A Sinhala speaks out against the genocide in Sri Lanka

There are states and then there are rogue states. A rogue state is one that uses various pretexts to unleash genocide against its own citizens and ignores every international law and every norm of civilised behaviour to commit horrible crimes against humanity. While history has been witness to so many genocides carried out in different parts of the world, shamefully, the international community is maintaining a deafening silence on an ongoing humanitarian catastrophe that is taking place in Sri Lanka.

State terrorism is not new in the Island of Terror . . .

Under the pretext of fighting the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), an organisation that is branded as a terrorist group by many countries but is regarded by the ethnic Tamil minority in Sri Lanka as freedom fighters involved in a war to establish a free state of Tamil Eelam (தமிழ் ஈழம்), the government of Sri Lanka is resorting to massive aerial bombings of civilian areas and indiscriminate shelling of civilian towns and villages. Schools, orphanages and places of worship are not spared. The media, both local and international is not allowed anywhere near the conflict zone. International aid workers are forced to leave the zones that are in desperate need of food and medical aid. Local aid workers are ruthlessly gunned down. Forced abductions, disappearances and massacres are perpetrated by both the government forces and rogue paramilitary organisations that have the backing of the government. Barbaric forms of torture that would put the Nazi concentration camps to shame are perpetrated on innocent Tamil civilians who are suspected to be sympathisers of the LTTE. Villages and towns are ethnically cleansed and civilians are forced to live under trees and face heavy aerial bombardment. Food, water supply and electricity are deliberately cut off to areas under rebel control. Bridges and roads are destroyed by the government to ensure that no food or medical aid reaches the affected people. The government of Sri Lanka behaves much worse than the Tamil Tiger rebels when it comes to the mass murder of innocent civilians. The police in Colombo resort to mass arrest of ordinary Tamil citizens. While the rogue Government of Sri Lanka asks civilians to flee rebel held areas at extremely short notice, those who seek refuge in the capital are arrested en masse. There is a media blackout by the rogue Sinhala fascist government to cover up its shocking crimes against humanity. International aid workers are worried that a bloodbath is taking place with no neutral monitors in the area. The absence of food and medical supplies in the war zone is leading to a humanitarian catastrophe of unimaginable proportions.

By maintaining a deafening silence, the dumb international community is playing a passive role in the genocide. Except for a few noble human rights organisations and aid groups, there is no one to speak out against the genocide and bring the rogue government of a tiny island state to its senses. Shame on the dumb international community for failing to halt the worst genocide to take place in Asia!

Against this backdrop, there seems to be atleast one Sri Lankan citizen of Sinhala origin to speak out against the genocide. And he is no ordinary Sri Lankan. A doctor by profession, he belongs to the family that has ruled Sri Lanka for the most part of its post-independence history. If you want to hear something that is not a bunch of lies spewed out by the fascist Sinhala government, please spare a few minutes to watch the respected human rights activist, Dr. Brian Seneviratne speak out against the holocaust taking place in the South Asian country:

(To be continued)

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18 Responses to A Sinhala speaks out against the genocide in Sri Lanka

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  2. John says:

    What’s going on is not about Tamil people , LTTE is what’s causing the whole mess, LTTE is A terrorist group which invented THE suicide ATTACKS to the rest of the world, LTTE should be wipe out from earth .Tamils , Sinhalese and rest of world can live in peace.

    • Jarod says:

      Oh how I wish that were true. But in actual fact the LTTE are just being used as a pretext for killing innocent civilians.

      Tamils want to live in peace with the Sinhalese more than anyone, but unfortunately there are nationalists and mass murderers in the Sinhalese community who have made that impossible. Please do some independant reasearch that isnt based of pro-governement sources and stand beside your fellow innocents during this genocide

  3. John,

    The LTTE DID NOT CAUSE the whole mess. The LTTE was formed BECAUSE successive Sinhalese governments tried to crush the minorities of Ceylon and turned it into a fascist banana republic. The fascist Sinhala chauvinist elements in Sri Lanka CAUSED the whole mess. When peaceful protests went unheeded and the minorities were even more brutally oppressed by the Sinhala chauvinists, militant organisations were formed to fight for the rights of the Tamils.

    The LTTE does carry out terrorist attacks, mainly on military targets, but that does not mean that the Sinhala governments can unleash state terror and genocide on an entire population under the pretext of fighting the LTTE. Far more innocent civilians have been killed due to the aerial bombing of civilian areas by the Sinhala governments and in state sponsored pogroms against the Tamils, like Black July, than in attacks by the LTTE:


    For your information, the LTTE did not invent suicide attacks. The first suicide attacks took place in World War II. The Japanese Kamikaze fighter pilots invented suicide atacks.

    Why does the rogue Sinhala government block investigations into rights abuses by international organisations? What do they have to hide? Why are they shielding war criminals:


    Just because the LTTE adopts terror tactics in its war against the Sinhala governments does not give the Sinhala fascists the license to commit genocide and crimes against humanity. Does the Spanish government carry out aerial bombings of the Basque areas because ETA carries out a few bombings? Did the British government bomb Northern Ireland from the air because the Irish Republican Army carried out a few bombings? Do the Spanish and British governments arrest every Basque and Irish civilian who comes to Madrid and London and put them in prison without trial?

