The stunning prophecies of Siener van Rensburg

I’ve just learned something about the stunning visions of a prophet called Siener van Rensburg. For those who haven’t heard the name before, here is a brief introduction. Nicolaas Pieter Johannes Janse van Rensburg was an Afrikaner who lived between 1862 and 1926 in the Transvaal Republic (which later became a part of South Africa). The Boer people (Afrikaans-speaking Boere or Afrikaners or Boerevolk) of South Africa consider him a prophet who was sent by God to help them with his remarkably accurate visions. His nickname became Siener, which is Afrikaans for “seer” or “soothsayer”. The Afrikaners respectfully refer to him as “Oom Niklaas” (Uncle Nicolaas) or “Siener” van Rensburg.

81a27a4fda1f4df991441924163075e3Siener van Rensburg was born on August 30, 1862 in Potchefstroom to a farming family. He was a deeply religious person who was taught by his mother to read the Bible. He couldn’t write, but his visions were recorded by others like the reverend Dr. Rossouw and van Rensburg’s own daughter Anna Badenhorst. His visions not only concerned the welfare of his people, the Boerevolk, during his time but he was also able to accurately predict several future world events with stunning accuracy.

Skeptics have their doubts but one just needs to consider the accuracy with which this seer predicted events that were going to unfold in the future. Even the predictions of Nostradamus sound vague when compared to those of Siener van Rensburg. Alarmingly, this Afrikaner prophet’s predictions seem to include certain shocking things that the citizens of the world shall have to live through in the coming years. Watch and more importantly, listen carefully to this three part television documentary about Siener van Rensburg and draw your own conclusions.


All videos were uploaded by YouTube user meepotwothousend. He also maintains a website called True South Africa. I thank him for sharing these videos about Siener van Rensberg.

Uhuru – crazy urban legend, stunningly accurate prediction or self-fulfilling prophecy?

One spine-chilling event that Siener van Rensburg is believed to have predicted is a deliberate future campaign of genocide and ethnic cleansing in South Africa. The history of South Africa is an unpleasant one, and despite the democratic transition that the country went through in 1994, not everything seems to be fine in the Rainbow Nation.

“Operation Uhuru”, also known by names such as “Operation Vula”, “Night of the Long Knives”, “Operation White Clean-up,” “Operation Iron Eagle”, “Red October Campaign” and “Operation Our Rainy Day”, whether it is imaginary or for real, refers to a diabolical plan to completely exterminate the White citizens of South Africa by a systematic and planned campaign of ethnic cleasing upon the death of a Black leader.

Critics and skeptics (and the South African rulers) dismiss this as a crazy urban legend propagated by right-wingers in South Africa who want to overthrow the government. They believe people with vested interests are deliberately twisting one of Siener van Rensburg’s prophecies to achieve their own political goals.

Others believe the bloodshed and the resulting struggle will certainly take place as predicted by Seiner van Rensburg. They point out that racial tensions are running high in South Africa and all it would take is the death of a popular leader (like the old and ailing Nelson Mandela, for instance) to re-ignite the old hatred. Some claim that Uhuru is being planned on a grand scale and that certain elements would unleash a reign of genocidal terror at the appropriate time, with the authorities either turning a blind eye or playing an active role in the ethnic cleansing.

They point out that the crime rate in South Africa is extremely high with Afrikaners being subjected to horrific violence in farm attacks and that the South African regime supported the dictator Robert Mugabe whose thugs let loose a similar reign of terror (on a smaller scale compared to “Uhuru”) in neighbouring Zimbabwe. They also state that the regime is actively disarming citizens by making it much more difficult to own legal firearms while illegal weapons (including assault rifles) are freely used by gangsters and criminals to commit violent crimes.

There is also the very real danger of Uhuru turning out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Even if it’s just a rumour, most people in South Africa seem to be aware of this. Even if only a few criminal elements actually plan to carry it out when the leader dies, many Afrikaners are prepared to defend themselves from being slaughtered en masse as their prophet Seiner van Rensburg advised them to do. In such a charged environment, all it would take is a tiny little spark to cause a massive explosion of violence and bloodshed. The peoples of the world would not even be aware that a genocide is taking place. Even if they were, the world might choose not to interfere in a “civil war” as all the lowly semi-civilised Third World countries (including the two veto-wielding big bullies in the UNSC) would back the South African regime.

This would most likely turn out to be true. Unlike the First World peoples who at least protest against their criminal regimes which murder people en masse, the uncouth hordes that (over)populate most semi-civilised Third World countries would blindly support any filthy regime that butchers their own fellow citizens. The hordes of every other uncouth country would only be too eager to lick the filthy boots of their respective rogue regimes, as voracious boot-licking is an art perfected by the Third World hordes. With the globalist crooks determined to bridge the ethical and civilisational gap between the First and Third Worlds by forcefully pulling down the First World to the lowly standards set by the semi-civilised Third World, it’s highly unlikely that anyone would even acknowledge a genocide that takes place in the lowly Third World. Thus, the third possibility of Uhuru turning out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy is the scariest.      😯

However, according to Siener van Rensburg’s prophecies, the trouble in South Africa would almost coincide with catastrophic events happening around the world (including World War III   😯    ), and the Boerevolk would succeed in their “final and fiercest struggle”. According to Oom Niklaas, “This would come to pass when the ice begins to melt.”  😐

Siener van Rensburg prophecies are something I’d love to learn more about. If anyone knows a site that contains all his prophecies (including the uninterpretable ones), please let me know.    🙂

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279 Responses to The stunning prophecies of Siener van Rensburg

  1. sakhi says:

    Sigh… i sometimes feel that one big explosion on the earth should end all of this at once. Then probably a new better world can come in living… But not all our wishes come true, isn’t it!

