The stunning prophecies of Siener van Rensburg

I’ve just learned something about the stunning visions of a prophet called Siener van Rensburg. For those who haven’t heard the name before, here is a brief introduction. Nicolaas Pieter Johannes Janse van Rensburg was an Afrikaner who lived between 1862 and 1926 in the Transvaal Republic (which later became a part of South Africa). The Boer people (Afrikaans-speaking Boere or Afrikaners or Boerevolk) of South Africa consider him a prophet who was sent by God to help them with his remarkably accurate visions. His nickname became Siener, which is Afrikaans for “seer” or “soothsayer”. The Afrikaners respectfully refer to him as “Oom Niklaas” (Uncle Nicolaas) or “Siener” van Rensburg.

81a27a4fda1f4df991441924163075e3Siener van Rensburg was born on August 30, 1862 in Potchefstroom to a farming family. He was a deeply religious person who was taught by his mother to read the Bible. He couldn’t write, but his visions were recorded by others like the reverend Dr. Rossouw and van Rensburg’s own daughter Anna Badenhorst. His visions not only concerned the welfare of his people, the Boerevolk, during his time but he was also able to accurately predict several future world events with stunning accuracy.

Skeptics have their doubts but one just needs to consider the accuracy with which this seer predicted events that were going to unfold in the future. Even the predictions of Nostradamus sound vague when compared to those of Siener van Rensburg. Alarmingly, this Afrikaner prophet’s predictions seem to include certain shocking things that the citizens of the world shall have to live through in the coming years. Watch and more importantly, listen carefully to this three part television documentary about Siener van Rensburg and draw your own conclusions.


All videos were uploaded by YouTube user meepotwothousend. He also maintains a website called True South Africa. I thank him for sharing these videos about Siener van Rensberg.

Uhuru – crazy urban legend, stunningly accurate prediction or self-fulfilling prophecy?

One spine-chilling event that Siener van Rensburg is believed to have predicted is a deliberate future campaign of genocide and ethnic cleansing in South Africa. The history of South Africa is an unpleasant one, and despite the democratic transition that the country went through in 1994, not everything seems to be fine in the Rainbow Nation.

“Operation Uhuru”, also known by names such as “Operation Vula”, “Night of the Long Knives”, “Operation White Clean-up,” “Operation Iron Eagle”, “Red October Campaign” and “Operation Our Rainy Day”, whether it is imaginary or for real, refers to a diabolical plan to completely exterminate the White citizens of South Africa by a systematic and planned campaign of ethnic cleasing upon the death of a Black leader.

Critics and skeptics (and the South African rulers) dismiss this as a crazy urban legend propagated by right-wingers in South Africa who want to overthrow the government. They believe people with vested interests are deliberately twisting one of Siener van Rensburg’s prophecies to achieve their own political goals.

Others believe the bloodshed and the resulting struggle will certainly take place as predicted by Seiner van Rensburg. They point out that racial tensions are running high in South Africa and all it would take is the death of a popular leader (like the old and ailing Nelson Mandela, for instance) to re-ignite the old hatred. Some claim that Uhuru is being planned on a grand scale and that certain elements would unleash a reign of genocidal terror at the appropriate time, with the authorities either turning a blind eye or playing an active role in the ethnic cleansing.

They point out that the crime rate in South Africa is extremely high with Afrikaners being subjected to horrific violence in farm attacks and that the South African regime supported the dictator Robert Mugabe whose thugs let loose a similar reign of terror (on a smaller scale compared to “Uhuru”) in neighbouring Zimbabwe. They also state that the regime is actively disarming citizens by making it much more difficult to own legal firearms while illegal weapons (including assault rifles) are freely used by gangsters and criminals to commit violent crimes.

