Adeus Guga!

Gustavo Kuerten, a former World No. 1 tennis player from Brazil and a three-time winner of the French Open, has bid farewell to professional tennis. Read more about the career of this tennis pro from Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brasil in this link.

Gustavo Kuerten, the champ . . .


Guga, as he is affectionately known, is famous for his “tennis grunts” on the court. He is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English. In 2005, he was placed 37th in a list called “The 40 Greatest Players of the Tennis Era” by TENNIS, a popular tennis magazine.

My favourite male tennis players are Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, but Guga is one of my favourites on clay. Brazilian sportspersons, be they footballers or racers or volleyball players are very charismatic and Guga is no exception.

Watch a video of the amiable Guga . . .

If the video does not load, you can watch it here.

We will miss you, Guga!

Adeus Guga! Obrigado!

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3 Responses to Adeus Guga!

  1. leafless says:

    It was sad to see him going out the way he did. But everything has an end.

  2. I agree that it was a sad moment, Leafless. But he did give us a lot of joy when he was at his peak. I liked his “grunts” 🙂

  3. Anick says:

    é um ótimo poster, eu sempre adoro de ler o que você encreve, no meu blog tambèm tem ums artigos e umas notícias muito boa. BJs.

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