  2. White racism? Again? In Europe, I can understand how that will be..just see the football line ups of European nations, I do wonder what will happen…

    Funny thing, how come I have never heard so much about Africa’s history?

  3. kanagu says:

    interesting Raj… but a 3rd World war means thats the end of human race just like how dinosaurs extincted… maybe we are cruel than dinosaur.. but still the amount of damage a war will cause is unimaginable…

    I don’t know much about the situation prevails in the South Africa… but I hope this doesn’t comes true.. because a genocide means we are neglecting and crushing the rights of one section of people be they are white or black…

    Not able to see the video in office.. will check later..

    you can check this link for some of his prophecies.. not able to find all…

  4. kanagu says:

    here is another link.. but everything is in some other language..

    • Thanks for the links, Kanagu! 🙂 I’ve seen the first one but haven’t read the second. It’s in Afrikaans… we can get an approximate translation using Google but I don’t know if it contains all the 700 prophecies of Siener, I’ll check it out. Anyway, I’m not going to interpret his prohecies as only an Afrikaans speaker can do that. I just wanted to know more about what he predicted about WW III and other events that are going to take place 😐 Looking at the the stunning accuracy of his visions, I know Oom Niklaas is one person who was a true seer who could literally see into the future.

      You’re right… a Third World War would mean a truly terrifying human toll 😯 Many animals and plants would get wiped out too. But the way things are going, one cannot rule out WW III 😐 Siener even predicted that the war will witness the use of weapons one could not even dream of during his time 😦

      I’m hoping against hope that Uhuru is a false rumour… whoever the victims are, genocide and ethnic cleansing are plain wrong, unethical, immoral, inhuman and barbaric! But the hordes of semi-civilised Third World countries generally don’t think that way.

      • Hallo Alien Earthling,

        I found part of your conversation up after finding and following up your address on [the statistics of] my web site. I am the author of two books on the subject of the visions of Seer van Rensburg.

        You seem to have some questions on the subject of Uhuru, or as it is also called, the night of the long knives. There is a cynical, but still very interesting twist to this “story”, as there is absolutely no connection between it and Siener van Rensburg. The same applies for Mrs. Johannah Brandt.

        This is a story that was dreamt up by enemies of the Boer people living in South Africa, and it was simply hung over the shoulders of the said two people to give it some degree of credibility amongst the Afrikaner [white] people. The danger in this, however, has become very real. The militant blacks on the far left, as well as the militant whites on the far right, have been fed with this story to foster racial hatred in South Africa.



        • Hi Frik! 🙂

          Thanks for your comment on “Uhuru”. So the “Night of the Long Knives” wasn’t exactly predicted by Siener, but a tale that was somehow linked to the visions of Oom Niklaas to make it sound credible? And now that it has become so well known and people are prepared for it, I guess there is the real danger of “Uhuru” happening in a racially charged atmosphere. It does sound like a scary self-fulfilling prophecy 😯

          Since you’ve analysed the prophecies of Siener van Rensburg, could you tell us when World War III is likely to begin, please? Do Siener’s prophecies somehow point to 2012 as a likely year for “changes” to happen? 😐

          • Frik says:

            Hi Alien,

            Why don’t you contact me direct on my e-mail address. I initially reached you through the stats program on my web site but this is a rather cumbersome way of doing it.

            An no, nobody could possibly give you any dates on any prophetic event. I could deduce, however, that we may not have too far to go.

        • marty says:

          Frik,you dont know what your talking about!And I dont believe you wrote any books on this subject,you probably live overseas and dont have a clue whats brewing in south africa,Sieners prophecies are coming true and im sure its because of people like you that many afrikaaners will die when it happens,what side are you on my boy??!!

          • Willem van der Merwe says:

            Well said Marty, ek het hierdie ou Frik se boeke gekoop en gelees en dis ‘n klomp snert wat soveel leuens bevat dat dit lyk na ‘n R3 noot! Moenie jou aan hom steur nie, sy webtuiste bestaan ook nie meer nie en oral waar hy in die openbaar verskyn wil die ouens hom bliksem vir die twak wat hy verkondig en dan erken hy nogal dat hy nie ‘n enkele visioen van Siener of Johanna Brandt in die oorspronklike vorm gesien het nie…hy het net daarvan in Adriaan Snyman en Prof. Raath se boeke gelees, maar dan gaan verdraai hy daardie profesiëe om by sy politieke meesters se toekoms in te pas. Ek het hom persoonlik gekontak en hom ‘n spioen genoem, die ewige peopol.