There is also the very real danger of Uhuru turning out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Even if it’s just a rumour, most people in South Africa seem to be aware of this. Even if only a few criminal elements actually plan to carry it out when the leader dies, many Afrikaners are prepared to defend themselves from being slaughtered en masse as their prophet Seiner van Rensburg advised them to do. In such a charged environment, all it would take is a tiny little spark to cause a massive explosion of violence and bloodshed. The peoples of the world would not even be aware that a genocide is taking place. Even if they were, the world might choose not to interfere in a “civil war” as all the lowly semi-civilised Third World countries (including the two veto-wielding big bullies in the UNSC) would back the South African regime.

This would most likely turn out to be true. Unlike the First World peoples who at least protest against their criminal regimes which murder people en masse, the uncouth hordes that (over)populate most semi-civilised Third World countries would blindly support any filthy regime that butchers their own fellow citizens. The hordes of every other uncouth country would only be too eager to lick the filthy boots of their respective rogue regimes, as voracious boot-licking is an art perfected by the Third World hordes. With the globalist crooks determined to bridge the ethical and civilisational gap between the First and Third Worlds by forcefully pulling down the First World to the lowly standards set by the semi-civilised Third World, it’s highly unlikely that anyone would even acknowledge a genocide that takes place in the lowly Third World. Thus, the third possibility of Uhuru turning out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy is the scariest.      😯

However, according to Siener van Rensburg’s prophecies, the trouble in South Africa would almost coincide with catastrophic events happening around the world (including World War III   😯    ), and the Boerevolk would succeed in their “final and fiercest struggle”. According to Oom Niklaas, “This would come to pass when the ice begins to melt.”  😐

Siener van Rensburg prophecies are something I’d love to learn more about. If anyone knows a site that contains all his prophecies (including the uninterpretable ones), please let me know.    🙂

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Funny cat video and poll

Unfortunately, I didn’t save the links that I wanted to use for the post titled A tale of two teens and will have to spend more time looking for them to complete the post. In the meantime, here is a video I came across on YouTube while searching for those links.

Cats must be one of the cutest, funniest and most adorable creatures on the planet – this is a funny video about their antics. Have some feline fun!

Do you love cats? Or do you hate them? What do you think about these little domesticated felines that bring out extreme human reactions – from been almost worshipped as “holy creatures” in ancient Egypt to being despised and killed for being “agents of the devil” in mediæval Europe and everything in between? Take this little poll:

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Swine flu pandemic: loudmouth Azad needs to shut up and do some work for a change!

With the H1N1 swine flu pandemic sweeping across India and leaving 48 people dead (as on August 21, 2009) and infecting thousands more in its wake, one would expect the health minister of the government of India (Ghulam Nabi Azad) to be working furiously, co-ordinating and taking steps to contain its spread and treating sick people. Sadly, work is not something that politicians like Mr. Azad are fond of. Unfortunately, but expectedly, he has chosen a novel strategy of fighting the swine flu virus.

It’s physically impossible for a pig to look at the sky. A swine can only look at the ground beneath its feet in order to keep munching rotten things with its big mouth. The brilliant Mr. Azad has chosen to replicate the strategy of the swine to fight the swine flu virus. Mr. Azad hopes that he can contain the H1N1 pandemic by opening his big mouth!

A couple wear face masks as they travel on a motocycle in Pune, one of the cities worst affected by the swine flu…
Image: Associated Press

Health is a state subject in India and the state governments (along with local government authorities) have the responsibility of ensuring the health and well-being of their citizens. The role of the central government is to co-ordinate things and take measures to do things that the states cannot do. But the loudmouthed Azad wants to enjoy power without taking any responsibility and has kept spewing out nonsensical stuff to draw attention to himself. Such is the low nature of India’s worthless, crooked politicians that they don’t think of gaining political mileage out of dozens of swine flu deaths.

