The punch (Part 1)

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It is a beautiful day.The winter sun is shining lazily and there is not a cloud in the blue sky.Life seems to be perfect and idyllic.

Not so perfect for a man who is at the wheel of a green car.He seems to be a bit tense.There is a file in the passenger seat next to him.An important file.Only he knows the importance of that file.It is so important that he would have fastened a seat belt over the passenger seat just as is the case over the driver’s seat.That file contains a thirty-seven page report.A report that contains all the work of the project that he had been working on over the last four months.He had painstakingly prepared it,sparing no effort in the process.He had sent an electronic mail containing the report to the address that was given to him.But he knew that he had to present the hard copy of that document in person.The grading system was such that those who presented it within the first deadline had a chance of getting the maximum points.If the report was presented by the second deadline,some points would be deducted and by the third,even more points would be deducted.This was the day of the first deadline.He was a bit late and he had to travel through eight kilometres of slow moving city traffic before getting on to a six-lane highway on which he had to travel for twenty kilometres.

He thinks he can make it in time.He never believed in getting the maximum points as long as he was satisfied with his own report.He competes with no one but himself.He knows that he himself is his greatest rival.He has no other rivals.They were all his friends.He never hates any person,not even the most notorious criminal.He knows that they were all victims of circumstances.Life is all about choice.It is about making the right choice at the right time.He had made that choice long,long ago.There was no going back now.He hates concepts like going back to the past.He simply could not understand why people wanted to go back to the past.The past is dead.The present lives.The future shall live in our minds and bodies,hearts and souls.He knows his future.It had been laid out for him when he was born.Every single detail was there in the plan that Mother Earth and Father Time had made for him.It is all about his own choice now.And he has made that choice,consciously or unconsciously.He is involved in a constant struggle to better himself.He knows what he has to do.Know himself !

He does not believe in any kind of “-ism”.From one point in his life,he always knew his quest in life,his mission.It was this:


The traffic moves slowly and in a haphazard manner.A few drops of sweat are trickling down into his eyes.The more I sweat,the more I shine,he thinks.He turns up the blower to blast air at full speed into his face.He turns on the music,some soothing Western Classical instrumental music.I am ready to face my own music,he thinks.

He grips the wheel with both hands.He eyes are full of concentration on the road,yet his mind is lost in his own thoughts.He sees a strange sight in his mind’s eye.Two strange shadows of himself appear in his mind’s eye.One is clothed in blue and silver,the other in green and gold.

The green shadow speaks to him first,”Push ! You are already late ! You know the importance of that deadline !”

The blue shadow counters the green one,”Calm down,son.There is no need to hurry.You will make it in time.Take my word for it.”

The man is confused.Whom should he listen to?Why are they saying different things?Who are they?Why have they appeared before him?What did they want him to do?

The green shadow speaks up first,in an excited tone,”I am what you see ! I am what you are ! Listen to me !”

The blue one counters the green one,as calm as ever,”I am what you must see.I am what you want to be.I hope you listen to me.”

The man is confused.He does not know what to do.If he listens to his blue shadow,the green one would get offended.If he listens to his green shadow,the blue one might feel hurt.He knew that much.He also knew that the blue one would not show it.He was sure of that,as he knew his blue shadow better than his green shadow.Why are they doing this to me?How can a man listen to two opposing views at the same time?

Now he is out of the city and onto the slick six-lane expressway.Traffic is fairly sparse on that nice piece of tarmac.

The green shadow speaks up,”Good,now you are on my territory ! Push as hard as possible ! Put your right foot down ! Smash all those speed limits !”

The blue shadow says calmly,”Don’t do it,son.You could hurt yourself and others.It is not worth it.I am always on your side.Please listen to me.”

The man does not know what to do.Normally he would have listened to the blue one’s calm voice.

But this was green territory ! And it was a green car ! He makes the choice unconsciously.

His right foot comes down hard on the right pedal.The needle indicating the number of revolutions of the motor per minute goes crazy.The turbocharger kicks in with a high-pitched sound,providing some stunning boost.The green family car surges forward as if it was a woman possessed !

Ugly fuel-guzzling luxury cars and humungous fume-spewing sports utility vehicles are made to feel as if they were standing still.They simply could not see what went past them.They were stunned by the punch of the green car.

Good.Now those pieces of junk metal have been firmly put in their place.They have been given the treatment that they deserve.Those pieces of junk are the cause of most of the pollution on our planet.Those pieces of junk metal are responsible for the soaring prices of oil and food all over the planet.Those ugly pieces of junk are responsible for hitting the poorest of the poor hardest with all their greed.He gave a damn about those pieces of junk metal.

As a believer in ethical science,he knew the value of a fist-sized turbocharger.The fist sized device in a compact car is capable of punching those pieces of junk metal and puncturing their huge egos and bloated pride.

He could only laugh his heart out at the people who thought he was jealous of those pieces of junk.Jealousy is definitely a characteristic of those who were from Venus.Those from Mars did not have that undesirable trait in general and the man in question certainly does not have even a trace of that particular feeling.

And the green car is moving.And how ! The needle showing the speed has crossed 100 k.m.p.h. and does not seem to stop.120 . . . 140 . . . 160 . . .

(To be continued)

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5 Responses to The punch (Part 1)

  1. rahul says:

    awesome post…..”MAN,KNOW THYSELF”..that I think should be the motto of everyone’s life…only would this World would become what we want it to be

  2. rahul says:

    welcome to my blogroll 😛

  3. Raj says:


    Thanks a lot ! I’m glad you like this post as it comes straight out of my heart.I am working on the second part of this post and it is called “The knockout punch” 🙂

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll.I like your articles very much as well.But I am not able to post comments on your blog for some unknown reason.It must be a password glitch.I’ll sort it out so that I’ll able to post comments on the blogs of Blogger bloggers.

  4. GotBoost says:

    Turbo’s Rock. Whistle and Power is above and beyond all else.

  5. Raj says:

    That’s true, GotBoost. A turbocharger-intercooler combo is enough to change a car from being a sluggish machine to a road rocket.

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