World powers plan to murder more than 100,000 people in cold blood!

The world powers have given the go ahead. More than 100,000 men, women and children, born and unborn, already starved, denied medical help and forced to live in unspeakably inhuman conditions in a tiny strip of jungle in the Vanni region of Sri Lanka are going to be butchered in the most inhuman way from the land, sea and air with both conventional weapons, cluster bombs as well as chemical weapons. This is a holocaust that very few people know of, because the world “mainstream media” is actively colluding with the genocidal maniacs in the filthy regime of Sri Lanka by blacking out any news coming out of the genocide zone. In any case, journalists are banned from covering the genocide and the few decent journalists, who being troubled by their conscience, have written against this ongoing genocide have either been ruthlessly murdered or forced to flee the country fearing for their lives. I’ve e-mailed different world media outlets, informing them about the unspeakable human carnage taking place and asked them to find out the truth for themselves and then report it. Not a single one of them has cared to find out about the genocide that’s going on and none of them even had the courtesy to send me a reply or even an acknowledgement. Shame on you, stinking dirty yellow journalists! You have sold your souls to the devil!

21st century Holocaust photos that the world media will not show you: (Warning, very disturbing content)

This pregnant mother’s womb was torn apart in an attack by the SinHELLa state terrorists using artillery…that is the hand of her unborn baby sticking out of her womb…apparently, the blood of the unborn is extremely delicious for the stinking sewer rats…

This child was injured in a chemical weapon attack…chemical weapons are freely and extensively used by the SinHELLa regime with the full knowledge and support of world governments…

No need for performing the Hindu cremation rites on this unfortunate civilian…the sewer rats in the SinHELLa regime have already done it for him…

Another unnamed statistic…for the scum in the United Nations, the blood of children is irresistible…

A very common occurence in the genocide zone…a group of civilians butchered savagely in an aerial attack using an unknown weapon, possibly a napalm bomb…world governments of every kind prop up the genocidal regime and supply it with weapons and money…

This is one ward of a makeshift “hospital” with no medicines or supplies or even food…according to the filthy barbarian Gothabaya Rajapaksa, hospitals are a legitimate target for bombings…yes, he actually said that and hospitals have been deliberately bombed…

It is not as if nobody is aware of this. Concerned souls from different countries, mostly human rights activists, religious leaders and anyone who has an ounce of humanity left in them, knowing about the carnage, have dared to speak out. But this is a genocide that involves most of the world powers and the stinking bunch of bureaucrats in the United Nations. The P5 – that bunch of bullies with the bomb who have a veto on the UN Security Council (China, Russia, US, UK and France) are all involved in this because of different reasons. Iran and Israel, two sworn enemies, have actually got in bed together here, falling over each other in giving money and weapons of murder to the SinHELLa regime. Its the same story with Pakistan and India, another combination of sworn enemies, enjoying each other’s company in bed. Apparently, the taste of human blood seems to be too difficult to resist for the bloodthirsty barbarians in world governments and the UN. They want even more to satisfy their unending thirst for blood. They are fully aware that the scum in the murderous Sinhala fascist regime, using a phoney and bogus excuse of “war on terror” are planning mass murder on a scale never heard before and they fully support it with weapons of every kind, including cluster bombs and chemical weapons. Above all, this is a mass murder that has been approved by the rabid, stinking sewer rats in the Indian establishment and the shameless, power-hungry traitors in Tamil Nadu know this. The filthy, bloated bureaucratic scum in the United Nations, too are fully aware of the heinous crimes against humanity that are taking place against Sri Lanka’s battered and butchered minority Tamil community.

More than one hundred thousand people have already been killed in the genocidal civil war. The swine in the UN themselves admit that more than 4000 have been killed and 10,000 injured in the last three months alone. They are aware of the concentration camps, chillingly reminiscent of the Nazi death camps that have been established by the filthy Rajapaksa goons of the rogue SinHELLa regime. Unlike the Nazi camps, the concentration camps of the filthy SinHELLa regime have the approval of the world powers and the atrocities being perpetrated there are fully known to them. They may even be aware of the mass graves that are being dug for civilians in Mullaitivu as a shocked Sinhala writer has pointed out. The bullies of the stinking P5 regimes that control the Security Council are actively blocking efforts by and even threatening governments of countries that still care about humanitarian principles, like the powerless Mexican diplomats at the United Nations. Gracias, Mexico! Your government, despite Mexico’s own troubled history and violence-ridden present, has shown that it has the courage to stand up for a humanitarian cause against the group-of-five bloodthirsty-bullies-with-the-bomb, other scum regimes and the bloated bureaucratic vermin of the United Nations. Leaders of two other countries with a troubled past, East Timor and South Africa, too deserve appreciation. The role of Norway, the peace negotiator, that was kicked out by the murderous SinHELLa regime for its neutrality in the long defunct “peace process”, is disappointing, to say the least.