In a meeting of a rural health mission with state health ministers, the loudmouthed central health minister chose to flay the efforts of states in combating the swine flu pandemic. Though Mr. Azad’s utter incompetence has actually aided in the flu spreading rapidly across several cities, he decided to put the blame on the state health ministers saying “he could do only so much” and that “one should not expect him to go beyond a point”. Thankfully, the health minister of the state of Gujarat, JN Vyas, had the guts to tell the loudmouth to stop the nonsense. He reportedly told Mr. Azad, “We are not here to listen to these words. You are a federal minister and we look forward to your co-operation.” Three cheers for the Gujarat health minister JN Vyas! 🙂

It seems Mr. Azad simply cannot keep his big mouth shut. Like an empty vessel that is devoid of any stuff, he keeps making the maximum possible noise and the notorious Indian “mainstream media” that is eagerly waiting for stupid things to keep dishing out around the clock, lap up Mr. Azad’s ridiculous statements. It should be noted that Mr. Azad has no kind of experience whatsoever in the medical field and like many others, he became a minister only because of his ability to faithfully lick the boots of a certain lady who controls all her puppets, including the blue-turbaned one, by means of iron strings. As soon as he assumed charge, Mr. Azad immediately did great damage to the health of millions of Indian citizens. Paid by the notorious tobacco lobby    👿   that also has some prominent film “stars” from one particular regional film industry (Bollywood) on its payroll, Mr. Azad virtually overturned the ban on on-screen smoking that was put in place against all odds by his predecessor – a trained physician who dared to take on this dangerous lobby and their cronies in the “mainstream media”. The tobacco lobby rejoiced since they could now go back to spreading the curse called tobacco to harm India’s youth and children, not to mention millions who suffer because of the ill effects of second hand smoke.

When the swine flu virus began killing people, affecting some cities so badly that schools had to be shut down for a week, Mr. Azad once again found it impossible to restrain his big mouth. In a shocking incidence of insensitivity, the health minister insulted an unfortunate little girl who had died of swine flu complications.   😯   He blamed the dead girl for “spreading the virus”. Understandably, 14-year old Reeda Shaik’s parents were outraged and demanded his resignation. Mr. Azad was forced to apologise for his callous remarks.

Now, what has Mr. Azad actually done to stop the spread of swine flu? Very little! In fact, his ignorance of the dangerous nature of the flu and his incompetence actually helped in spreading the virus to all parts of the country. Unlike Mexico, the United States and many other countries that reported the outbreak of swine flu months ago, India was free from this scourge. Instead of taking measures to stop the virus before it affected people, Mr. Azad chose to play the fiddle. He neither co-ordinated the establishment of a sound response system nor did he take measures to increase the screening and testing facilities. On the contrary, he made sure that the one could not access the common drugs to treat swine flu, Tamiflu and Relenza, because the government was hoarding them. He took no measures to increase the production of either these drugs or face masks. The sale of face masks has degenerated into a racket with unscrupulous traders hoarding them, creating an artificial shortage and selling the masks at inflated prices. Screening systems were not put in place at airports to detect people who were infected. All airports are managed by the incompetent central government and even a few days back, my friend told me that he was not screened when he landed here. So much for the loudmouthed minister’s proclamation that “he could only do so much”!

I guess if Mr. Azad chose to put in even a fraction of the effort in his work as he does in opening his big mouth, the H1N1 swine flu would not have infected and killed so many people.       😐

(P.S.: My “next post” – A tale of two teens has been delayed by this important post)

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Print, Benny, print!



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A tale of two teens

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Frownies, not smilies!

My favourite blogging software, WordPress, and my favourite blogging site,, by far the best in the world, seemed like they could simply do nothing wrong. The WordPress team are the most capable folks out there, design the best sofware, keep improving it with each passing day and always listen to their users though most of us are free users!

As most of us bloggers would agree, WordPress is simply the best blogging software available on the planet!

Now for the first time, unfortunately, they have put a wrong foot forward. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m talking about the new WordPress smilies. One fine day, WP decided to replace the fantastic old smilies with an ordinary bunch of emoticons that can be called as frownies. In my humble opinion, these new smilies are not half as good as the old ones. The old bunch were a set of simple, cute, emotive faces that were extremely expressive!