          • KalahariBoer says:

            Frik actually wrote two books on Siener some time ago and I tried to read them and will confess that I could not finish reading them totally, simply because this author is so long winded that he just about never gets to the point he’s trying to make. It’s an exasperating experience to try and follow his so-called superior logic, just as exasperating as trying to read any of his articles from the past. He just about assaults your intelligence trying to formulate his frame of reference and work methods before he departs from common sense and common knowledge and then sails off to neverland and winds up in a doldrum of leftist politics and liberal bullshirt that has caused him to be punched up several times at soberminded gatherings. He also claims that his mission to “correctly” interpret Siener’s visions, was God given in 1994, AFTER he read Adriaan Snyman’s work in this regard. He also says he has a disdain for “rightwing politics”, indicating that his own political leaning is to the left of “rightwing”, which is his leftist right, if you follow my drift…
            Secondly, he has never personally laid eyes on the well documented original recordings of the Siener’s words as recorded by his daughter Anna at that time. His only knowledge comes from the efforts of Adriaan Snyman, who authored the first books on Siener van Rensburg since 1992/3 (Stem Van ‘n Profeet and other books) and the works of prof. AWG Raath who wrote “Die Vierkleur Wapper Weer”, a remarkable work, which includes,
            inter alia, sections on interpretation of the visions and some 650 visions.
            When I read Frik’s stuff, I distinctly smelled the rotting corpse of a leftist rat and I wrote to him accusing him of being a planted spy amongst us, come to try and destroy the Boer’s faith in his God and his God’s Prophets. He never answered my letter. So let that be an indication of his veracity in this matter og his socalled divine appointment…

            inter alia, a section on interpretation of the prophecies as well as a section on some

          • Dee says:

            Actually marty, he did write the two books. I know this cos I bought them and still own them!! Use google and google him if you don’t belileve him.

      • Anna De Koningh says:

        After about 15 years of studying various material, I am ready to present what I have found to be the truth.

        1. In the weeks leading up to, or during the 2010 Soccer World Cup, Nelson Mandela dies a natural death.
        2. Civil War breaks out in South Africa. The international community is unaware of this duo to the contracts signed between International Media companies and FIFA. Preventing them from reporting on anything else happening in S.A. except the soccer. The world is being entertained while hundreds of thousands of South Africans are killing each other.
        3. The government uses this opportunity to nationalize all farmland and the mining industry. Secure the gold. The troops are moving into place as I’m typing this. The minister of agriculture said in an interview, it is to assist the farmers that the troops are moving in. This statement she made days after she sang “kill the boer, kill the farmer” in public. The farmers will be caught with their pants down, just like Eugene Terreblanche was found with his pants down.
        4. News breaks internationally of JPMorgan’s gold and silver ponzi scheme. The biggest fraud case in human history. $5.5 Trillion. British economy collapses. U.S. economy collapses.
        5. World War Three is about to start.

        Investigate these claims for yourself before you decide to do something about it. I am waiting for the first event to occur, before I move into action.

        • Anna De Koningh says:

          Quote: “The minister of agriculture said in an interview, it is to assist the farmers that the troops are moving in. This statement she made days after she sang “kill the boer, kill the farmer” in public.” – After posting this piece of information about an hour ago, I realized that I have made a mistake. I had mixed up two different people. My apologies.

        • Thanks for sharing those likely future events with us, Anna!

          All of them certainly sound possible, even probable. Collapse of a few economies around the world is sure to lead to the start of World War III 😯 And nationalising the mining industry is sure to get SA involved in that war. I guess Seiner’s prediction of a better future for Afrikaners would be proved correct.

        • wayne voss says:

          I think your prediction is a bit out in my believe, But it can happen, its not impossible for it not to happen, the thing about nelson mandela is very true, but lets not hope that happens any time that he dies of natural causes. because then we will be in the s!@t. The thing about E.T pants being down when he is murdered is false, the only thing that was unusual about his pants was his fly was open. But i dont think world war 3 will be soon either as the technollagy described that will be used for the war is way out, we dont have that type of technollagy yet, and it would mean that the russian goverment must have safed up quite abit of money to make the “laser guns” a project and to distrubite it to the countries troops. I am just wondering if Siener has a prediction about 2012 and if its true in some way

          • Wayne,

            I believe deadly laser weapons may become a reality in the near future:

            • Leon says:

              may I also include the experimenting of nano technology by the us army. Do you not also find it funny that only americans have seen ufo’s? If you ask me its more likely that the us army is experimenting on new technologies rather than actual alien sitings? but thats off the subject. Anyway, Im afrikaner and even though i really do not want to believe anything to do with this, things are surely turning in this direction much quicker than what you think. this website is just another part of his prophecies. which says that his name will be seen more in the media than ever before and then everything will happen. and funny enough we havent really been speaking and reading about him this much in the past.
              Speaking of uhuru, yes some do aactuallu believe in it but i suppose it could be true that his prophecies are being interpreted incorrectly, I suppose only time will tell. I for one no of a few people already prepared, with hiding places and canned food stocked for atleast a few months. people really are taking this seriously and is not just an interesting conversation.

