A genocide most foul!

Even as I type this, a rogue regime is committing genocide against its own people with the full knowledge and assistance of world governments. The Sinhala fascist pseudo-Buddhist thugs in the Sri Lankan government are systematically butchering the Tamil civilians in the genocide zone in the Vanni region in North-East Sri Lanka with artillery fire, multi-barrel rocket launchers and indiscriminate aerial bombardment of civilian areas by using the banned cluster bombs.

A genocide in which no one is spared…the Chencholai massacre in which 61 schoolgirls were killed…heinous incidents like these are all too common in the ongoing genocide in the Island of Terror…


The rogue Sinhala regime of Sri Lanka led by the genocidal maniacs – the Rajapakse brothers and the war criminal Sarath Fonseka have unleashed a state sponsored terror campaign in the name of fighting the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) rebels. The LTTE is fighting a conventional and guerrilla war for an independent Tamil homeland in the North-East of Sri Lanka due to decades of state sponsored massacres, pogroms, mass murders, abductions, rapes, torture and other inhuman atrocities heaped on the Tamil civilians who have been denied their legitimate rights by successive Sinhala governments that have carried out a systematic program of ethnic cleansing in the areas inhabited by minorities – Tamils and Muslims. These crimes were taking place long before the LTTE even came into existence.

The Sinhala fascist criminals have successfully hoodwinked the world that they are fighting a so-called “war on terror” against the LTTE that is banned in several countries. It’s neither a war nor an anti-terrorist operation by any stretch of the imagination. It’s systematic, programmed genocide and nothing less. Read this post and this one to find out more. The fascist regime is determined not to find a political solution to the problem by means of talks. The criminals running the government in Colombo are not even prepared to devolve minimum powers to democratically elected provincial councils, let alone autonomy or a federal solution. Instead, they have vile designs of ethnically cleansing the areas inhabited by minorities for millenia and settling people from outside by driving out the minority communities from their own homelands and ruthlessly killing, starving, abducting, torturing and murdering them.

The rogue regime does not even spare hospitals, orphanages and aid workers. No reporters or humanitarian workers are allowed anywhere near the genocide zone. Instead, it has paid huge amounts of money by means of advertisements and bestowing “awards” upon gutter journalists like N. Ram of The Hindu and his coterie of vile liars who act as the mouthpiece of the genocidal regime just as they act as the mouthpiece of the genocidal regimes in Sudan, Zimbabwe, Myanmar and the Chinese Communist Pigs. The scoundrels running the toilet paper of Chennai have even gone to the extent of questioning the human rights of civilians. The shameless international media does not care to present the truth or verify the facts before publishing handouts given by the murderers.

Honest journalists who dare to protest the mass killings of civilians are slaughtered by means of government death squads, just like lawyers who defend falsely accused persons and scores of innocent civilians. The greatest journalist in all of South Asia and indeed, one of the most fearless journalists in the world, Lasantha Wickramatunge, the editor of The Sunday Leader who happens to be a Sinhala Buddhist, was gruesomely murdered by government hired scum beings recently. In a final act of courageous and selfless journalism, the editor spoke from his grave and predicted his own murder by the genocidal government (Read this moving posthumous editorial, a piece of golden journalism). Just days earlier, a television station, MTV/MBC, that courageously resisted broadcasting the lies of the rogue regime was ransacked and completely destroyed. All this happened immediately after the murderer-in-chief of the rogue Sinhala fascist pseudo-Buddhist state, Mahinda Rajapaksa, took direct control of the media ministry. Sri Lanka is ranked 165 in a list of 173 countries by Reporters sans Frontières (Reporters without Borders) in terms of Press Freedom and the safety of journalists.

Sri Lanka is also listed as a genocide ‘hotspot’, one of eight countries in the world where genocide is happening or is about to happen, by noble organisations who work to prevent genocide.

(If the video does not load, you can watch it here.)