As for the filthy, stinking sewer rats in the SinHELLa regime and genocidal, rapist army, the rabid scavenging canines in the Indian establishment and the filthy pond scum in world governments who are playing a role in this heinous 21st century Holocaust, it won’t be long before your sewery souls and your circulatory organs made of filthy faecal matter rot in the disgusting dungeons of hell! That’s where you vicious vermin belong and that’s where you will end up!

(To be continued)

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27 Responses to World powers plan to murder more than 100,000 people in cold blood!

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  2. I want to ask a question – why doesn’t the leader of LTTE surrender to bring peace to his people?

    • The answer to that question is simple and it is something that the filthy swine in this SinHELLa regime as well as their murderous backers in the Indian establishment and the power hungry traitors in Tamil Nadu know very well – there will be simply be no peace in Sri Lanka, it is as simple as that!

      Not until someone with an ounce of sanity or humanity assumes power, and such people are completely absent among the current SinHELLa political elite. It’s no secret that complete extermination of Tamils (and maybe other ethnic groups too) is what the fascist Sinhalese want, or to confine them in concentration camps forever. Even sensible Sinhalese people are worried about the irrepairable damage that their rulers are doing and have done to the country. It’s a disgrace that the Indian media are either eager ass-lickers of the Rajapaksa goons or are in their pay, like that shameless sewer rat N.Ram of The Hindu.

      In case you were not aware, this ethnic conflict goes back to the days even before Sri Lanka’s independence, it got progressively worse due to the filthy policies of the SinHELLa state in the 50s, 60s and 70s. The LTTE, which along with the other armed groups was a response to these policies and it did not even exist then, it was born only in the early 80s. For a detailed history of the conflict stretching back from the pre-independence days to the genocidal proportions it has assumed now, I recommend these links:

      The LTTE was not the root cause of the ethnic conflict and it will certainly not end with the LTTE. The Sri Lankan Tamils as well as the Sinhalese and Muslims know that very well.

      I have a question too – since the SL establishment claims that the Tamils are their own people and that the LTTE is a terrorist organisation, do they have to commit a heinous Holocaust, killing and maiming their own people – innocent men, women and children, even the unborn, after starving them to death and denying them medicines, by means of indiscriminate aerial bombardment and the use of chemical weapons and cluster bombs, all to capture a handful of people?

  3. Priya Joyce says:

    that made me more upset than angry….

  4. sakhi says:

    😦 😦 I feel same as priya! 😦 😦

  5. leafless says:

    I share your sentiments. Life is unfair, isn’t it?

  6. kanagu says:

    its really terrible raj.. today I have read an article in Anandha Vikatan… which says the same… is there any reprieve for Tamil people in Srilanka, that’s what ny heart asks ??

  7. Aneesh says:

    Really shocking pics. I have seen this before.
    What I hope now is that the LTTE is destroyed completely and they surrender. Atleast that will stop the govt. from making an excuse and murdering thousands.

  8. elementaryteacher says:

    Oh, no!

    I just left a really long comment for you, and my computer disconnected, when I came back to the page, my whole comment was missing!

    Sorry I just don’t think I can type it again.


  9. elementaryteacher says:

    Alien Earthling, WHY is this war happening? Any way you can boil it down to a few sentences?


    • It’s sad to read that your long comment disappeared because of your internet problems, Eileen.

      This war is an ethnic conflict that has reached genocidal proportions now because all the blood-thirsty barbarians in the world have decided to support the fascist Sinhala state terrorists as it goes about murdering civilians that it claims as its own. Its something like the Zionist state butchering Palestinian civilians and the civilised world being completely powerless to stop it because the Zionist state terrorists have the backing of the US government since they have complete control over it. However, there are crucial differences between the two situations.

