Dual Fuel!

Dual Fuel Cars running on Automotive Liquified Petroleum Gas (also known as Auto LPG, ALPG, or by their brand names) and petrol/gasoline are becoming increasingly popular in India. We have always had taxis and autorickshaws as well as a few private vehicles that strapped on ALPG kits to cut down on running costs, but now, with rapidly rising fuel prices, manufacturers are coming out with dual fuel cars that come with factory-fitted ALPG kits.

A model of an Auto LPG filling station . . .

Image: http://peso.gov.in

Benefits of Auto LPG

# ALPG is a clean burning, high octane, environment friendly fuel.
# ALPG produces less greenhouse gas emissions than other fossil fuels.
# Auto LPG follows the natural gas price graph more than the crude oil price graph.
# Unlike CNG(Compressed Natural Gas), Auto LPG is available throughout the country.
# ALPG is the only viable fuel which gives the economy of a diesel engine, emissions of a CNG engine and the performance of a petrol engine.
# Unlike CNG, Auto LPG is not stored at a very high pressure, so the additional weight of an ALPG tank is less when compared to that of a CNG tank.
# Manufacturers claim savings of upto 50,000 INR (750 EUR/ 1170 USD) p.a. depending on the car and the usage.

Advantages of cars with factory-fitted Auto LPG kits

# Since the kit is incorporated into the design by the manufacturer, it is much safer.
# Manufacturers modify the Electronics running the engine to use both Auto LPG and petrol/gasoline so the loss in power and torque is usually negligible.
# Factory-fitted kits usually use space saving toroidal ALPG tanks to save boot space.
# Factory-fitted kits come with a manufacturer’s warranty for both the car and the kit. Fitting after market ALPG kits on your car may violate the warranty conditions specified by the manufacturer.
# Road tax concessions may be offered by your local transport authorities depending on where you live.

The only disadvantages that I can think of are a slight loss of performance due to the increased weight of the vehicle and the negligible drop in power and torque figures and a loss of boot space depending on the size of the Auto LPG tank.

I searched the websites of Indian car manufacturers and discovered that the following cars and vans come with factory-fitted ALPG kits, but more manufacturers have planned launches in the near future:

# Chevrolet Spark LPG
# Hyundai Accent Executive eco LPG
# Hyundai Santro Xing eco LPG
# Maruti Suzuki 800 Duo
# Maruti Suzuki Omni LPG
# Maruti Suzuki WagonR Duo
# Mitsubishi Cedia ALPG
# Tata Indica Xeta LPG

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9 Responses to Dual Fuel!

  1. leafless says:

    Great innovation. We could use some of these here in the States.

  2. zeniamai says:

    The same thing is happening here in the Philippines. More and more taxis are running using LPG in hope that they could save more money.. However the price of the LPG is also increasing… As a matter of fact everything is increasing… This time of crisis can be very hard for many Filipinos… tsk tsk tsk..

  3. Leafless,

    I guess something similar will roll out of Detroit in the not-too-distant future.

    It is a catch-22 situation, isn’t it? And the poorest always take the hardest hit in any country. I don’t know when this food-and-fuel crisis is going to end 😦

  4. James says:

    I hope we can perfect this technology within the next few years. Global warming is becoming a worldwide concern. I’m glad that a lot of countries are beginning to resolve this problem and are not waiting for the other rich countries to do there part.

  5. Joy Ghose says:

    I drive a LPG car in C+ segment. And I have forgotten about petrol. There is a powerloss of 10%, theoretically. But this fuel gives me more torque in city traffic. Its an OEM fitment. Drive it and believe it. Love the faces when I see them gawking at an LPG car outpacing the petrol/diesel cars. I am loving it. Its a Cedia. I rest my case.

  6. James,

    Yes, I agree with you. I don’t see how “free market capitalism” 😡 is going find a solution to these problems as “free market capitalism” is the problem that is reponsible for most of the ills the Earth is facing today!

    It feels great to read that your Cedia ALPG performs as well as a normal petrol powered Cedia! I have read that cars with OEM LPG kits have an additional microprocessor for the LPG mode in addition to the normal electronics, so there is only a negligible power and torque loss. Your experience has confirmed the claims of the manufacturers! I have not driven an ALPG powered car yet, but most owners are delighted with Auto LPG! They also tell me that the engine seems to run much smoother on Auto LPG than on petrol! I think it must be because of the octane-rating of Auto LPG.

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  9. cecila sospeter says:

    what about ur prices

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