Here comes the horseman riding the black horse!

I am not a believer in any religion. A spiritual friend left a comment on one of my previous posts about putting an end to war. It got me thinking because he wrote about The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse mentioned in The Bible. Please click on this link to find out more about The Four Horsemen.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Victor Vasnetsov(1887)

Image: Wikimedia Commons

The third horseman, riding the black horse, is called Famine. The black colour of the third horse could be a symbol of famine. Its rider holds a scale, which could be a representation of the ‘scales of pitiless justice’ which commonly represent inequality and corruption. Some religious interpreters may believe that the black horse stands for capitalism.

I tend to agree with them, though I keep my distance from any religion. I believe the rider on the black horse represents the evil forces of ‘free market capitalism’.

Let us take a look at what those evil forces have done to our beautiful planet and a majority of her inhabitants. Take a look at this wikipedia article about the escalating food price crisis on the planet.

Hunger and rioting in different countries

Capitalism is all about the love of money. Money by itself is not bad as we cannot go back to the barter system but I have heard this a few times, “The love of money is the root of all evil“. Well, there is no harm in loving money either, as everyone has a right to lead a decent life in this imperfect world, but once people begin to love money so much that the idea of oxymoronous ‘free market capitalism’ begins to replace humanity in their hearts, the following is the result.

Haiti witnessed violent food riots in April because the prices of staples went up 50% since 2007 and the price of fuel tripled in four months.

Violence erupted in Indonesia where prices of staples and fuel doubled since January.

A boy was shot dead in Egypt by the police during violent demonstrations against rising food prices on April 8.

The Philippines is facing a severe shortage of rice, the country’s main staple.

Abidjan, the capital of Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire) erupted on March 31 due to food shortages.

In Cameroon, seven lives were lost during protests against rising inflation.

Twenty four people were arrested and tortured for daring to protest against rising food and fuel prices in Senegal.

Over one hundred people were arrested in several cities of Burkina Faso.

One person was killed and thirteen were wounded in food riots in Yemen.

Four persons were killed in Mozambique in ‘food and fuel riots’.

Latin Americans met in Brasilia to confront the rising prices of food and fuel that has resulted in sporadic violence in the region.

South Africa and the South Asian countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are facing unrest due to the escalating prices of food and fuel.

Rising food prices have not spared the United States either. Faced with a ‘slowdown’ in the economy that may result in job losses, twenty eight million people may receive food stamps from the government in order to ensure that they do not go to bed hungry.

In India, there was sporadic violence in a few areas due to food scarcity. Parliament was rocked by the issue of spiralling inflation(though it may not be high when compared to other countries) that is affecting everyone in the country with the poorest taking a brutal beating. This has forced the central and state governments to take a slew of measures to control food prices. Forward trading in essential commodities was banned and the export of rice(except basmati rice) has been banned. The government is planning to create strategic food reserves to make sure the country does not witness violence over the issue of the price of staples. The Reserve Bank of India is also planning to take a few measures to control galloping inflation.

What does all this mean to people who are not badly affected by rising prices? Ofcourse, everyone has to eat and most people use fuel in their vehicles so almost everyone notices the rise in prices of what they consume. But they may not be aware of what it means to the least fortunate who barely manage to eke out a living, for whom it may mean skipping a meal altogether or cutting down on what they consume which was insufficient in any case for the hard labour they put in to earn daily wages.

On the other hand, we have the forces of ‘free market capitalism’ who want to divert corn to produce bio-ethanol and convert vast swathes of farmlands that are used for growing food crops to cultivate ‘bio-fuel crops’ to produce fuels to power their fuel guzzling, fume spewing vehicles.

Bio-fuels are not a problem as long as they are produced from crops grown on wastelands(like bio-diesel obtained from Jatropha in India) or if they are produced from the byproducts of other industries(like bio-ethanol obtained from molasses in Brazil) or from waste oils(like bio-diesel obtained from used cooking oil in Malta) and some other cases.

Diverting food crops and edible oil for bio-fuel production when millions of people are facing food shortages around the world is a crime against humankind. Cultivating ‘bio-fuel crops’ on farms where food crops were previously cultivated when people are forced to go to bed hungry is a crime against humanity.