      One, while Hamas is a liberation organisation that has vowed the destruction of the Zionist state, the LTTE is a liberation organisation that has never wanted the destruction of SinHELLa Lanka. They are a liberation organisation that want the two states of Tamil Eelam and Sinhala Lanka to co-exist on the island of Ceylon since the fascist terrorist criminals who rule SinHELLa Lanka would never let Tamils even live, let alone live in peace. The terrorist SinHELLa state is the only country in the world to use CLUSTER BOMBS and CHEMICAL WEAPONS against its own civilians apart from detaining civilians in concentration camps.

      Two, the crimes of the Zionist state terrorists pale in comparison to SinHELLa Lanka. While the pogrom on Gaza killed more than a thousand civilians in around two weeks, the scum beings of SinHELLa Lanka have murdered one thousand civilians, mostly WOMEN and CHILDREN in a SINGLE DAY:

      Three, the terrorist state of Israel commits its atrocities because it has the backing of the US governments that are completely controlled by the Zionists. SinHELLa Lanka on the other hand, has the backing of the most of the scum regimes of the world. In the Security Council, it is actively backed by the criminal Chinese regime and the totalitarian Russian regime (ever eager to lick the filthy a***s of the sewer rats of the Indian establishment) while it also has the passive backing of US, UK and France who don’t want to discuss this heinous mass murder. Mexico does not stand a chance against this line-up of criminals. That senile, incompetent apology-for-a-human-being, Ban Ki-Moon, is fully aware of what’s going on, yet he won’t speak a word against the atrocities.

      Four, while the crimes of the Zionist terrorist state were extensively covered by many media outlets, this is a genocide without any media coverage because the swine have banned all journalists and humanitarian workers from access to the genocide zone so that there are no witnesses. Any journalist who dared to speak out against this state terror, even conscientious Sinhalese ones, like Lasantha Wickrematunge or Athula Mawalage, were savagely attacked and murdered by death squads while foreign journalists are simply deported for daring to speak a word against the genocide:

      At the same time, there are paid Indian sewer journalists like N.Ram who, like the swine that they are, are ever ready to gobble up the excreta of the war criminals and republish it in their toilet papers and sewer channels.

      Because of all of this, human beings around the world who have even an ounce of humanity or sanity left in them (I’m not talking about the sadistic, sub-human, sub-animal, low-life filthy scum creatures who get great pleasure in watching others’ painful misery), don’t have an idea about the most heinous crime of the 21st century perpetrated by the fascist terrorist sewer state of SinHELLa Lanka.

    • Oops, Eileen, I guess I’ve digressed a bit in my reply.

      This is an ethnic conflict, a civil war between a fascist criminal state and a people fighting for liberation. It goes back a long time in history, between warring kingdoms on the island. Three ethnic kingdoms existed on the island, a Jaffna Tamil kingdom (largely Hindu) and two Sinhalese kingdoms (largely Buddhist). The Portuguese and Dutch colonial powers conquered the entire island, but administered them separately. The British colonists united the three into a single administrative entity. Together with the policies of the colonial administration and the ethnic and religious tensions between the Tamil speaking people (largely Hindu with a large minority of Christians) and Sinhalese (largely Buddhist with a small Christian minority) and Muslims (they speak a dialect of Tamil, but they regard themselves as a separate ethnic group because of some ethnic links to Malays and/or Arabs), a serious situation was brewing on the island. The British colonists played their part in stoking ethnic and religious tensions. When they left the island, they decided to ignore the voices of minorities who felt that they would be discriminated due to the ethnic Sinhala Buddhist chauvinism. This is true because the brand of Buddhism followed in Sri Lanka is very different in nature from the Buddhism that the world knows. The Sinhala Buddhist clergy are the Buddhist equivalent of the Taliban in promoting violent chauvinism. Their brand of Buddhism is guided not by the non-violent teachings of the Buddha, but by the violent, pseudo-Buddhist hate literature in the form of their chronicles.

