Anti-Israel protests erupt around the world

As opposed to the shamefully weak reactions from world governments and the United Nations to the massacre in Gaza, what is heartening is that citizens from around the world, ordinary Earthlings, have expressed their shock and anger at the massacre perpetrated by the murderous Zionist state backed by the killer Bush regime.

Huge anti-Israel rallies have been organised in the U.S., the chief collaborator in the murders taking place in the Middle-East. In massive marches against the massacre in Gaza, protestors shouted slogans like “Free Free Palestine”, “Stop the massacre in Gaza”, “End the occupation of Palestine”, “Long Live Gaza” and “Not another nickel, not another dime; No more money for Israel’s crime”:

In addition to the Islamic world, protests have taken place from Argentina to Canada, from Japan to India and from Greece to Iceland, all across Europe:

I found this protest by Jews who are opposed to the crimes of the Zionist state very heartening:

Shame on Israel! Shame on the American government and other governments across the world that passively take part in this massacre by failing to stop it! Shame on the worthless United Nations! Shame on the Mubarak regime in Egypt that keeps the border with Gaza closed! And shame on all the vile, barbaric sadists who gleefully support state terrorism! Terrorism is the child of state terrorism and oppression. As long as state terrorism and oppression exist in this world, terrorism will continue to grow by leaps and bounds. What goes around comes around and those who unleash violence and oppression will have to face the effects of their own actions for generations to come.

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9 Responses to Anti-Israel protests erupt around the world

  1. ggw_bach says:

    war is a way of life for humans. Earthlings are such strange creatures.

    the Conferation is looking on aghast. But things will change.

  2. expat21 says:

    I find it interesting to watch the news on different channels. I watch Al Jazeera in English, CNN in English, and BBC in English.

    While all are presenting true things that are happening in the war, each one is leaving out key information that the other channels are presenting. For example, on Al Jazeera, we see the terrible human cost of what is taking place on the Gaza side. But they make no mention at all of the rockets coming into Israel from Palestine which precipitated these attacks. On the other hand, watching CNN, we see the human cost of Israelis who have been hit by rockets, and the fear the Israelis have. CNN reports verbally what the Israelis are doing in Gaza, but does not show the human carnage going on there. (I haven’t watched BBC in the past few days.)

    I heard yesterday about the top Hamas leader’s son who is now living in San Diego and has converted to Christianity. There is an extensive interview with him (done with Fox news, you can find the transcript through Google) in which he says that unfortunately, there will be NO solution EVER to this problem. He says it’s not Hamas or the Israelis or Palestinians causing the problem. He attributes the problem to ISLAM because of what it says about Jews in the Koran, and how many Muslims are interpreting that. He says that in 50 years, 100 years, the problems will be just the same because the Muslims there are NEVER, EVER going to accept a Jewish state (which seems to be the crux of the problem). If Israel were just left alone, I don’t think they would be doing all this. I recall in the past they have always said that they PROMISED whatever force was done to them, they would reply TENFOLD. Why do others keep provoking them? Is it smart for Gazans to fire a few rockets when it should be obvious by now what will happen?

    I feel sorry for the Gazans, but I don’t see any solution to this problem. I once saw a political cartoon about twenty-five years ago, where the settlers on Mars were reading the latest newspaper from Earth. The headline was about the Israeli-Palestinian crisis still going on……I’m afraid it was the truth!

    Expat 21
    “Expat Abroad”

  3. sakhi says:

    GOD!! When are we going to learn to be best with our own people… i mean human at large!!

  4. kanagu says:

    Guess what Raj… until now our country didn’t voiced agaimst attacks of Israel on Gaza.. in the face of globalisation our country burying the justice and truth.. Shame on our leaders 😦
    Only thing our leaders had until now was strong foriegn policies.. but now it is flying in air 😦

  5. leafless says:

    Only a complete change of leadership in the Middle East can help bring about peace. But this won’t happen in a zillion years.

  6. arctic earthling says:


    Apparently you are only watching Al Jazeera for short lengthes of time. I have been following the coverage a lot on Al Jazeera. They are not only showing the horrors that are happening in Gaza due to Israeli weaponry, but they are also showing the fear generated by the rockets landing in Israel. They are interviewing lots of Israelis and Americans that agree with the attacks being legitimate and necessary, excusing the killings and atrocities being committed there.

  7. James says:

    It makes me sad to see people killing each other for whatever reason they come up with, We should all realize that no matter how different we are in the outside or in our beliefs. We all still came from a single ancestor. Some how everyone in this world is related to one another. The only way for humanity to survive is when everyone in the world will get along for the good of mankind. I sure hope that I’ll live to see the day when this becomes true, cause if we can’t achieve this then I believe one way or another mankind is already doomed to eradicate itself from the world.:(

  8. These incidents have become a vicious circle. It is appalling to find that human beings do not want a peaceful solution to their problems, despite having a sixth sense!

    Destination Infinity

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