights !
    It requires greater courage to stand up for one’s own human rights !!
    It requires the greatest courage to stand up for the human rights of others !!!

    Human rights activists are the last hope for humankind !!!

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