      At first, the Tamils in the North and East thought that they could live with their Sinhalese neighbours in peace in a united country and fight for their rights by constitutional means. But they were completely wrong. Due to systematic discrimination by successive Sinhala governments, they were made to suffer in the 50s, 60s and 70s. The constitution was repeatedly subverted and entirely replaced, making Sri Lanka a “Sinhala-Buddhist state”. Peaceful constitutional protests were of no avail. Non-violent protests were met with brutal violence by the fascist state, resulting in repeated state sponsored pogroms, mass murder and atrocities, like “Black July” and the burning down of the Jaffna Public Library along with its priceless collection of historical manuscripts. The Tamils decided to fight for a separate homeland, declared the Vadukoddai Resolution and endorsed overwhelmingly in subsequent elections:

      But the fascist Sinhala state would have none of it. As the state sponsored repression grew increasingly violent and unbearable, the conflict became a violent one with the birth of armed groups like the TULF, LTTE, PLOTE, EROS, TELO etc. The LTTE was the most efficient, committed, disciplined and ruthless of these organisations. In fratricidal fights, they either eliminated other armed groups or co-opted them. India played its dirty hand in the conflict, training these fighters at first and then sending a “peace keeping force” that actually got involved in the conflict due to the dirty actions of some filthy bureaucratic vermin, ended up killing scores of people, getting more than one thousand of its own soldiers killed. Meanwhile, the Sinhala terrorist state was killing and murdering its own Sinhalese people in droves by ruthlessly crushing another insugency by leftist Sinhala guerillas who were fighting the state in the Sinhala south. India withdrew its force and a former PM Rajiv was assassinated.

      The bloody conflict went on in the island. There was a ceasefire brokered by Norway in 2002 which resulted in talks and people (both Sinhala and Tamil) hoped a solution would be found in the talks. However, the Lankan PM who promoted talks was dismissed by the executive President from a different party. After elections, a fascist SinHELLa terrorist government came to power, determined to destroy the ceasefire and peace talks and commit genocide to end the conflict. They are the Rajapaksa vermin. They got the full support of filthy regimes around the world like China, Iran, Israel and Pakistan. They also have the support of the sub-human, sub-animal scum creatures in this Indian establishment. Western governments also passively support the genocide, paying lip service about civilians trapped in the conflict. That’s because both the rogue blocks – China, Iran, Pakistan and US, UK, Israel want to be in the goods books of the genocidal maniacs because they want access to ports like Trincomalee and Hambantota, apart from filthy corporations taking over the entire resources of the country by bribing the notoriously corrupt barbarians in the SinHELLa state. That’s the reason why this is a genocide that is taking place with the full knowledge and support of world governments and media but civilised human beings don’t have a clue about the heinous crimes being comitted by the terrorist SinHELLa state.

  10. elementaryteacher says:

    I was looking at this website on Indian history. This page is not too long, and reading it’s discussion of the white and black people of India, as well as the history of the untouchables and that most of them seem to be black(???) according to this website…does this have anything to do with what is going on in Sri Lanka?

    Also, is the history described on this page valid, a mainstream view, or is this history as presented by a small splinter group, but not by the majority? I’m asking because I’ve never heard anything like this (in terms of race relations) about India–but perhaps it’s because we don’t study much about the history of India in the West.

    Here’s the site:


    • While there are a few facts presented on that site, the conclusions that they draw are quite incorrect. It is neither a valid view nor a mainstream view. I believe that was written by an Afro-centrist author who, despite being aware of the facts, chose to present them in a way that fits his own scarcely believable theories.

      Yes, its true that the urban Indus Valley civilisation was, in all likelihood, related to the Dravidian kingdoms, going by historical and linguistic evidence. The Dravidian languages are a part of larger family – the Elamo-Dravidian group, one that includes the languages of the Elamite group and this group as a whole, is probably related to Sumerian. Going by historical evidence, the Dravidians are not the original natives of India, and they are not related to the original inhabitants of the other parts of India, or even southern India. The original natives of the Indian sub-continent are the indigenous people, who have their own tribal customs, traditions and languages.

      Its true that the filthy caste system that exists to this day has oppressed the untouchables who are the “scheduled castes” and “scheduled tribes”, who were the original indigenous people, especially the scheduled tribes. And not to forget, Buddha was born in Nepal.

      This is not related to what’s going on in Sri Lanka. The conflict is an ethno-religious one between Tamils and Sinhalese. The Sinhalese fascists claim that Tamils are alien to the island but that is an outright lie. Tamils are as much natives to the island of Ceylon as the Sinhalese. If anything, both the Tamils and the Sinhalese are equally alien to the island. The original inhabitants of Sri Lanka are the Veddah people, the native aboriginal people who are severely discriminated against and live as outcastes on the fringes of society.

