An apology…

After two angry posts where some really harsh words were used at the criminal genocidal maniacs and their vile backers, I’ve decided that it’s time for an apology. Yes, after reading some of my own words again, I do owe an apology to some. I’ve compared the mass murderers in the Rajapaksa regime in SL and their backers in world governments as well as the ones in their pay to sewer rats, vicious vermin, rabid canines and filthy swine.

I certainly owe an apology to all the canines, vermin and swine of planet Earth! In my anger, I committed the mistake of comparing these wonderful creatures of Mother Nature to the lowly sub-human, sub-animal filth beings in the rogue SinHELLa establishment, their backers in the Indian establishment as well as the crooked Commie criminals of the Chinese regime and the bloated, bureaucratic filth that populate the United Nations. By using the words canines, vermin and swine as insults, I’ve inadvertently done a grave injustice to all the dogs, wolves, hyenas, rats and pigs on the blue planet. I should not have compared these noble four-legged creatures with the filthy two-legged ones mentioned above.

Pigs and rats have many noble qualities that certain clothed-apes-with-opposable-thumbs lack:

I also should not have used the word “bitch” as an insult. Though I love cats, I like dogs very much as well. Moreover, once, when as a kid, I was playing alone in the garden, the female pet dog we had at the time courageously fought off a snake that could have harmed me. I don’t know if it was a poisonous snake but it was certainly a nasty looking slithering creature whose presence I was not aware of. I cannot forget the noble qualities of that female dog. It’s not without reason that a dog is considered as man’s best friend.

I love animals and for the ones that I don’t love, like cockroaches, I respect them for what they are. I’ve heard that cockroaches can survive the radiation from a nuclear attack. Maybe they are the only living creatures left unharmed as the rogue SinHELLa forces use chemical weapons on women and children with the full knowledge (and most disgustingly, full support, lip-service notwithstanding) of world governments and the United Nations. The only creatures that I really hate are mosquitoes. Those buzzing bloodsuckers don’t just suck the blood of humans and animals but are a real nuisance as well. But I don’t think even they have the capacity to guzzle human blood like the barbaric, cold-blooded murderers in the SinHELLa state.

No matter how “advanced” or “evolved” apes-with-opposable-thumbs may consider themselves compared to other animals, the scientific fact is that animals are just as “human” as any two-legged ape that wears clothes. If you’ve had a pet at any point of time, you would understand what I mean. Animals have the same emotions as humans do. Just because they cannot communicate their emotions clearly to us, it does not mean that they do not possess them. And I don’t just mean cats or dogs or other pets. It true of even lower mammals.

Consider this: There are many examples of apparent emotional behaviour in other animals. Elephants caring for a crippled herd member seem to show empathy. A funeral ritual performed by magpies suggests grief. Divers who freed a humpback whale caught in a crab line describe its reaction as one of gratitude. Then there’s the excited dance chimps perform when faced with a waterfall – it looks distinctly awe-inspired. These days, few doubt that animals have emotions, but whether they feel these consciously, as we do, is open to debate. Read the full article here.

And if you thought morals and ethics were a “human” trait, think again. Consider this: A classic study in 1964 found that hungry rhesus monkeys would not take food they had been offered if doing so meant that another monkey received an electric shock. The same is true of rats. Does this indicate morality? For decades, we have preferred to find alternative explanations, but recently ethologist Marc Bekoff from the University of Colorado at Boulder has championed the view that humans are not the only moral species. He argues that morality is common in social mammals, and that during play they learn the rights and wrongs of social interaction, the “moral norms that can then be extended to other situations such as sharing food, defending resources, grooming and giving care”.

“Work published this year showed that animals are able to make social evaluations and these assessments are foundational for moral behaviour in animals other than humans. Francys Subiaul of the George Washington University and his colleagues showed that captive chimpanzees are able to make judgments about the reputation of unfamiliar humans by observing their behaviour – whether they were generous or stingy in giving food to other humans. The ability to make character judgments is just what we would expect to find in a species in which fairness and cooperation are important in interactions among group members. Read the full article here.

As I mentioned, it’s not just about higher mammals. Even rats have a sense of empathy. Consider this: Mice appear to empathize with pain in other critters they’re familiar with, a capacity previously thought to exist only in higher primates.

When mice saw others they knew showing pain, they responded with signs of empathy, such as staying close by, according to a new study.

