The Great American Home Robbery!

Okay, now that the people of the world in general and Americans in particular, have witnessed the greatest robbery in the history of the world, let us get to know something about how all this happened:

And what does the government (of Wall Street, by Wall Street and for Wall Street) do? It prepares a whopping seven hundred billion dollar (700,000,000,000 USD / 507,520,000,000 EUR / 397,366,000,000 GBP / 73,664,760,000,000 JPY / 33 lakh crore INR) bailout package. With tax payers’ money, of course! When the people protest against this shocking plan and get it defeated in the House of Representatives, it becomes a revised plan by adding some pork. It gets passed by the “people’s representatives” and gets the signature of the President. The amount? A trillion:

Does it have any provision for those who were robbed of their homes and hard-earned money? Of course not! They are always at the receiving end:

What do those unfortunate people do? Left with no choice, they are forced to leave their homes:

But not before expressing some of their anger:

Where can they go? Some of them are forced to live in their vehicles:

While others are forced to live in tents and depend on handouts:

This is the sad fate of those who were hit the hardest by the sub-prime mortgage crisis. This is the shocking reality that they have to face:

There are no guarantees for them in the bailout plan. Their taxes are being taken away from them to reward those who pushed them into the present situation. While they lose their homes and live in their cars and in tents, the corrupt, greedy Wall Street bankers are given a massive bonanza with their taxes so that they can continue to purchase villas on the Spanish coast and châteaux in the French countryside and luxury homes in Monaco. Let’s not forget the secret Swiss bank accounts. Or the luxury yachts, the private jets and the helicopters!

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8 Responses to The Great American Home Robbery!

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  3. francina says:

    Very well made this post RAJ.
    Life is very very hard. And the world where we live doesnt make it easy…

    Have a good Day!!!!

  4. Sakhi says:

    good post! Life of middle class is same every where.. whether it is developed or developing country! And politicians are same everythwere too!


  5. vishesh says:

    sick isn’t it…where do people have their say?Those wall street people are insulting the ideas of human existence.Well hope we don’t catch that bug here….

  6. rahul says:

    very true..nice post..I have written about the same thing!!!

  7. Aneesh says:

    Well, I’m not sure about this. Well, the experts have analysed the situation and came up with solutions. If they won’t take any measure more tragedy will occur which only deteirorates the current scenario

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