      Sri Lanka has its own version of the filthy caste system, both among the Tamil and Sinhalese communities, but the Sri Lankan caste system is quite different from the Indian caste system. Yes, despite the Sinhalese claiming to be Buddhists, they have their own version of the filthy caste system. The Tamils of Sri Lanka, being largely Hindus, have a filthy caste system among them as well. Both these disgusting systems differ in several aspects from the filthy caste system practised in India.

  11. expat21 says:

    I just wanted to tell you that last night I watched Al Jazeera in English (broadcast out of London) and they did have a pretty extensive report on all this last night, even mentioning that the government has tried to keep out journalists.

    I did not see it on BBC or CCN, however.

    Expat 21

    • Expat,

      Al-Jazeera in English does present a much more balanced view of world affairs than those worthless channels like BBC (Brown-Barack Corporation, earlier Bush-Blair Corporation) or CNN (Cable Nonsense Network) going by their videos on YouTube. We don’t get Al-Jazeera on TV here because the filthy central government criminals of this pseudo-democracy have banned it by finding a technicality excuse. The real reason, of course, is because Al-Jazeera is a fairly independent news channel that refuses to lick anyone’s boots as far as possible. That’s why the Bush administration threatened to bomb Al-Jazeera’s headquarters in Iraq because their reports of heavy civilian casualties was contrary to the reports of those disgusting “embedded journalists” of channels like CNN.

      I wonder why they said the government “has tried to keep out journalists”. That should be the understatement of the century! The SinHELLa state has not only BANNED journalists from covering anything related to the conflict or even going anywhere near the genocide zone or concentration camps (apart from the lies emanating from the war criminals), but has actually deported several foreign journalists like this chap:

      Sri Lankan journalists, who dare to defy the war criminals, of course, cannot be deported to another country. So they are slaughtered by government death squads, a fate that was earlier reserved only for the Tamil civilians in government controlled areas:

      Many others have chosen to flee the country, fearing for their lives from death squads:

      The filthy Indian “mainstream media” are the only ones welcomed by the regime, because these lowly creatures dutifully report every word emanating from the war criminals’ mouths without caring to find out anything. Some, like India’s top sewer journalist N.Ram of the toilet paper The Hindu have blacked out civilian casualties completely and are actively supporting the worst war crimes of the 21st century because the regime has paid them huge sums of money. Not a surprise, because the sewer journalism of The Hindu is what every rogue regime, dictatorship or bunch of war criminals wants from journalists.

  12. expat21 says:

    Thank you for your comments on that website.

    Sadly, I now think that most of human prehistory was just like this, one group committing genocide against another until the only lineage that remained of human-like creatures were the modern human line. (In my opinion this is what accounts for the other lineages, such as Neandrathals, dying out.)

    Expat 21

    • I’m glad you mentioned human history and prehistory is full of genocides, because that seems to be the case. I guess apes (including and especially, the ones with opposable thumbs) are the only ones that are capable of such mass atrocities against each other. I find it funny that people think that humans are different from animals or are in a higher state of evolution than animals.

      What a joke! I can only think of a bunch-of-clothed-apes-with-opposable-thumbs, with some of them having just murdered others of the same species in cold blood and others egging on and cheering the killer apes, beating their chests in unison, looking at a pack of wild dogs or a herd of wild pigs and saying “Look, you lowly wild dogs and pigs! We have just murdered several members of our own species! Are you capable of that? No, right? See how evolved we are! See how advanced we are compared to you lowly creatures? We genocidal human apes are the most evolved creatures! Because “God” created us in “His” own image! All creatures hail human apes! Genocidal clothed apes are the most evolved creatures! All hail human apes!”

      I don’t know what the wild dogs and pigs would be thinking of these genocidal apes. And that is, if those apes don’t make wild dogs and pigs extinct within the next few years!

      Having said that, the Cro-Magnons, Neanderthals, and other Hominid species must have fought and killed each other in a specific area, with their battle being out of the bounds of knowledge of Hominid species even a few kilometres away. Now, we are supposed to live in a “global village” with the internet and other tools having brought us all “together” like one big “global society”. Right? Wrong!