              • Linda says:

                About 24 years ago I was sitting on a deserted beach with a friend near Ballito Bay, South Africa when we noticed a very large machine/object/UFO hovering in the sky over the sea. It was about a mile away from us and had massive lights around it. It was there for about 20 mins when suddenly a small aircraft en route from Durban came into sight and the UFO took off at an unbelievable speed. We couldn’t believe how fast it travelled. Within seconds it was out of sight. Yes SA also has it’s spies in skies!

            • Prof Jayson says:

              Good afternoon I came across the site on the senner van rensburg with your comments found the full banter very interesting. The big question is this book available have you been able to find this out

        • Mike says:

          Jeez Anna, you went a bit wrong there hey! The World Cup’s long gone and over and Madiba is still alive. Thank goodness we don’t live in the old testament hey, else Deuteronomy would come visit you.

      • Vici says:

        I have spoken to an ex ANC comrade called Thabo Moeti, he confirmed Uluru will take place they are biding their time when whites with military training will be to old to fight and the youth won’t have a clue how to fight. They have been lulling whites into complacency.

    • eshter krugell says:

      it’s afrikaans… it’s my language…

    • Maryke says:

      That other language is Afrikaans, an I live here all my life. My mother is a huge believer in Siener, and believe me, he is quite accurate.

    • MissT says:

      it’s in Afrikaans!!! The language of Siener and his fellow South Africans.
      You should know that, atleast, if you want to know more about his prochecies.

    • arista annandale says:

      It is in Afrikaans

    • jurika says:

      That language is AFRIKAANS. Thank you

  5. Sakhi,

    Yes, having seen what clothed-apes-with-opposable-thumbs are capable of, I too sometimes feel that a massive wayward asteroid should crash into the Earth… KaBOOOOOM!!! 😉 Clothed-apes-with-opposable-thumbs would then go the way of the dinosaurs 😐

    Funny thing, how come I have never heard so much about Africa’s history?

    I guess only your history teachers would be able to answer that question, my friend 😐

    As for White “racism”… the answer is quite simple, really. Massive, uncontrolled Third World immigration is responsible for that. The peoples of Europe, North America and Australia are being forced to watch as their governments are literally opening the floodgates to let in hordes of immigrants from the Third World. Other developed countries like Japan and South Korea don’t face this problem as their governments don’t let in the Third Worlders by the hordes.

    What’s worse, the hordes try to impose their Third World way of life on the host societies instead of adapting to the ways of their host countries.

    To be honest, I’m not going to blame the people of the developed societies here… the blame lies with the underdeveloped ones. Instead of developing their own backward societies, the people of semi-civilised underdeveloped societies breed like rats. Having ruined their own societies with their alarming breeding rates and uncouth “culture”, they are left with no option but to move to the civilised places. Once there, the arrogant hordes try to pull their host societies down to the level of semi-civilised places from which they come by imposing their uncouth “culture” and way of life on the host societies. This would naturally lead to a backlash.

    Why should the developed societies pay the price for the backward “culture” and overpopulation of the underdeveloped ones? Let the hordes control their alarming breeding rates and develop their own societies instead of moving en masse to the developed societies.

    • Clifford says:

      Just see the movie “Gremlins” and you’ll understand! Sienner v Rensburg is 100% correct. The book in English can be orderd from Adriaan Snyman who lives in Mosselbay S A. and e-mail ADRESS -Tel: (+27)28 551 2516
      Faks: (+27) 86 270 6347, Posbus 136, Ladismith 6655,

  6. HoDD says:

    As a South African, I can read a bit of Afrikaans. I can tell you that there has been some embellishment in the interpretations. The prophecies don’t mention anything about mandela or his visit to Russia. At least not literally. I tried reading the prophecies in their origonal text and it was a bit difficult for me because I struggle a bit with Old Afrikaans.

    What is funny about these prophecies is that another female prophet by the name of Johanna Brandt said something similar about the situation. Brandt claimed visions of blacks being utterly destroyed by God as punishment for bringing harm to the Boers. Brandt also talked of a night of massive killing of whites in Johannesburg. Google the name.

    Also I read somewhere of a Professor Lemmer who lived in the 1990’s who was allegedly a phsycic who had dreams and visions of a vicious future war in South Africa where he claimed to have seen fire everywhere.

    But then again, what do I know? Probably nothing.

  7. HoDD,

    Thanks for your comment and the link! 🙂

    I’ll try to read more about the prophecies of Johanna Brandt and the visions of Professor Lemmer.

    Brandt claimed visions of blacks being utterly destroyed by God as punishment for bringing harm to the Boers. Brandt also talked of a night of massive killing of whites in Johannesburg. 😯

    Things don’t seem to look rosy for the Rainbow Nation, both in terms of prophecies and the current situation 😦

    • HoDD says:

      no, things look very rosy for us in Africa. At the moment we are being slowly strangled to death with high levels of crime.

      With war and chaos we can break free from this black stranglehold they have over us.

  8. Hatred, is a phenomenon which spreads at an alarming rate! This reverse hatred in SA seems to be quite dangerous! Hope things stay normal.

