Piracy menace: Somali pirates seize ship with Russian tanks

If you thought pirates can be found only in movies and comic books, think again. Somalian pirates are proving to be a dangerous nuisance to the whole world. The latest news is that these seafaring bandits have seized a Ukrainian ship with Ukrainian and Russian crew members that was carrying a consignment of 33 Russian T-72 tanks meant for Kenya.

Somali pirates keep the Jolly Roger flying . . .

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Pirate attacks are common in the waters off the coast of lawless Somalia. The speed-boat-bandits operating in the dangerous waters of the Indian Ocean near the Gulf of Aden capture vessels, loot their cargo and hold the crew members as hostages in their own vessel till they are paid a ransom. The trigger-happy-thugs damage vessels at will and cause enormous losses to the international shipping industry.

(If the video does not load, you can watch it here.)

The modern day Red Rackhams are such a terror that sailors are not willing to deliver food aid to starving Somalians unless the ships are provided with a naval escort. It is time the international community does something about this bunch of buccaneering bullies 😡

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7 Responses to Piracy menace: Somali pirates seize ship with Russian tanks

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  3. vishesh says:

    well we don’t need any of these people,what shall we do?The fastest way would be to kill them all,but well we don’t believe in violence,cause it is their game and not ours.They can never come close to creating anything,well we can throw into some place like siberia,where there is nothing for them…

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  5. I don’t think we should just kill them all, Vishesh. These seafaring outlaws should be disarmed, put in prison for some time and then integrated into society. But it would be tough as Somalia is a lawless country in complete chaos at the moment.

  6. vishesh says:

    Hmm..yes,we can put them in the prison and make them better.But the people running the people should be able to understand these people’s motive and why they did it.Putting them in the prison,is like torturing their lives.

  7. I guess they have been pushed into this because of extreme poverty combined with general lawlessness and easy availability of weapons . . .

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