FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa threatened by racial tension, violent crime

This was a post that I originally wrote for truthDive

In less than 10 weeks from now, most inhabitants of planet Earth will be in the firm grip of an “illness” that is sure to have a much wider geographical spread and a greater reach than any flu caused by lowly viruses like the H1N1 strain. As football fever takes over the world, schools will witness a sudden drop in attendance, organisations will have to watch helplessly as productivity plummets and entertainers who aren’t smart enough to reschedule their performances to avoid a clash with match times will have to play to empty galleries. After all, it’s only once in four years that the world’s greatest and most popular spectacle, the FIFA World Cup, takes place.

The 19th soccer World Cup (2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa) will be the first time that the tournament is being staged on the African continent. South Africa won the rights to host the event, edging out Morocco and Egypt in the all-African bidding process. Despite initial concerns and relocation rumours, FIFA has stood by South Africa and expressed confidence in the the ability of the hosts to stage a successful World Cup.

Even if the South Africans have managed to overcome problems related to infrastructure and logistics, it’s hardly going to be a smooth ride for the tournament. High rates of violent crime and uneasy relations between the peoples of the “Rainbow Nation” are things that could turn out to be a nightmare for the hosts and their guests from around the world. With only a little more than two months to go before the tournament kicks off, race relations have taken a sudden turn for the worse.

Eugène Terre’Blanche, the founder and leader of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) party, was murdered on his own farm in Ventersdorp, allegedly by two of his employees over a “wage-dispute”. Described by the mainstream media as a “white supremacist”, leader of a “far-right party” with very little support, Eugène Terre’Blanche was a hated figure for many, and some even go to the extent of claiming he deserved what he got.

However, the brutal murder of the aptly-named Terre’Blanche (which can be translated from French as “White Earth” or “White Land”) should not be seen in isolation, whether it was over a wage dispute or not. Even after the transition from the apartheid regime to a supposedly democratic government, South Africa cannot be called a peaceful country by any stretch of the imagination. Though violent crime is a terrible nightmare for all South Africans, be they White or Black or any one else, the White citizens (4.5 million or about 10% of the population) of the country, particularly the Afrikaans-speakers (Afrikaners), are at the receiving end of the most violent, horrific and brutal crimes.

Many Afrikaners feel they are being subjected to a slow, but extremely violent genocide. If the horrible farm murders are anything to go by, then their claims are certainly true. After the transition in 1994, out of 40 000 White farmers in South Africa, more than 3 000 farmers and their family members have been brutally murdered, often after being raped and/or tortured in the most horrific ways. The South African regime also supports dictator Robert Mugabe of neighbouring Zimbabwe, whose tyranny and violence against dissenters and commercial farmers led to the complete collapse of Zimbabwean society.

Genocide Watch believes the terrible violence against Afrikaner farmers constitutes warning signs of genocide. However, the international community and “mainstream media” deliberately continues to ignore these signs. Even in the event of all-out genocide against the Afrikaners (there are plenty of rumours of about “Uhuru” or a planned campaign of genocidal ethnic cleansing against White South Africans), it is unlikely that they will get any support, as all the uncivilised regimes of the Third World would band together to support a genocide taking place under a fellow Third World regime. The shameless international “mainstream media” would deliberately turn a blind eye, as they usually do.

Faced with an uncertain, violent future, many Whites (including Afrikaners) are emigrating to other countries. Others want Afrikaners to form a separate homeland called Volkstaat. Considering the fact that Eugène Terre’Blanche was planning to consolidate the AWB and make international efforts to form an Afrikaner homeland, it raises questions about his brutal murder. This comes after Julius Malema, the president of the ruling African National Congress’ Youth League sang a controversial song that included lyrics like “kill the boer”. While André Visagie of the AWB initially called the murder “a declaration of war against the Whites” and vowed to extract “revenge” for the murder, the party later retracted its stand and instructed its members not to indulge in any form of violence.

