The sordid tale of “the Josef Fritzl of India”

There are certain criminal creatures whose crimes are so evil that other creatures who commit such crimes often get tagged with the name of the scoundrel who committed the first such villainy. Josef Fritzl is one such vile creature.

On the day Josef Fritzl was sentenced to life imprisonment for raping his own daughter for years as he kept her confined to a dungeon in his house in Amstetten, Austria and fathered her children, another scumbag in India gets arrested for a similar crime.

Kishore Chavan (50), a Mumbai-based businessman is reported to have raped his daughter for several years because a tantrik (an occultist or a black magician), Hasmukh Rathod (55), allegedly “advised” him that “raping his daughter would bring prosperity”. Chavan, a father of two girls aged 21 and 15 who owns a unit that manufactures automobile numberplates, has been raping his first daughter since 2000 when she was twelve years old. He is also reported to have let the tantrik rape his daughter. Another sickening fact is that Chavan’s wife and the mother of the two girls, Anjana (46), allegedly allowed it to happen in her presence.

With even her mother being an accomplice to the crimes of the two vermin, the terrified first daughter silently bore these atrocities for several years. However, it proved to be too much for her when the two scum beings began raping her younger sister. She complained to her grandmother and uncle who informed the police. Chavan, his wife and Rathod were arrested by the Mumbai police.

Child abuse in various forms is believed to an under-reported issue in India and the sexual abuse of young children by lecherous relatives is reportedly hushed up to save the “family honour”. This case also exposes the outrageous superstitious beliefs that are still prevalent in 21st century India. However, the monstrosity of this criminal exceeds those of other previously known perverts of whom there is no shortage, thanks to misogynist beliefs and the system of “extended extensive inbreeding”, in other words, the system of marriage between individuals of the same caste/sub-caste, one of the milder evils of the filthy caste system.

Scumbags like Fritzl and Chavan are a disgrace to humanity and proof that fatherhood does not prevent these vicious vermin from raping their own daughters. They bring shame upon the sacred bond of fatherhood and are a curse to civilised human society.

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7 Responses to The sordid tale of “the Josef Fritzl of India”

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  2. sakhi says:

    What do i say??? 😦 Rape itself is horrible but getting raped by one’s own father!!! 😯 😦 Whom should a child trust then!!!!

  3. sailaja says:

    Raj when i hear such instances my fury rises and feel we should do something against such atrocities. but i am not clear about how to start with. Can you suggest any? such human beasts are shame to the humanity. such people should not be allowed to live, as they have no right for any humanitarianism for them.

    • I don’t know, Sailaja. Even if people behave in a civilised manner as a group, there will always be a few individuals who are psychopaths. I guess it will be very difficult to identify such psychopathic scum before they commit their disturbing crimes. They have to be forced to rot away the rest of their vile lives in a prison so that they don’t spoil human society by their very presence, like that creature, Josef Fritzl. The death penalty would be completely useless in preventing the crimes of such filthy creatures.

  4. kanagu says:

    I was just shocked to read this news Raj.. truly they don’t deserve a life in this Earth.. they must be punished severely.. 😡
    as you mentioned, they are under reported in our country.. just to hide their mistakes under family values…

  5. patel says:

    Oh god, not another one like this… This is one of the few instances in which I believe in the death penalty for a case that does not involve murder. Raping one’s own child is sick and disgusting and these freaks should be penalized to the fullest extent.

    But what I don’t understand is why didn’t the older sister complain before?? Or why didn’t the younger sister complain??

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