Here is something that simply should not be missed!

In a world of sordid deception, satanic cover-ups and broadcast of big, blatant lies, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. On a planet run by powerful, turdy cabals of evil forces and filled to the brim with hopelessly clueless sheeple who haven’t the faintest idea about what distinguishes the real truth from “packaged” falsehood, telling the truth becomes even more difficult, if not impossible. For the hordes and hordes of rabidly brainwashed, shockingly gullible sheeple, anything uttered by the filthy tongues of the controlled “mainstream media” whores and arse-lickers (paid messengers of the sub-satanic forces) becomes the “truth”. So hopelessly deceived they are in their zombified sheeple state.

The unfortunate sheeple! 😦 I’m not aware if there’s anything in the universe that could possibly cure them of their advanced stage sheeploriasis, the dreaded disease where otherwise healthy and intelligent members of Homo sapiens sapiens become SO hopelessly brainwashed and trained to voraciously lap up whatever is dished out by the stinking “mainstream media” whores 😡  In a world where people become ever so eager to voluntarily and completely throw their own thinking and reasoning abilities out of the window for good 😯 , there is possibly nothing that can wake up the sheeple from their induced zombie state, one where the sheeple hordes are lined up and led to the slaughterhouse by the satanic judas goats  👿 After all, it’s quite impossible to save sheeple who are trained to believe that being led to the slaughterhouse by judas goats would be the best thing to ever happen to them   😐

Let the hardcore sheeple continue following the judas goats on what they believe is going to be a pleasure trip. For those sheeple willing to turn a new leaf and realise the extent to which they have been taken for a ride by the evil forces and their filthy arse-licking “mainstream media” whores, here is a video that simply cannot be missed!

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