Grisly photos of the ongoing genocide in Sri Lanka

The brutal genocide in Sri Lanka carried out by the barbaric Sinhala fascist regime against the Tamils on the island is going on unabated, the regime being armed, egged on and aided by all the bloodthirsty swine in the filthy empires and wannabe empires of the world, with the full knowledge and support of the dirty scum in the United Nations. HUNDREDS are being butchered EVERYDAY from the air, sea and land by cluster bombs, firebombs, napalm bombs and every kind of lethal ammunition supplied by bloodthirsty barbarians in the governments and militaries of Israel, India, Iran, Russia, Pakistan and China. Want to take a look at handiwork of the Rajapaksa sewer rats? This post is for the enjoyment of all the sub-human swine who derive great sadistic pleasure at the sight of horrible photos. No, the clowns in the media will not show you any of this. For them, this is a “humanitarian operation” and they will carry only reports dished out to them by the swine in the Rajapaksa regime.












The world’s most bloodthirsty genocidal maniacs – the Rajapaksa goons would not spare anybody – neither the orphans nor the elderly nor the sick and injured nor medical staff nor children. For when almost the whole world is wholeheartedly backing and funding and arming the barbaric scum in their despicable acts of mass murder, all it takes is a complete media blackout, murdering and assaulting the few conscientous journalists like Lasantha and ordering all humanitarian aid workers and relief personnel out of the genocide zone to carry on one of the most horrific mass murders in recent history with full glee. Cluster bombs are used on civilian camps, napalm bombs are used on “safe zones” and hospitals are bombed from the air:

As for the Eezham Tamils and the diaspora, they must have now realised the futility of appealing to the conscience of the few civilised people in the world when all they do is to make a few mild noises. They must have smelt the stink of the souls of the vile bloodthirsty bastards in the Indian establishment who are playing an active role in the genocide as well as preventing civilised people from stopping the genocide. The people of Tamil Nadu owe them an apology for having elected idiots for whom the only thing that matters is staying in power in the state and clinging on to their ministerial portfolios at the centre.

After having realised that the whole world is playing a role in this genocide, they have no other option but to fend for themselves like they have been doing ever since the imperialists of Britain handed over the entire island to the bloodthirsty Sinhala fascist pseudo-Buddhists. They have no other option but to carry on their struggle for freedom on their own. The scum of the world, including India, will help the Sinhala fascist swine by building Nazi-style concentration camps for the “final solution” – exterminating those who were fortunate enough to survive the barbarians’ bombs. Having left with absolutely no one, they have only the LTTE that cares for them. Not the best allies, but what the hell, when the whole world is bent on exterminating them, the LTTE do seem like angels. If not the LTTE, then some other organisation will have to take up their just cause. The Sinhala fascist scum will never let the Tamils even live, let alone live with peace and dignity and equality on the traditional homeland of the Tamils. The struggle should continue. By any means. Till the ultimate goal is reached. Till the millions of litres of blood that they have shed gets represented as the colour of blood on the flag of a free Tamil Eelam:


All men and women are born equals and they have a right to live as free citizens of the world. No filthy swine on Earth can oppress a people seeking to live in freedom. No bloody rat can suppress a struggle to end oppression for too long. Not all the imperial scum of the world. Nor all the rabid dogs in the world. Nor the gods.

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11 Responses to Grisly photos of the ongoing genocide in Sri Lanka

  1. Sailaja says:

    Oh GOD!!!!!! What a gruesome sight? The people who have done this are they humans or rakshasas? Can they do this to their own kith and kin? What can we do except condemning this? wish we could do something by giving such a fate to those rajapaksha goons if only we had some supernatural power of eliminating such evil people!!!!!
    Now i understand why you are so rebellious, (of course not) but besides raising your voice against such issues you tend to over react my dear Raj. Until such cruel people ( not humans) exist even in a small number the world cannot be made into a peaceful abode so easily. But how to get rid them of? I am totally confused, enraged and sad. i can do nothing except condemning this and praying to GOD whom you do not believe in.

  2. sakhi says:

    Holy shit!!! 😦 😦 I dont have words to express my feelings… bloody hell!

  3. kanagu says:

    I am really disgusted to see this Raj 😦 😦
    Both the Srilankan government and LTTE were killing the people just like that.. I don’t know what to say now… 😦

  4. Vikas Gupta says:

    I am disturbed by these images and the mindless killings.

    I have no sympathies with the LTTE, just the same! They are the most ruthless killers.

  5. Mike says:

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    Instead, the power company will pay YOU!

  6. Saritha says:

    Horrible can a human do this to another human.i cried after seeing the snaps.What media is doing? All bullshit things they show as news,why they are ignoring this inhuman acts of rajapaksa goons.I dont have words to say……………

  7. Thanks for all your responses, friends. They are gruesome pictures, for sure, enough to upset people, but the mindless violence just does not seem to end.

  8. expat21 says:

    I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to say about this before. Now I know. I’ve been thinking a lot about these different genocides during the past five years. My conclusion now is that all of human history has been one genocide after another. Perhaps you heard of Hafez Assad, former predident of Syria. Apparently there was one town called Hama that challenged his rule publically. He went in and not only massacred every man, woman, and child, but then bulldozed over the town until every trace of the town’s existence was erased. Do you think anyone else challenged him after that? The reason for killing every child is so that they don’t grow up wanting revenge.

    I think all of human history has been a conflict over resources, particularly land. For groups who want land, if they can’t buy it or take it legally, then they resort to illegal means, and even genocide if necessary.

    It has now been proven that even chimpanzees engage in war, one group against another, with premeditated murduring of others. I think this how the various species of early man disappeared–one group fighting anther, and no doubt, modern humans came out on top, which is how we got here now.

    It’s very disturbing. I don’t have any answers.

    Expat 21

    • It’s true, Expat, human history has been full of genocides. I didn’t know of the horrendous genocide of Hama. It’s spine-chilling to hear that the dictator committed such a heinous crime to maintain his hold on power. Most of human history is either a conflict over resources or a conflict due to the subjugation of people and their resistance to it.

      It’s interesting to hear that even chimpanzees engage in group warfare. Afterall, they are the most closely related species to humans. Apes, in general, are pathetic creatures and humans are the most pathetic among them all.

  9. christ says:

    maybe they had a good reason to do this liek 911

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