Ooh . . . ooh . . . Ubuntu . . . Ubuntu . . . Ubuntu!

This is a small test report about Ubuntu 8.04 LTS.

Unlike the last time, I had absolutely no problems whatsoever in installing Ubuntu. I tried the live CD version first(you can boot Ubuntu 8.04 from the CD itself without installing it on your hard drive) and loved it so much that I installed it immediately. The installation is quite simple. You can boot into Windows, insert the CD and run the installation from within Windows. Once you reboot the computer, you can boot into either Windows or Linux. It is that simple!

Here are a few simple screenshots . . . Click on the images for a bigger picture . . .

Desktop with a minimised browser window . . .

Scientific calculator, sudoku, dictionary . . .

Tetravex, documents to be printed, OpenOffice.org Writer . . .

I did not explore it completely but there are so many applications . . . entire volumes can be written about Ubuntu 8.04! And it is blazingly fast! Everything seems to work faster . . . the desktop, the applications, the internet, even WordPress!

I am completely bowled over by the latest penguin from Ubuntu! To the developers, you have done a great job, folks! Ubuntu 8.04 is the perfect Linux for anyone who wants to make the switch to Linux! To others, do try Ubuntu 8.04, folks! Believe me, you will be hooked!

Okay, I did notice one bug, which I shall send to the developers to fix. But if I have to sum up the experience, all I can say is:

OOH . . . OOH . . . UBUNTU!

Please click on the link if you want to download Ubuntu 8.04 LTS.

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Ooh . . . ooh . . . Ubuntu!
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6 Responses to Ooh . . . ooh . . . Ubuntu . . . Ubuntu . . . Ubuntu!

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  2. zeniamai says:

    I have that Ubuntu version on my office computer… Yep, it’s packed with applications but my computer is still dead super slow… I think I am switching to a new computer since Bar, my open computing friend, said “no it’s not Ubuntu’s fault but you’re celeron processor…” 🙂 Here’s to the onset of my better Ubuntu experience.. 🙂

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  4. Raj says:


    I agree with your friend. By the way, I would recommend PCLinuxOS if you have a slower processor in your office computer. I have found that PCLinuxOS works pretty well in such cases.

    But yes, Ubuntu 8.04 has simply left me searching for superlatives! I am having a great time discovering all the wonderful open source applications in Ubuntu 8.04!

    Here is the true meaning of Ubuntu from their website:

    Ubuntu is an African word, which has been described as “too beautiful to translate into English”. The essence of Ubuntu is that “a person is a person through other people”. It describes humanity as “being-with-others” and prescribes what “being-with-others” should be all about. Ubuntu emphasises sharing, consensus, and togetherness. It’s a perfect concept for Free Software and open source.

    How I wish that every concept and idea in this world shared the philosophy behind Ubuntu!

  5. Тиран says:

    Сенкс, очень полезная информация.

  6. Тиран,

    Спасибо, мой друг! 🙂

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