But it does not matter to those who have decided that the sacrosanct concept of the ‘global free market’ will take care of everything. It does not matter to such people if millions around the world face food shortages and hundreds are killed in ‘food riots’.

Jesus Christ! Please save their souls from ‘free market capitalism’. I can only hope that they realise that feudalism, ‘free market capitalism’, monarchy and other such nonsensical concepts deserve to be thrown into the sewer before it is too late.

Marie Antoinette would have been proud of the ‘free market capitalists’. She is believed to have said this about the poor, “If they don’t have bread, let them eat cake!”

The modern day Marie Antoinettes would say, “If they don’t have porridge, let them eat pizza!”

The French Revolutionaries put Marie Antoinette to death by the guillotine. I can only hope that the present ‘Food Rioters’ put monarchy, feudalism, ‘free market capitalism’ and other evil concepts to death by the guillotine or by any other method.

(I am totally opposed to the death penalty, so I do not want any person to be put to death, even if he is a notorious criminal. I only want evil concepts and ideas to be put to death so that everyone on the planet can lead a happy life.)

I prefer to be associated with the concepts that enrich the hearts of people, rather than those that promise them diamonds! Only a minority of people on this planet are in clover! I always prefer to call a spade a spade! 🙂

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13 Responses to Here comes the horseman riding the black horse!

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  2. vish says:

    Raj, a nice article.

    Sify Finance

  3. leafless says:

    But is there a better option? I don’t like capitalism, but it’s a lot better than communism, authoritarianism, fascism, and nazism. Capitalism is not the problem; human greed is. We should focus in promoting ethics & deference; putting all the blame on the free market is not very productive.

    Also, the French Revolution was the biggest non-story in the history of the world. The French replaced the royal family with a dictator, who led them to numerous costly wars.

  4. Raj says:


    Thanks for that link!

    I am perfectly aware of the looming food crisis on the planet because I don’t rely only on the so-called ‘mainstream media’. I follow plenty of international sources that report the truth and I am also aware of the reality on the ground because in my daily life, I come into contact with quite a few people who are not as fortunate as us.

  5. Raj says:


    Thanks a lot for expressing your opinion.

    Actually, I don’t hate capitalism as such. It is only the extreme form of capitalism called ‘free market capitalism’ that I hate.

    Capitalism would be quite acceptable if it took care of all the people on the planet. This version is what some people call ‘social capitalism’. It is not as ‘social’ as the social democracy model of the E.U. but it is a lot, lot better than ‘free market capitalism’.

    About the French Revolution, I agree that France did not see the benefits immediately. But the First French Republic was a good step in France’s history(except the gruesome killings at the guillotine).

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  7. espionic says:

    Hi Raj,

    Stumbled upon your blog, and this is the first time I read the Third Horseman interpreted as capitalism, and it was rather reassuring to me too, for I arrived at somewhat the same view also.

    You mentioned “Some religious interpreters may believe that the black horse stands for capitalism”. I like to know how you know this? I have not read such interpretations elsewhere yet, other than your blog.

  8. Hi Espionic,

    Thanks for your comment! I’m glad that you believe that the black horse may stand for capitalism.

    I am not a religious scholar so I’m sorry if I have not interpreted The Bible correctly. I searched the web for interpretations of the black horse and here are some of the results:
    From the wikipedia article about the Four Horsemen:

    While these images, and especially the Parthians, are specific to the Roman Empire of the early Christian era, there is a universality about them. Each new century, Christian interpreters see ways in which the horsemen, and Revelation in general, speaks to contemporary events. Some who believe Revelation applies to modern times can interpret the horses based on various ways their colours are used. Red, for example, often represents Communism, while Black has been used as a symbol of Capitalism.

