The knockout punch (The punch:Part 2)

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The green car is hurtling along the highway.The man at the wheel is completely focussed on the road ahead,looking out for unpleasant surprises.Yet he sees different things in his mind’s eye.He knows he should not be driving at that speed,but he cannot help it.He simply does not understand why people do not understand what he is trying to say.Even his own mother does not understand him sometimes.He never hates or dislikes or targets anyone.He never hates anyone as hating people is a sign of a deteriorating mind.He does not hate or dislike anyone.He only hates the concepts and ideas that suck the humanity out of one’s heart.Like the satanical kind of capitalism.The Robin Hood kind of socialism may not be good but the satanical kind of capitalism is the worst thing that could ever happen to humankind and the planet.It sucks the humanity out of people,it robs the poor to pay the rich.It destroys the planet and all her sons and daughters.It destroys humankind and humanity.People (including,but not limited to,his own mother) who think that such concepts are good do not want to look at the truth.They do not want to look at the ugly reality of capitalism of the satanical kind.That is the plain truth about such concepts.The truth is there for all to see.The truth never lies.The truth cannot lie.Truth alone triumphs.

His eyes shift to the speedometer and back to the road in an instant.The needle shows that the compact green car is doing 160 k.m.p.h.He thinks of his own mother.He thinks of what she would say if she finds out that he was driving like that.A verbal barrage would be unleashed on him.

“The next time you cross 40 k.m.p.h.,you will find yourself at the reins of a tortoise cart !”

A tortoise cart.He would have reached his destination at the end of his life in that case.Reach his destination at the end of his life.Why does anything he say have a deep philosophical meaning in them?He wonders whether his mother would find out what he has been doing on this small journey to his temporary destination.If she does,he will have to ask her to forgive him.He would never want to hurt his mother.She thinks he does not have any feelings or emotions at all,so she hurts him at times.He feels deeply hurt on such occasions.But he does not show it.He uses a diary to express those emotions.And he can only hope that she does not read his diary.

He lifts his right foot off the right pedal.The compact green car slows down.It begins to cruise at 100 k.m.p.h.Good.The road is clear and he should be able to reach his destination in about fifteen minutes.He thinks he will make it in time to present the report.

As he negotiates a long curve on the expressway,he sees a nasty sight.A sports utility vehicle that is cruising about three hundred metres in front of him veers off the road.With a sickening sound,it skids off and after travelling for a few metres on thorny bushes,it comes to rest on its side.

Now he finds himself in a dilemma.Does he stop to help the occupants or does he carry on?If he stops,he would surely miss the deadline.There is no doubt about that.But if he does not,someone in that sports utility vehicle may lose his or her life.What does he do?

His green shadow is a bit unsure,”I do not know what to tell you.I do not know if you should stop or proceed.It is upto you to decide”.

His blue shadow speaks up,in a calm but very intense voice,”You must stop !”

The man knew what that meant.It was an order !

His right foot slams the centre pedal.The car slows down and screeches to a halt.He parks it off the carriageway and switches on his flashers.

He takes the first-aid kit and a small fire extinguisher and rushes to the vehicle that is lying on its side.

He learnt first-aid when he was in school.He was a part of the scouting movement.He learnt so many useful things when he was a scout.He learnt so many lessons about life.Life is all about learning.The day one stops learning,the mind is dead.When he was a scout,he took part in their weekend activities.The group of scouts not only trained but also put that training to good use.Practice makes a man perfect.By moving among different people belonging to various strata of society,he got an insight into their lives.By being a scout,he learnt that he should not view the poorest of the poor as aliens in his own country.He knew that they were not lazy.They worked very hard.But they were exploited.They were looked down upon,neglected,ignored and made to feel unwanted despite all the hard work that they put in.He learnt several other things as well.He learnt about fires and the precautions to be taken to prevent them.On his last day in the scouting movement,his trainer told him this:


“I will”

“You have to be ! You are no longer a boy.We can only train you.It is upto you to decide what to do with that training”.

Now he knew what to do with that training.There was no fire from the stricken vehicle.The engine had shut off.But he could take no chances.He sprayed the aerosol around the places where he thought a fire could break out.

The windscreen of the vehicle was shattered.There was only one man in the vehicle.He was struggling to get out as the vehicle was lying on its side.He helps the unfortunate man out of the vehicle.

“Are you okay?”

“I think so.Just a bit shocked.I must have fallen asleep at the wheel”.

A rude wake up then.But he seemed to be okay,except for a few bruises.The man helps him plaster his wounds.

“Can you walk upto that green car?I’ll take you to a hospital”.

“No,I think I am fine.I’ll wait here till help arrives”.

“I think you will be better off if a doctor examines you.It’s on the way,not far from here”.

The man reluctantly agrees.They walk to the car,get in and drive off to the hospital.

“Thank you so much ! I’ll take care of myself from here.I am doing fine but I am grateful to you for stopping to help”.

“You’re always welcome.Take care.I hope it’s nothing serious”.

The green car moves off.There is no need to push now.No need to hurry.He knew that it was all over.He had missed the deadline for sure.So what?

As he walks in,others are walking out.He is not worried in the least.He walks up to the person who is responsible for collecting the reports as she is about to leave.

“I know I have missed the first deadline,and the first lot of files must have already left,but take this file as the first one of the second lot”.

“You are lucky”,she replies with a smile,”the first deadline has been extended till tomorrow.Your file goes with the first lot.You can inform others about this extension”.

The man too smiles as he hands over the file,”Thank you”.

As he walks out,he sees his blue shadow appear before him.

“What did I tell you?”,the voice is as calm as ever,”I am always with you.I’ll see to it that you don’t suffer on account of obeying my orders.I always favour the brave.Always look at your blue shadow.Always be what you want to be and not what you are !”

“Yes,of course,you do ! Thank you for that ! I know that I would be better off if I listen to you.I’ll never fall for a few pieces of silver or gold or platinum or diamonds or any such thing.I was what I was,I am what I am,I will be what I will be,for I want to be what I want to be !”

The man and his blue shadow have the last laugh !

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3 Responses to The knockout punch (The punch:Part 2)

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  2. rahul says:

    awesome post man..”.He never hates anyone as hating people is a sign of a deteriorating mind.”…I completely ascribe to this philosophy….great story..I think we should always listen to our cool, composed self.


  3. Raj says:


    Thank you so much for understanding both parts of the story.The story has no morals to offer.The protagonist in the story is not a hero.He has several flaws in his character,though it may not be obvious from the story itself.He is also selfish to the core.It is just a different kind of selfishness.

    Also,the story does not target anyone.The struggle is not between individuals or ideas.Everyone is entitled to have his/her own ideas.It is all about the struggle of the protagonist against himself.It is all about the struggle within himself.It is all about this:


    Only a man who is in a similar situation or who has been through such a situation before will understand the story.This story is not meant for women,as I am sure they will misunderstand it.

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