Massive anti-war protest march in Denver

More than two thousand Americans, led by about fifty members of the Iraq Veterans against the War, took part in an anti-war protest march in Denver, Colorado. The march was from the Denver Coliseum to the Pepsi Centre, the venue of the Democratic National Convention. The protest march was held after a concert that was attended by an estimated nine thousand people at the Coliseum.

If the video does not load, you can watch it here.

This is what the veterans among the protestors had to say:

“We are the veterans! The Iraq War veterans! The anti-war veterans! We are soldiers! Anti-war soldiers!”

Jan Critchfield, 24, of Seattle said he served in Iraq in 2004, and after returning home, came to believe that the war was an “unlawful, immoral occupation.”

The protestors held placards that read:

“US out of Iraq!”, “Troops out now!” and “No War on Iran!”

Robert Joyet had this to say: “I’m ashamed at the poor turnout here. I’d have hoped more Americans … maybe they’re sidetracked by corporate interests. I worked three times in Afghanistan as an engineer and when I was there security was tentative and that was three years ago. The situation there is getting like it was in Iraq. I think it’s a lost cause and we should just get out. It’s a farce. These politicians go on their “fact finding mission” and don’t talk to anybody about it [the situation]. It’s disgraceful.”

Jean Toth expressed his wish: “I’d love for people to see that not all Americans are all about war.”

Judy Gear hates war: “We’re very against the war and very concerned about the environment and that’s why I’m here to stop all our invasions of various countries.”

Daniel Hernandez was clear about the reason for his participation: “Well I’m just here to show my solidarity with everyone else who opposes the war. I want to show the rest of the world that not all Americans supported our invasion of Iraq.”

Delaine Novak had this to say: “We’re here today because we don’t believe in the occupation of Iraq. We need to pull the troops out and spend the money here at home – this war was just about oil. We need to end this war, we didn’t ask for this.”

War is a filthy, disgusting concept meant for the benefit of a few at the expense of all other Earthlings . . .


Three cheers for the truly patriotic American citizens who participated in the anti-war march!!!

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10 Responses to Massive anti-war protest march in Denver

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  2. The irrationality of a thing is no argument against its existence, rather a condition of it.FriedrichWilhelmNietzscheFriedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

  3. North Korea says:

    Every act of violence increases the recruitment of terrorists. Iraq has been turned into a base of terror.NoamChomskyNoam Chomsky, from The Toronto Star, March 23, 2004

  4. vishesh says:

    well you can put a cover on the face of the person who are about to kill and it might not matter…but if you put a cover over yor face while doing that,one day it is going to be ripped off and the light is going to hurt…

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  6. Sakhi says:

    Good post there Raj! 🙂 and As always vishu well said!!!

  7. The market is not an invention of capitalism. It has existed for centuries. It is an invention of civilization.MikhailGorbachevMikhail Gorbachev, June 8, 1990

  8. leafless says:

    This won’t do much. The United States invested too much on Iraq to leave empty-handed.

  9. Barack Obama says:

    Insanity is the exception in individuals. In groups, parties, peoples, and times it is the rule.FriedrichWilhelmNietzscheFriedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

  10. I would call it a war if England and Russia were fighting a equally strong Germany and Italy in the world war II. Here, what United States is doing by attacking a much weaker country (comparitively) for silly reasons doesn’t argue well for the nation which has given a second term to the existing regime. When people encourage, what would stop the administrators?

    Destination Infinity

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