Damn the spam!

When I signed in to my e-mail account this morning, I was shocked to see a spam message in my inbox. Of course, spam messages are a part of life in the online world and a message or two promising “health benefits” or advertising a “completely new technology” and so on would not come as a surprise to anyone.

Why should the poor dog be shot? I would prefer to gun down the spammers!

I was surprised because the e-mail account that I had accessed was the one I have with my Internet Service Provider(ISP). I do not know what filter they use, but my inbox has been completely free of spam. Till now, that is. A determined spammer who wanted me to take a look at his “data recovery software” managed to get through the spam filter of my ISP. 😦

I have had bad experiences with spam over the years. My first e-mail account had to be abandoned because the inbox turned into a spam box. A fate shared by many of my other e-mail accounts. Infact I cannot remember how many accounts I created as I keep abandoning them because of the notorious spammers. 😡

However, many popular free e-mail providers seem to use a pretty effective spam filter these days. And I don’t know about my fellow bloggers, but I think the folks at WordPress seem to have put an end to the spam menace when they made those recent changes. 😀

I hope I have not spoken too soon. 😐

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6 Responses to Damn the spam!

  1. elmasahe says:

    I also have the same problems with my email. I really don’t know how they managed to get hold of my email. It really pisses me off especially those spam mails that pretend that they know you and are actually dating services.

  2. Raj says:

    You are correct, James. Most spammers either want you to buy products from them or want you to register for their services. They don’t realise that spam messages can be very irritating for e-mail users.

  3. zeniamai says:

    Same here.. Viagra here, viagra there.. As if I use those things?! Spammers should learn effective marketing and get a life… They are very irritating… very irritating..

  4. Raj says:

    He . . . he . . . he . . . they can be very irritating indeed, Zeniamai 🙂

  5. BubbleOnFire says:

    Yup not had much spam on WordPress. But my Google mail account is filled with spam and I had to abandon the account. I found Yahoo way better.

  6. Yes, BubbleOnFire, WordPress has managed to almost eradicate spam after those recent changes.

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