The Taliban murder a brave woman in Kandahar

Lt. Col. Malalaï Kakar, the chief of the department of crimes against women of the Kandahar police force was murdered by scum beings belonging to the Taliban militia 😡 Malalaï, a mother of six children and Afghanistan’s highest ranking female police officer was gunned down as she was leaving her home for work. Her teenaged son was seriously wounded in the attack by the cowardly cave-dwelling criminals 😡

Lt. Col. Malalaï Kakar . . .


Malalaï joined Kandahar’s police force in 1982 and her father and brothers were also police officers. When the Taliban took over Afghanistan, like other women, she was prevented from working. She was well known for her bravery in fighting criminals. She has been on the hit-list of the Taliban as they were scared of this courageous cop.

Watch a video about this slain heroine . . .

(If the video does not load, you can watch it here.)

The Taliban killed her as their primitive minds could not tolerate a lady police officer who opposed their barbaric practices. Shame on the mediæval male-chauvinist morons! 😡

May the soul of this brave daughter of Afghanistan rest in peace!

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2 Responses to The Taliban murder a brave woman in Kandahar

  1. Sakhi says:

    “f***ing” Bastards!!! 😡

    “May the soul of this brave daughter of Afghanistan rest in peace!”

  2. Yes, the Taliban are notorious scoundrels! 😡

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