      The sub-human, sub-animal creatures in the UN Security Council have even refused to discuss this genocide despite being fully aware of it with humanitarian agencies giving them a dire warning, because the crooks of the Chinese and Russian regimes (the CCP crooks backing the SinHELLa scoundrels and Russian ones eager to lick the a***s of the Indian establishment swine) saying that it is “an internal affair” of SinHELLa Lanka! What about SinHELLa Lanka’s R2P or Responsibility to Protect civilians in a conflict? Failing which the duty falls on the IC under the UN?

      That apology-for-a-human-being, Ban Ki-Moon is busy concerning himself with non-issues at the moment. But why haven’t the USA, UK and France done anything, not even forcing a discussion? As I mentioned earlier, unlike the case of the Zionists murdering Palestinian civilians because they had the full backing of the US, this is a mass murder that has the full backing of all five of the P5 rogues, in varying degrees! Several world regimes are involved in this genocide! The bas****s who are responsible will have to pay for this someday or the other!

  13. Pulkit Garg says:


    i’m shaken to see the photographs published on your blog…But Ironically in the media we hear that the civilians are being used as a sheild by the LTTE and and are kept like hostages by LTTE.

    At the same time there is no denying that LTTE is a notorious militant group which was involved in the killing of former Indian Prime Minister Mr rajiv Gandhi.

    Also i believe India can not interfere more than having talks with the Srilankan regime about the safety of the civil Tamilians in the island nation…We can’t expect indian army going to fight with LTTE against the Sri Lankan Govt..we have our own problems to sort out

    The UN and countries like US can for sure force Sri Lanka to stop the mindless attack on the LTTE which has found it’s victims in civil Tamilians too… as evident from your post

    • Pulkit,

      Don’t believe a word of what the “mainstream media” say, especially the Indian media. They are a worthless bunch of dirty yellow journalists. If you care to find out the truth from independent sources, you will be shocked. These pictures are only the tip of the iceberg!

      There is no denying that the LTTE is a militant group…but this is not about the LTTE…it’s about a genocide being perpetrated by the SinHELLa state (with the full support of the world) in the name of fighting the LTTE!

      You mentioned the LTTE using civilians as shields…are you aware that the cowardly SinHELLa army is using women and children as HUMAN MINE-SWEEPERS and HUMAN SHIELDS as they advance into the genocide zone? Why do you think that the SinHELLa state has banned journalists and aid workers from the genocide zone and has killed SL journalists who have dared to defy the regime? It’s to perpetrate these heinous war crimes without witnesses!

      No one is asking India to send its forces to fight the SinHELLa state…no one in their sane minds would even think of such a thing knowing well what a disastrous fiasco the so-called IPKF turned out to be.

      But this is a humanitarian crisis with 6500 civilians killed and 14000 injured in the last threee months alone, according to the UN and more than one hundred thousand people are facing starvation and denied medicines by the SL govt. Yet, India is actively supporting the war criminals and preventing the UN from taking up the genocide…thus the scum in the Indian establishment are playing a direct role in the genocide and trying to fool the people at the same time!

  14. Pulkit Garg says:

    Indeed if whatever your post suggest is truth, then this is the biggest crime against humanity…….

    Keep doing your bit in spreading awareness about it….

  15. Pulkit Garg says:

    Can u plz suggest me some of the sources on the net which you think are giving unbiased coverage of the happenings in Sri Lanka

  16. Pulkit Garg says:

    Thanks Raj…i’ll refer

  17. irumbumani says:

    10 Million Tamil Heads, an offering to Thee O Roman Goddess.
    10 Million Tamil souls, for the price of 1 of your dear dead one.
    Let us rest now, that you have satiated your thrist for Tamil blood,
    that flowed like a river in spate.
    You have bathed O ruler of the ancient land in the blood and guts of an ancient race of warriors and poets….
    Never will Tamil forget what our Mother did for her children in Wanni.
    10 Million tamil heads roll today, in the rivers of blood, south of the yarl(Jaffna)…….

  18. noni says:

    pics r real horror…

    “Prabhakaran” is dead now..i think he missed out possibilities of build up one of the intimate, dynamic liberation struggle, a mass uprising if he chooses some firm ideological path.

    u seems so much angry on N.RAM…:)

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