The woman who spread love and hope . . .

September 5, 2008 marked the tenth death anniversary of Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu. She is better known as Mother Teresa. Almost everyone would have heard of her and the organisation that she founded, the Missionaries of Charity.

Mother Teresa . . .


She dedicated her life for the cause of the poor, the sick, the orphaned, the neglected, the abandoned, the destitute and the dying. She gave hope to the hopeless, love to the abandoned, solace to the wretched and dignity to the dying.

Here is a tribute to Mother Teresa from my Prose and Poetry blog:

Humans may come and humans may go,
But she said, “No!”

To those who asked her:
“Why do you bother?”

She was the last hope,
For those who could not cope.

She was the only source of light,
For those who had given up the fight.

She knew no fate,
For she did not hate.

Blessed indeed are those,
Who walked the path they chose.

She is not dead,
For it was humanity that she lead.

She still visits those with no hope,
For she is the Saint of Hope!

Watch a short video clip from a film on Mother Teresa:

(If the video does not load, you can watch it here.)

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6 Responses to The woman who spread love and hope . . .

  1. sakhi says:

    great poem for her! She was indeed a rare human being and we need more of her kind in today’s world!! Salute to her!

  2. vishesh says:

    you are the only person to write about her!!I don’t know enough to write about her……but i thought there will be more posts…oh well 😛

  3. Sakhi,

    I agree! She was a rare human being indeed!

    Well, people remember the birthdays of idiotic film stars and the death anniversaries of stupid politicians but no one remembers a great human being like Mother Teresa! 😦 It shows the decay that has crept into the minds of many of our fellow countrymen.

  4. axinia says:

    It is intresting, that the all truth about her is still hidden. There is a book of her letters where she writes that she acutally does not feel God in her heart… And also Mother Theresa is known for her exceptional cruelty. She didn`t give painkillers to her patients in order to teach people how to suffer… Because suffering is everything in Catholicism.

    check it out,8599,1655415,00.html

  5. Axinia,

    Thanks for providing those links! I agree that I have just praised her in this post and did not mention the controversies about her. Your comment has made this post balanced.

    I have read that she could have been an atheist. But that does not matter much because the concept of God varies from person to person.

    It’s very, very sad to read that Mother Teresa believed that people should experience pain and suffering in accordance with some Catholic religious beliefs that Christ can be experienced through pain and suffering 😦 Doctors and others have criticised the state of medical care in her institutions.

    But India is not a developed country. Nor does it have good state-sponsored healthcare for all citizens like in the former socialist countries. The few state-run hospitals that treat the poor for free are steadily decaying throughout the country 😦 In two or three states, it has completely collapsed 😡 If someone is sick or dying on the roads, the person is just left to his/her fate until a good samaritan steps in to help. This is where she changed things, Axinia. She was a source of hope for such people. The dying atleast had a place to die with dignity instead of rotting away on the streets 😦

    But I hope the Missionaries of Charity improve the standard of medical care in their institutions instead of believing in mediæval things like suffering makes one experience God and so on.

  6. axinia says:

    I see what you mean, Raj…
    thanks for this balanced answer.

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