Rice price rise may lead to rice riots!

Though the title mentions rice, this post is all about the rise in prices of staples (rice tops the list of staples) that has caused serious unrest in several parts of the world. Haiti’s government was thrown out and there were food riots in several parts of Africa and sporadic violence in other parts of the world. Even supermarkets in developed countries have begun rationing rice to their customers. Click on the link to read the post I wrote a few days ago about a looming disaster for many of our planetizens.

Paella is a very popular rice dish in Spain . . .

Image: http://www.flickr.com/ptc24

World leaders have woken up to this serious threat to the well-being of all Earthlings. The issue has become so serious that the United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon has said that the U.N. and its affiliated organisations will set up a task force that will be headed by the Secretary-General himself. For more information, read this article on the site of Associated Press.

The U.N. has realised that rising food prices are a serious threat to growth and security and world peace itself. Development would be set back by seven years if this situation is not tackled immediately. Even a person like the World Bank President has warned that rising food prices would push 100 million into poverty and those who are already poor will suffer terribly. Read more about the threat to development goals in this article from Reuters.

The most heartening fact is that the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development feels that farm aid and fair trade is the key to solving this extremely urgent problem. I am delighted that someone has finally managed to call a spade a spade! Read more in this article.

I am shocked by the double standards of the ill-informed guys in the so-called ‘mainstream’ media who think that farm aid and small loan waivers for small and marginal farmers are ‘election sops’ while waiving multi-million dollar loans for corporate entities that are facing a crisis due to the deliberate mismanagement by the top brass is an act of ‘offering incentives’ for growth. Despicable double standards!

I think the time has come for the whole world to unite and put an end to the notorious ‘free market capitalism’ that has led the world to the present situation. ‘Free trade’ that is neither free nor fair should be replaced by fair trade! ‘Free market capitalism’ must be replaced by an economic system that is harmony with the universal ethical principles of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and Human Rights!

May all concepts that are opposed to those four principles perish! May such concepts be completely annihilated as humankind searches for ways to solve the present food crisis!

My previous article on the food crisis:

Here comes the horseman riding the black horse!

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8 Responses to Rice price rise may lead to rice riots!

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  2. Rajesh says:

    Hi Raj

    Nice Post..on the current food crisis..I read in some news papers that this food crisis is due to rise in oil prices due to which they are using cereals to produce bio -fuels..Even they site less water tables due to global warming is reason for this..

    What do you think a comman man can do or contribute to solve the issue at his level…

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  4. Raj says:

    வனக்கம் ராஜெஷ் (Hi Rajesh)

    Hmmm . . . a common man can’t do much to solve this global problem on his own, can he?

    But tiny drops of water make the mighty oceans, so there is something that every individual can and must do. One way is to reduce our greed. We can do this by becoming aware of our carbon footprint, reduce it as much as possible and try to offset it. There are many carbon footprint calculators on the web. Here is just one of them:

    Carbon Footprint

    I don’t know where you live but the above site lists all countries though the calculator is more in tune with the European lifestyle. If the above calculator does not reflect the lifestyle of the place where you live, you can try out other carbon footprint calculators. A google search for “carbon footprint calculator” or “ecological footprint calculator” will offer several links that we can try out. I think it is best to calculate our footprint using different calculators to arrive at an accurate figure.

    நன்றி (Thank you).

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  7. bob says:

    hi hello ppl

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