    If the Sinhala government wants peace, why doesn’t it spell out a political solution? Why doesn’t the rogue GoSL initiate a process that addresses the legitimate aspirations of the minorities?

  4. Sakhi says:

    too touching a post and i came to know a lot of facts when you answered above!!

    it really sddens me to see what humans can do to the fellow humans!! 😦

  5. Dsingham says:

    We should appreciate that Brian Seniviratne has spoken out the truth which some of the moderate Sinhalese are not prepared to stick their neck out for various reasons. What the President of SL should do is lay down how much he is prepared to devolve to the Tamils atleast like Qubec in canada and not to be crasy about finishing the war. Death whether it is Tamil or Sinhalese is a sad event. Moreover, he claims to be following the Buddhist way and killing the Tamils under the false category of terrorism is unpardonable and a crime of the highest order. The Tamils of SL should have equal rights to govern their own territories on which they have lived for thousands of years. They are not expecting it as a handout but it is their right. The SL forces are made up of 99.99% Sinhalese and there is no discipline among them. If there is free flow of weapons then th SL army has no chance to defeat the freedom fighters who have a cause for the fight and not paid up members of the armed forces. Rather than draging the peace process it about time the SL govt came to some senses and concentrate on peace drive. This way the SL could salvage some pride from international community

  6. kanagu says:

    Oh I am not able to hear those. It’s not opening here 😦

    I don’t know what the America(the world police) was doing now. And also I don’t why the Indian government is so hesitant to make any remark against the srilankan government. Srilanka must be banned by the world like SouthAfrica, which was banned for apartheid policy before.

  7. Aneesh says:

    it is high time that people become more civilized and stop these killings… Are we going back 1000 years back or are we in this century?

  8. elementaryteacher says:

    I believe I know why these groups kill children, sometimes on purpose, sometimes without caring.

    The first reason I discovered in a book by Thomas Friedman about the Middle East, where he discusses what he calls “Hama Rules.” I might have that name slightly wrong, but apparently in Syria there was a town named Hama, or something similar. I think they rose up against Hafez Assad (father of current leader of Syria). The army went in and killed every man, woman, and child, bombarded every building, and bulldozed dirt over all the rubble. Apparently that was as a “lesson” to any others who might even THINK about the same thing.

    The second reason for killing children is of course if you don’t, they might grow up to be “freedom fighters” or out for getting their “revenge.”

    All this is morally wrong, of course, but politically expedient.

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  11. ugk says:

    The government is being exposed. They cant hide anymore. Infact they shot themselves in the foot by calling foreign journalists ‘white tigers’ and calling major international media groups ‘supporters of terrorism’.
    The LTTE dont need to retaliate. All they need to do is to lie low (not surrender but allow the war to end). And this will mean that the government cannot blame everything on the LTTE any longer.

  12. ugk says:

    I feel that the reason why the international media is all of a sudden exposing the genocide (resulting in global protests) is due to the SL government threatening the international media. Therefore the international community which all these years chose to turn a blind eye on SL are now all of a sudden reporting this issue on world news. It is a kind of revenge for the media (selfish reasons) but at least it has the right effect of exposing the truth (finally after 5 decades).

  13. tamil against genocide says:

    SRI LANKAN GENOCIDE IS OBVIOUS TO THE WORLD,BUT NOT TO THE SINHALA PPL.BCOZ THEY ARE EXPOSE TO THE BIASED MEDIAS &CENSORED MEDIAS.A FALSE PROPAGANDA ABOUT REBEL GROUP SPREADED THROUGH OUT THE SL,which tamils people are suffering by ltte,Ltte is killing people.this absoluteley lie(this a decorated false statement of Sl goverment,racist ppl,biased medias… .his is derived from political assanation,but everyone should understand who were assaninated,who betrayed tamils and acted against tamils for their greedy money ).
    if they are terorist ,if they kiloing tamil ppl,
    LTTE wont be there for 30 years and there wont be such a great support from tamils even in foreign nations.THEY ARE FREEDOM FIGHTERS OF TAMILS’ )
    tamils have followed non violence policy for their freedomnd equality since 1948.but they were continously deceived and harrassed.(significantly 1958,1977 and 1983).after they realized non violence policy wont work anymore.they were circumstanized to take arms against goverment to obtain their freedom,rights,equality.

  14. UGK says:

    I just came back from Sri Lanka.
    There is still widespread ignorance about the Tamil suffering there.
    One idiot claimed that Tamils are now liberated and should be grateful to SL govt.
    Another idiot claimed that it was the LTTE that conducted heavy artillery attacks on its own tamil population. It never occured inside his thick skull that the concept is absurd. Why would LTTE fighting for Eelam slaughter its own people with heavy artillery fire?
    With so many idiots in Sri Lanka, it makes me wonder where the country is heading.

  15. sheena says:

    Sri Lanka is the most beautiful country in the world. It would be perfect if we had some honest leaders!

  16. I just read and i feel sad about them, I wish that they have a good leader and honest, That can protect them. Thanks for sharing, Keep posting.

  17. Thanks for this nice article. Will be sure to share this.

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