    Pastor Irvin Baxter Jr. of Endtime Ministries espouses such a belief.
    From The forbidden knowledge:

    The December 9, 1966 issue of Time Magazine, page 34, reported that a new coalition government had recently been formed in Germany between the Socialist and the Christian Democratic parties. A comment made concerning the union said, “… a grand coalition of the two major parties — the Christian Democrats and the Social Democrats, that have bitterly fought each other for years…(has been made). A union of black and red, it was a marriage of convenience — but a stunning match nonetheless”. In political and news circles socialism is referred to as the “red power”, and capitalism is called the “black power.”

    Let’s apply the rest of the scripture about the black horse: “…he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hands” (Revelation 6:5). Capitalism thrives on commerce. The world’s capitalistic nations enjoy higher standards of living than the other nations of the world! The capitalistic message to the world is the message of trade. This is reinforced in the next portion of the prophecy: “A measure of wheat for a penny; and three measures of barley for a penny” (Revelation 6:6). One of the things heard daily in the news of capitalistic countries is, “Dow Jones Industrials up 3 cents; AT&T down a penny; Xerox is steady”. This passage is a prophetic stock market report! The stock markets are at the center of capitalistic economies.

    In verse 6 of the same passage, the Bible says “… and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.” One of the quickest ways for a man to lose office in the political world of capitalism is for the economy of that nation to suffer under his administration. One of the major issues of any political campaign in the free world countries is that of the economy.

    The black horse is the spirit of capitalism foreseen by God 2,000 years ago!
    From Ken Raggio’s Bible Study Resources:

    THESE ARE THE FOUR HORSES of the apocalypse.

    They are also the FIRST FOUR SEALS of the Seven Seals of Revelation 5.

    SEAL ONE – White horse – Catholic Church had a bow and a crown (the pope wears a tiara – triple crown) conquering globally. (Read the history of the RCC and the Crusades.)

    SEAL TWO – Red horse – Communism – took peace from earth, killing with a great sword. Red Communism killed more people in the twentieth century than any other power at any time in history. Lenin, Stalin and Mao killed more than 50 MILLION PEOPLE.

    SEAL THREE – Black horse – Capitalism – (a pair of balances and a commodities report – measure of wheat for a penny, barley, wine and oil at a price.)

  9. espionic says:

    Hey Raj,

    Thanks for the rapid response.

    I see that they arrived at the interpretation from a different path, namely from imposing a view of various “powers” evolving over time, eg Catholic Church, Communism, and then Capitalism. (So what “power” then after Capitalism?)

    That interpretation is exogenous, ie imposing elements not in within the words of Revelations and of the bible in general, which is not a preferred method of interpretation for me.

    My interpretation for the first 2 horseman are thus different from the sources you have given me. You read them on my blog.

    Thanks once again.

    • Bill Lynch says:

      The pale horse or chloros in Greek can mean green. Green is the color representative of islam, also presented by Irvin Baxter the rider on the chloros (green) horse. My belief, this fits well!! But of course check it out for yourself..

  10. You’re welcome, Espionic!

    I guess there are different ways of interpreting The Bible. The interesting thing is that different interpretations lead to a similar conclusion – the black horse is somehow associated with capitalism.

    I’ll read your views on the four horsemen on your blog.

  11. vish says:


    I was expecting an article from you on the ‘free fall of free market’.

  12. Vish,

    It’s great to see you here after a long time, nanba! 🙂

    Actually, there are several more important topics. I’m concerned about the shocking details about malnourishment deaths of tribal children in Madhya Pradesh 😦

    About the “free market”, I don’t have much to say except that if markets are free to rise, they are free to fall. What I find funny is that those who advocate “free market capitalism” say that governments should stay away from any kind of regulation, social security, healthcare, education, workers’ rights, etc. when the “free markets” are rising. Now that the “free markets” are falling, the very same people are clamouring for governments’ intervention to save their companies from collapsing as a result of acts of deliberate mismanagement!

    And in case we forgot, remember what the “free market capitalists” and their stooges in the so-called “mainstream media” said about loan waivers for debt-ridden farmers who were on the verge of committing suicide? They said it was politics, keeping an eye on elections, etc. I wonder what they have to say about tax-payers in different countries having to foot the (shockingly massive) bill(s) in order to save a few debt-ridden corporations from complete collapse.

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