A Republic is born!

The historic first meeting of the Constituent Assembly (CA) of Nepal has endorsed a proposal to amend the interim constitution implementing the declaration of Nepal as a federal democratic republic. Out of the 564 democratically elected members of the CA, an overwhelming majority of 560 voted in favour of the proposal while only four members voted against it. With this move, Nepal’s 239-year old monarchy along with its associated filthy oppressive feudal structure has been officially abolished!

A himalayan achievement for the Himalayan country . . .

Image: Wikimedia commons

Take a look at the historic moment for the people of Nepal . . .

If the video does not load, you can watch it here.

Nepal’s last king, King Gyanendra, now Mr. Gyanendra, was a deeply unpopular figure in the country. He ascended the throne after his popular brother King Birendra and his family were killed in the June 2001 palace massacre allegedly carried out by Crown Prince Dipendra at the royal palace under mysterious circumstances.

A year later, the King declared a state of emergency and sent troops after the Maoist rebels when peace talks collapsed. Gyanendra appointed a series of prime ministers– Lokendra Bahadur Chand, Surya Bahadur Thapa and Sher Bahadur Deuba who was sacked again in February 2005 after which the monarch assumed absolute power drawing international condemnation. The King was viewed by the people as a tyrannical despot after a crackdown on political parties, the media, the Maoists and the people. Nepal’s seven main political parties and the Maoists teamed up to force King Gyanendra give up his dictatorial powers in April 2006.

The process has now been completed with the removal of the despot, his notorious son Paras and his coterie from the ceremonial roles that they held. The tyrant did not want to go without causing some trouble. Criminal royalist scum beings detonated two bombs outside the Birendra International Convention Centre in Baneshwor, the venue of the Constituent Assembly (CA) meeting on Wednesday evening. Thousands of people had gathered outside the BICC to cheer the announcement of republic by the first CA meeting. The bombs occurred just before the Assembly was about to get underway. Following the voting result, the CA also approved a proposal stating that the King should vacate the Narayanhity royal palace within 15 days. The proposal states that the King will lose all perks and privileges except his rights as a common citizen. The Narayanhity royal palace will be turned into a national museum or used in national interest as deemed necessary by the government, the proposal adds.

The Constituent Assembly elections were held in a free and fair manner under international supervision. The Maoists emerged as the single largest block in Parliament. The Constituent Assembly now has a big job on its hand to draft a new constitution for the Federal Republic of Nepal.

Talking with a few Nepali friends here, I discovered that they wholeheartedly welcome the changes in their home country. They were absolutely delighted that the tyrannical despot who lorded over a filthy oppressive feudal system has been forced out of his role. A feeling shared by almost all the citizens of Nepal.

The government has announced a public holiday on Thursday and Friday to celebrate the declaration. Rallies and celebrations have begun across the country on Wednesday with a large number of people participating to welcome the announcement. Civil society organisations are also holding rallies in major cities around the country including Pokhara and Biratnagar. Similar events were held on Tuesday as well. The Nepal Bar Association (NBA) lit candles at its office Tuesday evening while pro-republic artists performed at the Open Theatre the same day. The political parties have asked its cadres and sister organisations to organise rallies and demonstration to celebrate the historical event.

I heartily welcome my fellow South Asians into the club of countries that have abolished the filthy oppressive concept of feudalism!

Long live the Federal Secular Democratic Republic of Nepal!

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  10. Thanks a lot, Balkrishna! It feels great to have a Nepali citizen comment on this post. You are always welcome here, my friend! 🙂

  11. leafless says:

    I’m glad Nepalese decided to abolish the monarchy completely, without sparing it by giving the king a ceremonial role. Good for them!

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      I don’t really know how to disable that service from my end 😦 as I’ve never used such this feature while commenting on other blogs. However, I’ll try to find out and disable it if possible. If you get an option to unsubscribe in the e-mails, please do so.

  13. I’m impressed, you know what you’re talking about

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