    Destination Infinity

    • I guess hatred doesn’t exactly “spread”, DI. It’s inbuilt in societies, especially the semi-civilised ones of the lowly Third World. I don’t think things are “normal” in SA even now. The worthless international “mainstream media” simply don’t report the atrocities against White South Africans in a so-called “democratic” SA. It doesn’t surprise me in the least, since the international “mainstream media” never report heinous crimes committed by the uncouth Third World countries against their own citizens, unless the victims happen to be hapless Palestinians 😐

      • nebo hislop says:

        it’s because the zionist jews own the media, and everything else. do some research, the jewish plan for world domination, are being realized and it’s the jewish international bankers that haven responsible for every war for the last 150 yrs. every u.s pres since 1913 (year the “federal reserve” private corporation. it’s because they know that the white race is the true israel, and promote secular humanism, globalism and every kind of lewd disgraceful immorallity. that fact is that not all men are created equal, each race excels at certain things. s

        • Trac says:

          personally I think the world revolves around one lie after the next…countries and politicians are
          driven by greed and power. The average person in the street is the pawn on the Chess Board
          of the World. Men go to war and die so that these Governments and secret Societies of people can financially benefit. Wars are created so that one country can dominate with power and benefit from the riches of the country it has conquered. As far as I am concerned this whole world is blinded by one huge conspiracy and it all revolves around the monetary system and greed…..
          The greatest illusion that was ever created by man was the monetary system, were banks loan people money that they do not themselves have and then charge interest on that money. It has put mankind into a modern form of slavery and they keep us there with debt and interest. So as far as I am concerned we can throw those stones at other nations through there ethics but really we are living in glass houses ourselves……

  9. Marianne says:


    The reverse apartheid has been going on, since the Black Communist government took over.

    Through all this, you can see the white Afrikaners hopeful for a better future. According to Seiner, who predicted this, this “tribulation time” will eventually pass, and then it will become a place of refuge for others who are suffering.

    • Hi Marianne!

      I understand that like any lowly Third World country, the ANC regime is full of marxist crooks, thugs and other nasty characters and that South Africa is a failing state, for Whites, Blacks and everyone else, except the ruling coterie and their henchmen, of course. The world “mainstream media” is deliberately ignoring these crimes against humanity.

      One can only hope that peace and sanity return to SA as soon as possible.

      • Afrikaner says:

        Things in SA will be more difficult in the time to come, but as Siener Van Rensburg predicted, change will come in a time when the world and in particular Europa and the UK will be in much bigger trouble. Note the danger of Uhuru was NOT predicted by Siener Van Rensburg. I am Afrikaans and have read all Sieners’ prophecies in its original Netherlands. Some are very difficult to make sense off, but once you look at the bigger picture I belief in every prophecy he predicted. Unfortunately not all his prophecies were recorded, some were not recorded by his daughter. A time will come when Europe will be pulled in anarchy and war (Siener did not indicate because of racial tension or Muslim integration in Europe, these are speculation of the time by other people), then Europe will become a place where people cannot live (similar to Nostradamu’s prediction where Iran will fire an atomic bomb towards Israel that will end up in the sea below Italy). It is very important to read Sieners’ predictions in combination with other prophecies and see how they fit like a puzzle, but with some missing pieces. Unfortunately the USA and its alleys (UK, Australia, New Zealand) will be in war with the rest of the world. The UK will be destroyed completely, even the sand will burn, during this time Germany will start taking back its previous colonies. I suggest you read about the history of Namibia and the time of the “traktaak” (Afrikaans word for a contract). Namibia belonged to Germany and as part of the agreement was that Germany would have the right to take Namibia (South West Africa) back if South Africa did not want it as part of South Africa. This did not happen. When such difficult time in Europe starts happening, Germany and other European countries will start to take Namibia back. South Africa will be in a type civil war (almost there) during this time. The South African government will be overthrown by people within South Africa allowing Germany to take the country over (obviously with prospects of a better future)! This will be the turn of South Africa. Siener predicted that plenty of people from Europe (in particular the Dutch, Flames, France, English will migrate/transported to South Africa). The borders of South Africa will then extend pass Namibia into Angola, Botswana and Zimbabwe, actually to the equator in Africa. During this period Southern Africa will be come stronger, richer and more powerful then ever under their European control! This is in short what Siener predicted.

    • Prof Jayson says:

      Get real what the white south African did to the black just go to the history. I as a white have said sorry to the blacks in my surround. Its time that we as whites must admit what we did the taking over of this country South African was made between the British and African in Britain no black was present at that meeting. Sad on us when we were making deals about there country
      Prof Jayson

      • prof J ur one sic puppy sorry for what a great country you and fw gave them, exelent hopitals , roads, infrastructure, farms, shops, schools and schooling, rating as above average in the world , now its all fucked up

      • Sannie says:

        Absolutely amazing that some ‘learned’ person like yourself would shoot your mouth off if you have no idea what is happening in our country. You are a fool. Maybe you should come and apologise to each and every black person in SA. I’m quite sure you won’t live past the second apology. They will kill you in cold blood and drink a beer on your disembowled corpse.

      • Pam says:

        It’s almost a year ago since you posted your comment, I hope by now you have changed your mind! If it wasn’t for the White South Africans, the Black South Africans wold still be running around the fields, herding goats and cattle, wearing only beads and a loin cloth
        (made of cow hide)!! The white man has taught them EVERYTHING they know to-day!

