Sam Bahadur and his Sunbeam

My previous post was about Sam Bahadur’s motorcycle. This one is about his car. This picture was published in an auto magazine which interviewed Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw when he was 90 years young. You can read the full article in this link.

Sam Bahadur with his immaculately maintained Sunbeam Rapier in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu . . .

Image: Hormazd Sorabjee

On a related note, this is one of Chennai’s war memorials – the Victory War Memorial. There is a larger one (the Madras War Cemetery) located in another part of the city. This memorial was originally built to remember those who laid down their lives in the First World War between 1914 – 1918. The Victory War Memorial has the names of all the 1,039 men who died in the First World War inscribed on it. It honours 936 men from the forces of the United Kingdom and 103 from undivided India. Later, minor additions were made to remember those who laid down their lives in the other wars, including the 1971 Indo-Pak War . . .

(The second photograph was taken by me and is copylefted. You are welcome to use it.)

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3 Responses to Sam Bahadur and his Sunbeam

  1. vishesh says:

    wow! the car looks awesome! how much will it cost?

  2. Sakhi says:

    Car and MR. Sam Bahadur both looks awesome! 🙂

  3. It sure looks awesome, Vishesh! I don’t know how much it would cost, though 😐
    Yes, Sakhi, Sam Bahadur does look awesome, even at the age of 90! 🙂

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