Racial tension is not the only thing that worries South Africa ahead of the World Cup. The country is plagued by extremely high levels of violent crime. The rate of assaults and murders is very high, car-jackings and armed robberies are quite common while rape is endemic in South Africa with monstrous levels of child/infant rape. The government and tournament organisers claim crime levels have seen a reduction ahead of the tournament, but the safety of soccer fans and visitors still remains a worry.

Watch this chilling video of certain criminal elements openly declaring that fans and tourists were an easy target during the World Cup:

Faced with such threats, the 2010 World Cup may not attract spectators in droves as expected earlier. Many fans may feel that it’s better to watch the spectacle on television, as the risks associated with going to South Africa may be uncomfortably high.

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9 Responses to FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa threatened by racial tension, violent crime

  1. There is nothing called equality…Discrimination exists at every level…*sigh..

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  3. kanagu says:

    They have hosted the 2003 Cricket WC and 2007 T20 WC successfully and I wish this too happens without much hiccups…

    But the situation prevails now there is not good… and until humans see other other humans beyond their colour, case, creed and origin these hatred will continue to follow us… 😦 😦

    good post Raj.. 🙂 glad to see you back after long time 🙂

    • Thanks, Kanagu 🙂 Yes, they did host smaller tournaments like the Rugby WC, Cricket WC, T20 Championships and even the IPL successfully. But this is THE World Cup, THE big event, which cannot be compared to puny tournaments like the previous ones. Even the Olympics pale into insignificance when compared to the sheer popularity of the Football World Cup 🙂

      There is no need to hate other humans just because they are different. Yes, we are all humans but each one is different, as are different groups of people. Many civilised countries have different groups of people co-existing peacefully in a civilised manner, yet maintaining their own identities. It’s only in the uncouth, filthy countries where one group seeks to criminally impose its way of life, language, culture, religion, worldview etc. on everyone else, that all kinds of problems arise. Such uncouth countries will ultimately have to reap what they have sown and pay the price for their crimes.

  4. Mary Mimouna says:

    I would have to agree with you that I would not be surprised to see a genocide against Whites, based on the violence. I don’t think it’s that the media is turning a blind eye; I think it’s exhaustioin with fighting genocides all over the world and nothing happening to stop them; exhuastion with pirates in Somalia; exhaustion with the world economy. Now everyone has to worry more about themselves than about others. Sad, but probably the truth.

    • Thanks for your views, Mary. Since you have spent a considerable time living in the different countries of Africa, I believe you know the continent very well. With the way things in the so-called “democractic” South Africa are shaping up, I would not be surprised in the least to see a genocide against Whites or foreign Black Africans, for that matter. It’s a credible achievement for SA to have conducted the tournament without major incident. The key word here is major, since there were plenty of “minor” incidents like thefts and robberies during the tournament, with even the English football team becoming the victims of theft.

      As for the media, it may be exhaustion, it may be the economy, but I do think the “international mainstream media” usually let the uncouth Third World countries get away with whatever heinous crimes they commit without holding them accountable. One just has to look at how apartheid South Africa was boycotted and ostracised by the entire world, but many more uncivilised Third World trash cans of countries that have committed (and continue to commit) far more heinous crimes against humanity escape unscathed, while the “mainstream media” keep harping upon crimes committed long ago in history, like the Holocaust.

      They keep repeating, “humankind should never allow another Holocaust to happen”, while many Holocausts keep happening with alarming regularity in the lowly, uncouth countries of the filthy turd world, especially those that are self-proclaimed “democracies” in name, but barbarocracies in reality. It’s as if the norms of civilised human behaviour that are applicable to the First World countries are not applicable to the uncouth Third World. Is it because the “international mainstream media” realise that the hordes who (over)populate the lowly, uncivilised Third World will continue to act as pea-brained savages and that no amount of criticism of their sub-human behaviour will make them behave as civilised humans? Or is it because, the media’s agenda is to take part in the rapid Third Worldisation of the civilised First World countries? Whatever it is, the rise of the uncouth, barbaric Third World countries is a worrying sign for the whole of humankind. The regressive, uncivilised Third World countries would not hesitate to drag the entire world back to the Stone Age if their sub-human behaviour is left unchecked.

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