      • Charmaine says:

        You should check the history books and also undocumented history of this country and you will findout that the hole country did not belong to them. we bought land from them for wich we have proof till today. Three quarter of the black people in this country does not even belong here. wakeup prof. before you make a statement like this again do your research properly. past to present.

        • Trac says:

          I second that…really Prof if you going to make statements at least have your facts otherwise it really makes you look silly….

  10. Gary Mann says:

    Hi all,
    There is nothing to fear. South Africa remains the most beautiful country in the world.
    Repent of your sins, accept Jesus as your saviour and you will be saved – whether in South Africa or any part of the world.
    We all know that the end is imminent – make sure you are ready.

  11. Anon says:

    With the death of Eugene Terreblance. All hell is breaking loose in South Africa. Is this the leader that ignites the flame ?

    Just the way he was killed is brutal. I feel sorry for my people in South Africa. This is gonna be something of large scale. Even if you dont hear anything about it. I am sure of a silent war. With black goverment parties singing song about KILLING THE FARMER. And now the AWB leader was killed on a farm by a Knobkierie.

    Lets see how this works ot.

    • Anon,

      Eugène Terre’Blanche’s brutal murder does seem to have the capability of igniting a terrible event like “Uhuru”. I don’t understand why a crook from the corrupt ruling ANC, like Malema, has to sing songs exhorting people to “kill the farmer/boer”. I too feel sorry for the Afrikaner people. It looks like they are caught in a situation with only two choices – either face a slow genocide or get annihilated by a rapid and diabolical program of ethnic cleansing 😦

      I guess people going to South Africa for the World Cup would be doing so at their own risk.

    • me says:


      Eugene Terre Blanche was not murdered with a knobkierie. His face was slashed open with a panga.

  12. Afrikaner says:

    Signs of the end as predicted in the Bible and by prophecies:
    • Climate change (this is happening but denied by so many)
    • Hatred against God (already happening as people’s rights are considered to say what they want)
    • A period where unacceptable sexual behaviour will be part of the normal and daily operations (Pornography on the internet is already at this level)
    • When all in the World have heard of Jesus Christ (with the internet, who did not hear about the September 11 attacks?)
    • Powerful earthquakes all over the world increasing in frequency (almost like contractions with the birth of a baby)
    • Not in 2012 as many though but at a time when none would expect it to happen

    • Afrikaner,

      Thanks for your valuable comments on this topic! After reading about Siener van Rensburg, I was left with no option but to believe that he was a true seer who could see into the future.

      If his prophecies are anything to go by, and the fact that the signs you mentioned have already taken place/are taking place now, it looks like Africa, Europe and the rest of the world, too, are in for some interesting times 😐

      • Prof Jayson says:

        I cannot believe that an educated person can hold such trash to heart. I will pray for you as you do not live in His light. Please look to the true real God and ask Jesus to help you
        Prof Jayson

        • Sannie says:

          Prof Jayson, if you know anything about Afrikaner history, you will know that God, the Living God, delivered thousands of blacks in the hands of about 350 ‘BOERE’ as we like to be called. They thought they could get rid of the Afrikaner however, when the ‘boere’ were in that very hopeless situation, their prayers were answered and ‘blood river’ took place. Never underestimate the ‘BOER’s’ belief in the living God. You will regret it and so will everyone else who chooses to redicule the Afrikaner. We therefor believe that God will always keep us safe. Siener van Rensburg was a true prophet of God and all his prophecies have to date been fullfilled.

          • Nog "n Boer says:

            Sannie you told him nicely, I don’t know from which planet he is from, but for a prof. he is really dumb, its whites with that suicidal attitude that is the cause we are in the predicament that we are in now, to think we stole the country from the blacks!!!!!, the true owners of SA is the Bushmen, and the rest of the blacks stole it from them at approximately the same time the whites entered the country. Thus, if you want to take that route, than none of us can claim this country as our own, but the Bushmen, to talk about God he is all so misinformed,if he knew his bible he would know that we do not have to apologise to the blacks, because it is their own doing that has got them into the mess they are in, and with the bleeding hart attitude of whites like him, they are dragging the rest of the world down with them.

        • Cecil says:

          Prof Jayson the only trash i see is yourself as one stupid person some tag in front of his name , meaning nothing at all , You are so uninformed as an empty trashcan waiting for nothing … come live in SA and experience it , and then post again ! Stupid NITWIT

  13. T says:

    What I dont understand is how people would expect people like Notradamus and “siener’ to make clear and precise predictions when they lived so freakin long ago. I mean honestly.

    One thing that urkes me is the fact according to popular believe Nostradamus predicted the fall of the twin towers in the same kind of vague predictions. But just because this Siener oke was an afrikaner boer his predictions are complete nonsense.

    I am not an overall follower of predictions because predicting an event has NEVER stopped it from happening so why carry on analizing it.

    One thing is for sure. White people – especially Afrikaners in this country will not sit back and be opressed forever. And neither will they sit back and have the same thing happen here that happenened in Zim. Afrikaners have never been the sit back and crumble type no matter HOW out numbered they are.

    I truly hope that none of us ever live to see any type of Civil War and that the issues here can be resolved ammiccably.

    • T,

      I usually don’t have much regard for those who claim to predict the future by divination, since they are mostly fake. Predicting the near future by analysis is a completely different issue altogether.

