Israel unleashes state terrorism on Gaza

At the end of a ceasefire with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, under the pretext of stopping home made rockets being fired on Israel, the Zionist state, with the backing of the United States of America, has unleashed state terrorism on Gaza. Israel had already turned Gaza into the largest open air prison in the world with its illegal economic blockade of Gaza. Having been crippled by a severe shortage of food, medicines, fuel, electricity and other essential commodities, Gazans are now being subjected to aerial bombardment of their small piece of land, one of the most densely populated areas in the world.

The humanitarian situation in Gaza is extremely terrible. Hundreds of civilians have been killed in the aerial bombardment and thousands have been wounded. Hospitals have been overwhelmed by the influx of severely injured patients and are struggling to cope due to the lack of medicines, electricity, fuel (to run generators), oxygen and water. The border with Egypt still remains closed. The international community remains a mute witness to the terrible suffering of the people of Gaza.

I re-post an article by Sameh Akram Habeeb, a Palestinian friend who lives in Gaza. Sameh is a photojournalist, peace activist and a humanitarian worker in Gaza. He gives a chilling account of the war on Gaza.

Day 6 of Israeli War On Gaza: More suffocating bombings claim lives of children, women

The scale of Israeli war escalated today by hitting more targets in various places across the occupied Gaza. The army opened the new year with more military fatal actions in Gaza leaving more people dead. Trauma cases raise up and more people are suffering from the air raids.

Many facets of harmed people can be found in Gaza. You either find a hit house with a dead one of the family or a hit house in which its residents traumatized and panics.

Buildings in Gaza lie in ruins due to Israeli bombardment . . .

Photo: Sameh A. Habeeb

For more photos by Sameh, please click here.

Casualties of Israeli heavy bombings reached 415 while wounded rise up to 2100 persons. Many wounded are in critical condition and there is no ability to respond to their deteriorated cases.

Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister, Tsivi Livini, declared that Israel is only targeting Hamas members indicating that Gaza doesn’t suffer from any shortages of humanitarian needs. However, the incoming humanitarian needs are not enough for the populations amounted of 1.5 million.

United nation debunks the allegation of Mrs. Livini and says the incoming materials are not enough. Gaza needs 100 vans of flour. Karin Abu zaid the general commissioner of UNRWA said also that around 20 thousand people face troubles in getting the food supplies.

Main Israeli Military Actions in Gaza:

Now: Loud bombings in all Gaza City and north of Gaza. Naval fire, F16s, Apaches and tanks heavily bombs many targets and darkness prevail Gaza.

*Israel asks International journalists and peace activists to leave Gaza tomorrow.

*Israeli army broke into local radios and tunes some statement for people.

*Israeli F16s destroyed civic defense station and a local organization in the north of Gaza city of Bait Hanon. Many houses partially destroyed.

*Rockets of F16s hit a target in Al Zaytoun area in Gaza City. More bombings in some areas west of Gaza City.

*Heavy bombings in East of Gaza. A house next to an ex-Hamas member destroyed in Al shja’ya area. No news about conditions of house residents.

*Israeli F16s bombed the run Palestinian legislative Council. The air raid destroyed half of the premises and caused massive damage in some of the neighboring houses.

*Israeli heavy artillery takes part in the military operation by hitting many targets in Gaza. Many parts in the eastern areas of Gaza were shelled.

*A house destroyed mid of Gaza city, Al Sabra Quarter, leaving around 13 injured. Most of the wounded are women and children who also turned traumatized.

*Israeli F16s raided on the house of Nizar Rayan, a Hamas key leader. The house is based in Jabalia camp where thousands live in that small refugee camp.

*Nine Palestinians between children and women killed due to the bombing of Rayan’s house. Some of the killed children were playing near the targeted house.

*Five houses partially damages while bombing Rayan’s house and several other got deadly shrapnel.

*Israeli heavy F16s’ rockets destroyed the Agricultural College of Bait Hanon, north of Gaza Strip.

*Israeli navy bombs Gaza shores and open its heavy fire on some buildings, boats and security offices. Many shells fall down behind some densely populated buildings north of Gaza.

*Trauma across the Nusairat Refugee Camp as Israel hit the house of Ahmed Abu Nader twice. The house was totally damaged while neighboring houses partially damaged.

*Israeli F16s raided on a house of Tawfiq Abu Al Ros, in Al Nusairat Refugee Camp. Many civilians injured.

* A house of Hani Abu Al Amrain in Al Shaikh Ridawan area bombed by Israeli Air forces. Medical sources reported that many wounded arrived at Al Shifa’ hospital.

*A number of wounded resulted in a rocket hit a house for a Hamas member in Rafah.

*Israeli Air forced totally destroyed two mosques by heavy rockets in Khan Yonis and Rafah cties.

*Few vans of aids, food stuff and medical aids arrived into Gaza. Arab governments to send urgent medical and food aids to Gaza. Airborne assistance expected to land in Al araish Egyptian airport near Gaza.

*Neither fuel, nor gasoline nor Benzin in Gaza. Power cuts up to 21 hours. All aspects of life are not longer available in Gaza.

*Neither spare parts nor Gasoline available to operate pumps of fresh water. A great number of Palestinians don’t have an easy access for fresh drinking water.

*Palestinian factions retaliate against Israeli air raids in Gaza. Around 50 homemade rockets fired into Israel with no casualties.

Sameh A. Habeeb, B.A.
Photojournalist & Peace Activist
Humanitarian, Child Relief Worker
Gaza Strip, Palestine

Mob: 00972599306096
Tel: 0097282802825
Skype: Gazatoday, Facebook: Sameh A. habeeb
Daily Photos:

I thank Sameh for sharing the report and photograph. I hope the world acts immediately to put an end to the Israeli state terrorism on the hapless people of Gaza and ends the suffering of the Palestinian people.

For the latest on the situation in Gaza, please visit Sameh’s blog: Gaza Strip, the untold story.

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  1. kanagu says:

    I have to learn a lot before commenting on this.. but I condemn any kind of attack on humans by humans :X

  2. axinia says:

    The thing is whole attacks are on again in order to raise the oil prices…believe me or not.

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