Ro . . . Ro . . . Romário!

One of my favourite footballers has retired from competitive football. You can read all about the outstanding career of Romário de Souza Faria on this wikipedia article.

The first time I watched most of the matches of any soccer tournament was the 1994 World Cup finals held in the USA. I instantly turned into a football fan after watching Romário and his team-mates lift the most coveted prize in sports. Romário partnered Bebeto in Brazil’s attack where he scored five goals and Bebeto scored three. Romário was selected the FIFA World Player of the Year and won the World Cup Golden Ball in 1994 and named as one of the Top 125 greatest living footballers as part of FIFA’s 100th anniversary celebration.

Here is a selection of goals scored by the Brazilian (please turn on your audio to hear some samba music while watching it being played out on the field) :

If you have any problems with the video, you can watch it on this YouTube link.

Adeus Romário! Obrigado!

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2 Responses to Ro . . . Ro . . . Romário!

  1. leafless says:

    He was quite a footballer!

  2. Raj says:


    Soccer is not that popular in India. But when I watched the 1994 World Cup finals as a kid, I immediately turned into a soccer fan. I played only soccer when I was in school. Sadly, I fractured my leg while playing soccer and I had to give up amateur sport after that 😦 but even now ,I cannot resist joining a game of soccer in the neighbourhood park!

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