Ooh . . . ooh . . . Ubuntu!

The latest version of Ubuntu has been released!!! 🙂 Please click on the link if you want to download the Ubuntu 8.04 LTS(Long Term Support) Desktop Edition(supported till 2011).

Linux is for human beings . . . 🙂

I have not tested it yet . . . not even downloaded it as of now . . . plan to do it as soon as possible . . . will post a report as soon as I test it!

I am going for the penguin! 🙂

Bill Gates,I don’t want to pay bills for your Windows that are full of cracks!!! 😀

(I hope Ubuntu 8.04 has drivers for all my hardware components 😐 )

(I have written another post about Ubuntu.Please click on the link to go to my previous post called A great future for Ubuntu?)

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3 Responses to Ooh . . . ooh . . . Ubuntu!

  1. debiani386 says:

    get ubuntu, its the greatest. btw ubuntu 8.04 (the newest version) has just been released today 😀 Try it 😀

  2. leafless says:

    Unfortunately, the tendency of most people is to go with things that are simple to learn and navigate (despite the inconvenience and costs). Linux is great for IT specialists, but not the masses. I might be a bit biased, since I used to be a Windows developer. But I think you get the idea.

  3. Raj says:

    Debiani386 and Leafless,

    Thanks! It feels so good to know that two persons from the opposite ends of the software spectrum(one a Linux contributor and the other a Windows developer) have left comments on this post! 🙂

    I never knew that you were a Windows developer! I think you may not like some of the banners on this blog 🙂

    I am not exactly a “techie” 🙂 I never had much formal training in either hardware or software.What little I know was learnt by observing others and by doing them myself.I always like to take things apart,see how they work and then put them back together.I guess I am a ‘do-it-yourself’ kind of guy 🙂

    {I also fix the computers(running Windows) and related stuff of my friends and relatives in my spare time as a hobby(I don’t take money from them).I have a hard time convincing them to shift to open source software.Even my close relatives do not want to shift to open source software,so I am forced to use Linux and Windows side-by-side,even at home 😦 }

    You are correct in saying that Windows is simple to use and navigate.I have said the same thing an earlier post about Ubuntu.I have also updated the post to include the link to the earlier post.

    But I am extremely delighted that Linux has become very user friendly now! That is great news because many developing countries(and organisations,institutions and individuals) can save so much money by encouraging the use of free and open source software!
    By the way,I think some silent listeners have misunderstood the following statement “Linux is for human beings”.

    It does not talk about those who use Windows,but is meant to counter Microsoft’s slogan “Microsoft for business”.

    Here is what I think Linux stands for:

    International co-operation
    Universal values(Absolute Truth)
    Xcellence,Xtreme quality and reliability

    I agree with Linux developers that there is no need to pay an advocate of ‘free market capitalism’ even a single paise(or cent) for software that is much more sophisticated and stable than those sold by Mr.Bill Gates.

    I see no reason to pay a ‘free market capitalist’ even a single paise(or cent) for my life or for the air I breathe or for the water I drink or for the sunlight that I enjoy or for the natural beauty of Mother Earth or for the best software! The BEST things are always FREE! I see no reason why I should pay someone something to love the persons I love! There are so many things in life that even trillions of rupees/euros/dollars simply cannot buy! The best things in life were gifted to humankind by Mother Earth and Father Time! I will never allow the notorious ‘free market capitalists’ to steal those things from me and then sell me inferior stuff at hugely inflated prices! That is simply not my way!

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