Well, the genocide is already under way. A helpless, severely persecuted minority is being annihilated with the help of world governments who make strange bedfellows in this genocide. The murderous Zionist regime sells fighter jets and cluster munitions to the Sinhala war criminals. The largest donor of financial aid to the fascist regime is the thuggish theocracy in Iran. The pilots of the fascist regime are trained to bomb civilians by its close defence partner and comrade-in-arms, Pakistan. The majority of the ammunition of the genocidal regime is supplied by the CCP criminals in China. The scoundrels controlling the Indian government’s policy chip in with tremendous covert assistance and provide arms and training to the genocidal regime to annihilate the minorities despite massive protests by its own people and a unanimous, democratic resolution to end the conflict by finding a peaceful, political solution. The governments of the West play a passive role in all this by paying lip service to the safety of civilians and at the same time, collaborating with the war criminals running the military.

The Sinhala army is one of the most cowardly, indisciplined forces in the whole world. Even among the filthy armies that use rape as a part of war strategy, the Sinhala thugs are the worst. They were thrown out of a U.N. peacekeeping mission in Haiti because of the presence of numerous cowardly rapists in their ranks. In an environment where they have complete immunity from war crimes, the heinous crimes they commit against the helpless civilians can only be imagined.

The barbaric Sinhala fascist pseudo-Buddhist thugs have just bombed a civilian hospital in a declared “safe zone” to smithereens and butchered hundreds of people and wounded thousands in a matter of days in the genocide zone. If the world and the United Nations do not act now to prevent the ongoing genocide, the power brokers, wheeler dealers, politicians and bureaucrats would be guilty of abetting genocide. In a world that cannot bring the real terrorists hiding in mountainous caves in the Pak-Afghan border to book, the term “war on terror” is misused by filthy scoundrels to carry out genocide with the full backing and knowledge of world governments and the United Nations. The criminals who commit genocide as well as those who aid and abet these heinous crimes against humanity shall not get away with it! Some way or the other, they shall get their comeuppance in the days to come! The mightiest empires in world history have collapsed like a pack of cards and descended into anarchy in the months and years following almost every known genocide. The filthy empires, wannabe empires, murderous states and regimes that play a role in this heinous genocide against a severely oppressed people shall face a similar fate, if not worse!!!

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10 Responses to A genocide most foul!

  1. sick!horrifying! yuck! nobleness and Godly indeed! Humbugs!

  2. PJ says:

    tats reely disgusting


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  4. Thanks, Vishesh and PJ. It’s horrifying and disgusting, of course 😡

  5. vish says:

    Raj, now you know what is the difference between being an indian first and a tamil next? you need to helplessly watch tamils being butchered!

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  7. irumbumani says:

    10 Million Tamil Heads, an offering to Thee O Roman Goddess.
    10 Million Tamil souls, for the price of 1 of your dear dead one.
    Let us rest now, that you have satiated your thrist for Tamil blood,
    that flowed like a river in spate.
    You have bathed O ruler of the ancient land in the blood and guts of an ancient race of warriors and poets….
    Never will Tamil forget what our Mother did for her children in Wanni.
    10 Million tamil heads roll today, in the rivers of blood, south of the yarl(Jaffna)…….

  8. omar pulavar says:

    any human cannot accept these kind of genocide,i am not telling this as a tamil but as a human . i can ask to the sinhalees ‘do your budha will accept these genocide if he alive ‘ ask yourself to your heart(if it is there) can you accept ? if accept you cannot stay in the group of human ,may be a part of alien………………….i cried when ever i saw these things not only in lanka also in iraq,afgan,palastine,vietnam………………………………………………..where is the humanity …….i am also waiting for the day of judgement to see how this people are going to be punished by the creator..the god..almighty………………………………..

  9. This is most certainly the most awesome most informative site to date,I am happy I unearthed analienearthling.wordpress.com

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    There is a site on a question interesting you.

  10. Alton Feyen says:

    Hi, i just thought i’d submit and allow you to know your blogs layout is genuinely messed up on the K-Melonbrowser. Anyhow keep up the beneficial operate.

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