Unfortunately, WP has decided to completely replace the old ones with the new bunch. Take a look at the two and decide for yourselves:

This is the lovely old set of smilies (animation doesn’t work since this is a screenshot) taken from this page

Old WP smilies

…and these are the ones that have replaced them…

🙂 smile
😀 grin
😦 sad
😮 eek
😯 shock
😕 ???
8) cool
😡 mad
😛 razz
😐 neutral
😉 wink
😆 lol
😳 oops
😥 cry
👿 evil
😈 twisted
🙄 roll
❗ !
❓ ?
💡 idea
➡ arrow
:mrgreen: mrgreen

Since most commenters here use WordPress or comment on WP blogs, let’s have a poll on WP smilies:

Thanks in advance for voting! Please let me know your opinion on WP smilies by leaving a comment below.

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Back to the future?



…and one was made to believe that the ideology of communism and state ownership of enterprises had (deservedly) ended with the fall of the Iron Curtain!

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A deadly charge from the bottom to the top!

It’s not easy to be classified as a champion team when you finished dead last in last year’s championship. However, the Deccan Chargers from Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) have done just that – from the zeroes of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2008 to the undisputed champions of IPL 2009, it has been one dream journey for this deadly combination of crack cricketers led by Adam Gilchrist.

Gilly receives the trophy from the South African President, Jacob Zuma…
Gilchrist who held his Arms Aloft in Triumph

No one doubted the potential of this team – they have a great mix of youth and experience, a cool combination of seasoned international pros and talented young Indian cricketers. But, in last year’s inaugural edition of the Indian Premier League Twenty20 cricket, the team simply failed to click. All that is history now!

Gilchrist took over as the captain from VVS Laxman for this year’s IPL that was shifted to South Africa since the Indian government could not provide security for the tournament, as the dates coincided with the General Elections. It was a blessing in disguise for the League as it helped to increase its popularity beyond Indian shores. Full credit goes to Cricket South Africa for organising a fantastic tournament at a very short notice. We all look forward to the big one – the 2010 FIFA World Cup. South Africans have proved to be great organisers and wonderful hosts!

For the Chargers, it was a superb team effort that took them all the way. Gilchrist and his fellow Aussie, the DC coach Darren Lehmann have managed to bring out the best in all their boys. Young cricketers like Tirumalasetti Suman, Rohit Sharma, Pragyan Ojha and Harmeet Singh have proved themselves on the big stage while seasoned international pros like RP Singh (who won the Purple Cap for taking the most number of wickets in the tournament), Herschelle Gibbs, Ryan Harris and Andrew Symonds made great contributions at crucial stages to keep the charge going. Not to forget Gilly’s sterling contribution – he not only shouldered the burden of keeping wickets while leading the team, but got the Chargers’ off to a flying start with his aggressive batting as an opener. Chasing a big target in a pressure semi-final against the highly rated Delhi Daredevils, Gilchrist played the knock of the tournament, single handedly demolishing the Daredevils’ attack with his incredible hitting. It was champion stuff from a champion cricketer!

The Royal Challengers Bangalore is another team that deserves apprecation. The boys from Bengaluru (Karnataka) finished second last in the IPL 2008 and made an ordinary start in this year’s edition. Anil Kumble lifted the RCB to a new level when he took charge as skipper. The Challengers put together a string of successive victories over top teams and knocked out last year’s runners-up, the Chennai Super Kings, in the second semi-final. They lost the final narrowly to the Chargers in a pressure cooker situation.

There is no doubt about the heroes of this year’s IPL, though. It has to be the Chargers from Hyderabad! A word of praise for T. Venkattram Reddy, the DC team owner. He solidly backed his team and could be seen in the team dugout with his boys when some other team owners chose the comfort of the hospitality box. The team is owned by the Deccan Chronicle, a reputed broadsheet and South India’s largest selling English language newspaper. I guess when you are the undisputed numero uno in one field, it tends to rub off on your other business ventures too!

I look forward to watching the Deccan Chargers in action at the T20 Champions League. As the Chargers’ cheerleaders and fans say: GO, Chargers! GO, Chargers! GO, go, go, go!!! 🙂

Thanks to Prakash, my fellow blogger at Kalugu for his contribution in putting this post together!

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