The mice seem hardwired to form a lower type of empathy called “emotional contagion,” said Jeffrey Mogil, a McGill University geneticist, who led the study appearing in an issue of the journal Science.

The mice were given mild noxious stimuli that caused a stomach ache-like pain. Aside from the pain response itself, the researchers also studied how the mice interacted when they could see a cagemate in pain. The behaviour included whether they spent more time together or followed each other.

So, even vermin like mice have a sense of empathy and understanding of the suffering of their fellow creatures! So what prevents creatures from Ban Ki-Moon and the other bureaucratic filth that populate the United Nations from exhibiting the noble qualities of rats? How can they not just turn a blind eye, but actually increase the enormous man-made suffering of civilians in the genocide zone of SinHELLa Lanka, though they are fully aware of it? Is it because of this:

Posters put up by the rogue SinHELLa government declaring Hillary Clinton, Eric Solheim and David Milliband as “wanted terrorists” because they paid some lip-service about civilians trapped in the conflict:
Image: Al Jazeera

It cannot be because of that. SinHELLa Lanka is a tiny bankrupt rogue state that goes with a begging bowl around the world. It does not even have one-hundredth of the power of the Zionist state of Israel. Yet Israel is condemned by the UN for killing around one thousand civilians in a program of state terror on Gaza that ended in one week. SinHELLa Lanka, in contrast, has butchered (and continues to butcher) tens of journalists apart from 10,000 civilians in the last three months alone and has maimed more than twice that number, detained more than ten times that number in Nazi-style concentration camps and is deliberately starving fifteen times that number! Yet, for the filthy scum beings in the UN, the issue is too “sensitive” to even merit a discussion in the Security Council. Sub-rattus sewer creatures! The real reason as I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, is that every one of these creatures is directly or indirectly involved in this heinous genocide without witness.

So I did a grave injustice to rats and swine by comparing them to filthy scum creatures like the Rajapaksas and their backers – lowly beings like Chin Jin and Chin Jia (CCP dictatorial gang of Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao) from the organ harvesting, toxic baby-food producing Middle Kingdom with the long, crumbling mud Wall in its middle and Manmohan Singh, Pranab Mukherjee, P.Chidambaram, M.K.Narayanan, Shivshankar Menon, Subramaniam Swamy, N.Ram, Alok Prasad, M.Karunanidhi, Ban Ki-Moon, Vijay Nambiar and John Holmes. These creatures and others involved in the worst genocide of the 21st century shall have to pay for their crimes against humanity some day or the other. There shall be no escape for these shameless Pithecanthropuses!

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8 Responses to An apology…

  1. Looking at the title, I thought something else! I certainly did not expect the humour of the first two paragraphs! I think animals can recognise morality and even act according to it except one type – humans! Probably, it has emotions also which, as you say, they may not be able to express explicitly. Humans only shed crocodile tears, they have no real emotions. Maybe crocodiles do!

    Destination Infinity

  2. Priya Joyce says:

    The title is real misleading 😛

    I loved this post……yeah while reading i laughed.but seriously speaking….i truly agree wth wat u said….y do we compare such inhuman.rasc**** wth these sweet creations.

    🙂 well said 🙂

  3. the worst insult now possible is to call other animals human…

  4. leafless says:

    Thinking about this makes me sad. Can we split the human race into two separate species?

  5. PJ and DI,

    While I’m glad to have lightened your mood, that was not my intention at all. I was dead serious and I meant every word that I wrote. If I could communicate with animals (I can’t, except for very basic communication with my cat), I would apologise to them for comparing them to these filthy scum beings 😡
    No, Vishesh, I don’t think so. Just because certain humans behave like lowly filth beings doesn’t mean all of them are like that.
    Yes, we definitely can, Leafless. Not two, but three. The first category can be called as humans and they exhibit traits that every animal has – like ethics, empathy and morality. The second category are creatures completely void of these things unless it affects them personally – they are as good as pathetic stone statues fit only for bird droppings. The third category are the rotten detritus of the Earth, those vile beings who get a perverse sadistic pleasure out of killing, maiming, torturing and brutalising others – they are as good as filthy pond scum 👿

  6. kanagu says:

    True raj… all the animals have that sense of empathy for the creatures that are suffering in front it… human is the only creature which gets happiness in others sufferings 😦

  7. sakhi says:

    sad!!! 😦 as always.. i dont know what to comment on your posts 😦

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