Espanya són els campions d’Europa! (Spain are the champions of Europe!)

Espanya batia Alemanya 1-0 a la final de l’Euro 2008! Els espanyols prenen a casa el trofeu després d’un buit llarg de 44 anys. Fernando Torres marcava l’únic gol del llumí en la primera part. Era un joc bonic! L’equip que jugava un joc bonic vencia! Felicitacions, Espanya! Gràcies molt per a la diversió!

Els campions d’Europa! . . . (The champions of Europe! . . . )

Imatge (Image): Getty Images – Alex Livesey

(Spain beat Germany 1-0 in the final of Euro 2008! The Spaniards take the trophy home after a long gap of 44 years. Fernando Torres scored the only goal of the match in the first half. It was a beautiful game! The team that played a beautiful game won! Congratulations, Spain! Thanks a lot for the entertainment!)

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7 Responses to Espanya són els campions d’Europa! (Spain are the champions of Europe!)

  1. vishesh says:

    i watched the full match and now at home,bunked skl 🙂

  2. francina says:

    hahahahahaha…but remember! :
    u wrote this words in catalan, not in spanish!!! hahahahaha…
    That was a great match, i’m sure u enjoyed too!
    We all agree here that they win also because of Iker Casillas, because its a great “portero” (i dont know the name in english…)
    Yesterday night many people was celebrating it in the street, horning on the cars, and all this…hahahahahhaha…
    Anyway, the end of another championship!
    have a nice daaaaaaaay Raj!!!

  3. elementaryteacher says:

    Do you speak Spanish, too, Raj? Wow!

    Dedicated Elementary Teacher Overseas

  4. francina says:

    Note: language lesson, hahahahah… 🙂
    CATALAN: Espanya són els campions d’Europa!
    SPANISH: España son los campeones de Europa!

  5. leafless says:

    They played beautiful soccer throughout the tournament. Well-deserved.

  6. alvaro says:

    A los rebuscados…el catalán es una de las lenguas de nuestro país y además una de las más bonitas.

    Y a los campeonos…les envío un sonoro ¡Viva la madre que os parió¡

  7. Vishesh,

    I don’t think your teacher would have been happy with you 🙂
    Sí, Francina, you are the champions! And I enjoyed the entire tournament. I wrote it in Català because I remembered you when Spain won. The literal translation of “portero” would be “doorman” 🙂 but I don’t think your captain and goalie would like that term 😉 🙂 He played a very important role in Spain’s victory. Moltes gracies!

    Though I listen to a lot of Latin American music, I don’t speak Spanish 😦 I would like to learn the language though.
    They surely deserved to win, Leafless. They won all their matches and played some beautiful football!

    ¡Muchas gracias! Sí, el catalán y el español son muy bonitas. ¡Felicitaciones, España!

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