May the cheer come back into her life!

After nine months in pain,
She got her bundle of joy, her gain,

The little girl was pale blue,
As in a baby born blue,

She was filled with terrible pain,
To feel the little one’s heart strain,

She thought hard about it,
And then decided to do it,

With her eyes in unimaginable terror,
She switched off the incubator,

Her heart almost shuddered to a standstill,
Her mind became number still,

Did she do the right thing by that?
There is neither right nor wrong in that!

Let her not mind those who call her names,
For they know not the true meaning of those names,

Let her not fear the law,
For it is an ass – the law,

Let her not fear Judgement Day,
For the Prophets would speak her way,

Let her not worry about her little one’s fate,
For her little one would have no hate,

With neither hatred nor sorrow nor pain,
The little one’s soul would accept the end to the physical pain,

May the cheer come back into her life,
For it would help save many a life,

May her sorrow be turned into happiness and thence grow a thousandfold,
For her heart is worth its weight in gold!

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12 Responses to May the cheer come back into her life!

  1. vishesh says:

    poignant,beautiful and inspired..

  2. Wow, how deep and touching!

  3. Sakhi says:

    Wow, raj, you are awesome! Too good man! and too touching….

  4. Nita says:

    My heart skipped a beat reading this Raj. Great thoughts!

  5. francina says:

    hi RAJ!!! this is very nice written,
    its beautifu, its sad…
    have a nice friday***

  6. Thanks, Vishesh!
    Diva, Thank you!
    It’s just an attempt to understand the pain of an unfortunate mother, Sakhi. Thank you!
    Thanks, Nita! I realise that it would be painful for any mother to read this.
    Moltes gràcies, Francina! Have a great weekend!

  7. SS says:

    Lord, Raj! Tell me this is not true! C’mon man, my heart just sunk 😦

    Nicely written, though.


  8. Thanks, Snigdha! I guess this is a painful post to read for the fairer sex. I don’t know if this is true or not. I believe this takes place throughout the animal kingdom – mothers killing their own young ones due to birth defects, and I guess human mothers too do this to put an end to the suffering of their little ones. But they are not cold-blooded killers or criminals. Clearly, for a human mother, killing her own child is an even more difficult and painful decision to make than killing herself!

    So cheer up and smile, Snigdha 🙂

  9. SS says:

    Phew! That’s a relief! Good to know this may be a figment of your imagination 🙂
    I’ve never heard of a (human) mother having to do this no matter what, so I was taken aback.
    May I ask what prompted you to write this? Just curious…

  10. Snigdha,

    As I’ve mentioned in the title of this blog, all my posts are my thoughts about our planet 🙂

    I was inspired to write this after I read this short story on Sakhi’s blog.

    Have you not heard of a human mother killing her own child? I guess you have missed this sad post on Nita’s blog.

  11. SS says:

    Okay Raj, now I get it. I read Sakhi’s blog post and I hope no mother is so depressed in her life that she needs to do this. I was glad Sakhi meant it to be a fiction piece. I understand the feeling, the sentiment, even the urge to “relieve” a girl-child from the perceived suffering in future, but I don’t subscribe to the negativity. If every mother thought of “protecting” her daughter this way, then soon we will have no mothers at all!

    [Aside: I was indeed impressed to know that you were aware of postpartum depression 🙂 Yes, you are right, it is indeed very serious. Maternal health is not taken seriously in India. Women birthing children is taken for granted. The problem is compounded by the fact that men have thus far stayed away from the details of pregnancy and delivery. Now they are taking more interest and that’s good. Women should insist that they do. It’s their baby too. :)]

    Yes, I had read Nita’s post — but I didn’t make the connection because I was reading your post quite literally for what is said: I didn’t place it in the larger picture, you know, like other socio-cultural pressures and experiences that drive mothers to take such steps.

    You write poetry well, Raj 🙂 Keep at it.

  12. Yes, Snigdha, Sakhi’s blog post is a very sad one indeed.

    Postpartum depression is not the only complication arising out of pregnancy that I am aware of 😐 There are so many other problems, both very serious and temporary. And during childbirth, all the attention is focussed on the child that the woman’s own health and well-being becomes secondary. This leads to long term health issues for the woman.

    Men have stayed away thus far because they think that pregnancy and childbirth is purely a woman’s issue. A husband in India normally sends his wife to her parents’ home when she is in the final stages of pregnancy. Sure, the wife needs to be with her own mother as she is the person who can offer the best emotional support to her daughter, but she needs her husband, too. A woman needs all the emotional support that she can get when she is about to give birth to a child.

    I’m not a natural poet 🙂 I just write my thoughts and sometimes they turn out to be poems 😐

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