      However, I do believe that once in a while, there would come a man or woman who has the abilities of a true seer. They may be very, very rare among the large numbers of self-proclaimed “seers”, but they do/did exist. From the little that I’ve heard of Siener van Rensburg, he does seem to be one of those few. Nostradamus may have been one of them as well, but his predictions sound so vague and the language/words that he used seem so confusing, archaic and mixed up (deliberately perhaps?)

      It’s good to know that the Afrikaners are not going to sit back and continue to be oppressed forever. That’s what I expected of the descendants of the courageous fighters who used classic guerrilla warfare to take on the British Empire in the Anglo-Boer Wars, despite being outnumbered and despite the Empire using the most cowardly tactics.

      The circumstances seem to be different now. The Afrikaners (Whites in general) are not just massively outnumbered but they have been deliberately weakened as well. The ruling ANC scoundrels have the support of the masses who can easily be incited to violence. The ANC have control of the State, and they have the backing of the tyrannical dictators in neighbouring countries as well.

      It’s so easy for the ruling crooks to brand any resistance or freedom movement as “terrorism” and use the brutal barbarism of the State to crush it. State terrorism and genocide would receive the whole-hearted support and backing of every filthy, hypocritical, shameless, evil, uncouth Third World barbarocracy around the world. The savage, uncouth hordes that (over)populate the lowly Third World simply don’t have it in their pea-brains to behave like civilised people.

      The civilised societies are faced with their own problems and wouldn’t care either – out of apathy, due to “mainstream media” lies and because they are controlled by a dangerous cabal that is determined to pull down the First World to the uncouth standards of the lowly Third World, in order to consolidate their power and maximise their profits.

      In such a situation, with no external support but only deliberate vilification, any kind of civil war would be disastrous for the Afrikaners in terms of casualties. You cannot understimate the uncouthness and barbarity of the lowly Third World countries. They are all bloodthirsty crapocracies and would stoop down to any level since they are simply uncouth with absolutely no sense of ethics, morals, scruples, righteousness, fairplay or justice in their primitive brains.

      That’s why I too sincerely hope that there is no civil war or any kind of violence in SA and that all issues are resolved peacefully. But one can never expected civilised behaviour from the uncouth societies, not as of now.

    • AfrikaanerKryger says:

      T to hear you say the words “Afrikaners have never been the sit back and crumble type no matter HOW out numbered they are.” deserves a salute from the highest for not many people know of our perseverance and ability to survive, for my people(Afrikaner boer’s) there is a saying “to be a Afrikaner is to always live in difficult times but we smile in all weather and always make a plan to overcome” ..but we need to be pressured much more than what we are before we stand up and fight, for we a peace loving people and would rather run than fight but corner us and we will put up a fight like nobody has ever seen before this is why so much hatred is focused on us..

    • John says:

      The Afrikaans farmers in Rhodesia did sit back and let it crumble.
      Let’s hope they are able to resist the same forces this time. Just have a look at this from a fan of Julius Malema on the latter’s Facebook page – not a self-fulfilling prophecy, I trust:

      • Trac says:

        The situation was very different there. Trust me the Afrikaans is a sleeping Giant Dragon and when it wakes will make this continent shake….This is a peace loving nation, but when pushed over the edge and united becomes a killing machine which shows no mercy. The history books will show you that. And why should they, the world has shown no mercy when we cry out that our farmers are being murdered, our daughters are being raped and our husbands and fathers are tied up to watch. Our jobs are being taken away and given to people who have no qualification to do them. This government is painting a picture to the world of victory in their struggle to overcome apartheid and that all South Africans are living in a dream bubble of happiness and democracy…..what a lie…. this country has no time for white people and they feel victory when one of us is taken out…trust me Eugene’s killers are heroes amongst their people…but one huge mistake is being made here and that is the underestimation of the Roth of the Afrikaans nation…..their patience has a beginning and an end…I would say we are close to the end….

        • Vonk de Boer says:

          There are mainly 3 groups of white people in SA , the English the Afrikaners(Cape dutch as they were previosly noun) and the Boers, but in general when we talk of them as one group the are called Afrikaners. During our history they fought battles against each other. They also fought battles together, like on our borders. So hopefully this time they will stand together again and face the commen ennemy.

  14. MB says:

    Just came across this site!! I had heard of van Rensburg (Siener) when I was still very young… amd EVERYTHING that he has predicted (to this moment) has come true! From Chenobyl, to finding the diamond shaped like a sheep’s head! All has taken placed and the photographic evidence is there for all to see.

    One of his prophecies he states that ‘when the Black King dies…..Someone heard on the radio 2 days ago (and although there is no proof) that Nelson Mandela could be dead and if so, this happened in February 2010. If this is true…. why the secrecy?… and why hasn’t he come forward to silence that cowardly idiot Malema?? This Idiot has managed to destroy everything that Mandela stood for!!

    On another note… I sure hope that when Siener spoke about the ‘Afrikaaner’ … he was talking about ‘Whites’ of South Africa. I would hate to think that, being English speaking, I will be excluded from this ‘Salvation’. I know I will never turn my back on South Africa and it’s white people… EVER!!
    And my claim to fame??? I am a direct blood decendent of General Brits, who fought in the Anglo Boer War.

