Towards a New World Order?

If you thought world events just happen at random, that’s probably because you have been deceived by the “mainstream media” that is owned and controlled by the governments and corporations. There are things that the “mainstream media” don’t know themselves and there are things that were deliberately withheld from you. In some cases, the truth was deliberately covered up and lies were dished out to the gullible public. Even the history that you learnt in school is a ridiculously dumbed down version which merely describes the chronology of events and not the true causes behind world events. The less said about current affairs, the better.

Previously, one had no chance to learn the truth because everything that you knew was through the “mainstream media”, unless one had access to inside sources. Now, thanks to the nature and reach of the interent, the truth is available to anyone who cares to look around a bit. It’s not a surprise then, that governments and corporations are desperate to censor and control the internet by any means possible. Remember, the truth sets you free! And free thinking men and women are the kind of people that big capital and governments of every kind, be they communist regimes/dictatorships/democracies/theocracies/monarchies/kleptocracies despise.

The powers that be want total control over your lives. They want to turn free men and women into neo-serfs, ever willing to carry out the agenda of their masters in a global neo-feudal New World Order. More and more people are becoming aware of the agenda of these NWO globalists. There are simply too many things to explain by means of blog posts. One nice lady has done a wonderful job of making some self-explanatory videos about the secret rulers of the world and has posted them on YouTube. You need not take every word of what she says as the gospel truth. You may find that some are theories to connect the missing links. But if you care to do some research of your own, to your great shock and horror, you will find out that most of what she says is chillingly true. There are 29 videos in all and each one is about 10 minutes in length. You can watch the entire series on YouTube. In this post, I’ve included only those videos that are relevant to our times. Once you watch these videos that bring out a lot of hidden truths that you may never have known, your idea of recent history will never remain the same. These videos explain the causes of several wars including the two World Wars, revolutions, terrorism, drugs and peak oil. And yes, economic booms, recessions and depressions too. Most of what you need to know about the New World Order is contained in these videos. Enjoy this amazingly different movie!

The next few parts deal with research into ancient history and theories to connect the dots. Watch them here: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Watch the next two videos in the series here: 25 and 26.

Grace Powers, the producer of these videos, has done a remarkable job in exposing the secret rulers of the world. Click here to go to her website. Thank you, Grace!

Do you have any questions or comments, my friends?

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9 Responses to Towards a New World Order?

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  3. Thanks for those recommendations. Will definitely see them when I get access to broadband.

    Destination Infinity

  4. Thanks for the videos…

    Can you recommend any other websites that could provide insight for our new project!

  5. leafless says:

    But the Internet is not without flaws. It is also full of falsehoods and deceits. To identity the truth from piles of false information is extremely laborious.

    It will take a while to digest all the videos. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Priya Joyce says:

    sorry haven’t watched the videos yet exams goin on..but will surely return by the 30th to watch these..

  7. I have seen till 14..but I am really sure,because googling i find that people say these people are lying..its confusing..but the gist maybe that there is ultimately a link,will watch the rest before commenting fully…

  8. kanagu says:

    I am not able to view the videos in my offive Raj.. will watch this weekend.. and comments will follow 🙂

    sorry for commenting late 😦

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