Blast in flower market in Delhi

Damn it! Those scum beings 😡 have struck again. Two weeks after serial bomb blasts killed 24 people and injured 100 in different parts of Delhi, a bomb was dropped in a crowded flower market in Delhi’s Mehrauli area, killing a child and injuring more than 20, five of them seriously. Read the latest news here.

The flower market in Mehrauli . . .


This attack however seems to be different from the serial blasts. Unlike the sophisticated explosive devices used in the horrible serial blasts, this one was a crude parcel bomb without any timing devices. Two filthy scoundrels on a motorcycle wearing black dresses and helmets dropped a bag containing a lunch box bomb. They are believed to have sped away even as they were told that something fell off their motorcycle. An eleven-year-old boy who picked up the bag was killed as the bomb exploded and twenty others were injured in the blast, with some of them receiving serious head injuries 😯

Whether these two vermin 😡 belong to the vile Indian Mujahideen terror group 👿 or not remains to be seen. Still, they are filthy barbarians who would stoop to extreme lows to carry out their nauseating acts of terror. Shame on the sordid scum creatures! 😡

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8 Responses to Blast in flower market in Delhi

  1. vishesh says:

    well i am really sick of these people…its too much!

  2. Yeah . . . it has become something like another day, another set of serial blasts . . . 😡 This menace must be stopped immediately!

  3. vishesh says:

    yup raj,but the thing is do people want to stop it? I don’t think so…

  4. Sakhi says:

    hate these terrorists.. why can’t they let us all live in peace? ❓

  5. Aneesh says:

    Hey yah its again..
    ‘N it’s the first I think explosions are happening everywhere just like that.
    I wonder why the religious heads didn’t say a thing against this.
    Are they silently supporting all these?
    They are the one who need to make the people in their religion go the right way.. but they too….

  6. Vishesh,

    I don’t know 😕 . . .

    Good question! Why? ❓

    I am not sure why religious heads never speak up against terrorists and others who kill and destroy in the name of religion . . .

  7. Мне это пригодится.

  8. Вакансия,

    Я рад, что Вам нравится это 🙂

    Иностранный Землянин

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