    Why is impossible to find and buy Siener’s book?? I had a copy of ‘Voice of the Prophet’ and it has disappeared.

    • Could Mandela possibly be dead? That’s raises a few serious questions. If he is alive (and is not too sick), then I guess he would make an appearance during the World Cup, which he of course cannot do if he’s dead. And if he’s dead, is the regime deliberately trying to cover it up to avoid (or delay) a race war, considering that the whole world would be watching SA in the run-up to (and during) the FIFA Cup? Or would they publicise Mandela’s death during the event itself? Or after it’s over? I guess it’s better not to speculate.

      But why should Mandela come forward to silence the scoundrel Malema? Why can’t President Jacob Zuma do so? Why can’t his party (that has miserably failed to govern SA in an acceptable manner), the ANC do so? Why are some crooks in the ANC actually supporting Malema? These things are quite commonly practised by the failed countries that constitute the uncouth third world. As I mentioned, the hordes that (over)populate the uncouth countries don’t quite have it in them to behave, or even think in a civilised manner. That’s what makes the uncivilised third world countries uncivilised.

      I’m glad to learn that your ancestor played an important role in SA’s history. How times have changed from the days of the Anglo-Boer Wars! Now, with Afrikaners and English speakers at the same receiving end, I guess the only option that both have, is to forget the old differences and unite as a single group.

      I haven’t even heard of the book that you mention 😦 I would love to read it though!

      • MB says:

        Hello again to you Earthling,
        Wow, are we living in interesting times? Now there was a supposed condom found at the crime scene, with both parties (Police and Media) swearing blind and denying …

        Wouldn’t it be funny if it was proved that Malema was also gay?? From what I have seen, he is always surrounded by males, also quoted as saying that he would rather spend his money on himself and not on women, has no children and no prospects for getting married!!

        If he is in fact gay, I’m not supprised that he hasn’t said anything yet…. probably fearing that He would be ‘raped straight’!! (by women)… grin.

        The book was translated (both in Africaans and English) by
        Adriaan Snyman. I think this book might have been banned since then. It’s no where to be found. I had both English and Africaans copies ..and both are gone!

        Hmmm, Uhuru, Night of the long Knives, etc is supposed to happen right after this famous person dies. The planning of this event is supposed to take place (secretly) during a 7 day national strike. Now with this national strike comming up…. Oh, well, lets just see what happens!

        I still have hopes for my beloved country and if all the bad ‘stuff’ is to happen, I sincerely that it won’t be in my life time. Oh, my giddy aunt!!!

    • Nog 'n Boer says:

      MB, you will not be excluded because you have a Boere Hart, and that is the crux of the matter.

    • Vonk de Boer says:

      There are mainly 3 groups of white people in SA , the English the Afrikaners(Cape dutch as they were previosly noun) and the Boers, but in general when we talk of them as one group the are called Afrikaners. During our history they fought battles against each other. They also fought battles together, like on our borders. So hopefully this time they will stand together again and face the commen ennemy.

  15. MB says:

    As a child, I remember my Father saying that if and when all this comes to pass, (if Siener was wrong), there will be bloodshed on a horrendous, massive scale…. and when all was done, the Oriental would move in (in fact take over the world) without firing one shot!

    The papers, recently, mentioned that China was promising to plough massive amounts of money into Zim…( their mining industry). About 2 years ago (it was mentioned on the news.. only once and then silenced) that China/North Korea was interested in buying OR in the process of buying one third of S.A’s West Coast, plus 100kms into sea! I wonder if this actually happened?

    I have also heard that most of Madagascar has been bought for mass farming. I don’t know which country bought, however I’m sure it was, again, NK.
    Is there anyone who know’s differently? Please let me know!

    As a Police woman, by keeping my ear to the ground, it’s amazing the things I get to hear! Then of course, I watch…. and see how many Illegals flood into our country…… from all over the world (Russian, India, Pakistan, Africa and then of course the Orient!! Wow!!

    • Hello MB! It’s good to have you back. So you’re a policewoman? That’s good – at least, you have the means to defend yourself and your family if the situation turns ugly. I hope the stupid regime allows the police to own and carry firearms. I heard they were bent on confiscating the personal firearms of law-abiding citizens by hook or crook.

      Confiscating firearms in a terribly violent, corrupt and crime-ridden society can only mean that innocent, law-abiding citizens would lose the only way of defending themselves, their families and their property. Criminals, of course, are never affected by such a kind of confiscation since they have access to sophisticated illegal weapons.

      I don’t know much about this Malema guy, except that he seems to be a crude, hate-spewing, majoritarian fascist – the ones that are so common in the uncouth third world countries where majoritarian fascism is encouraged and imposed by the filthy regimes.

      I guess the ANC regime must have banned Adriaan Snyman’s books on Seiner – it’s another common feature of uncouth countries where the freedom of expression does not exist. However, it only goes to show that Seiner van Rensburg’s prophecies are taken very seriously even by the ANC. Wow! Isn’t that amazing! The more I learn about this prophet, the more I’m convinced that he was a true seer who could literally see into the future.

      If those who believe in Seiner really wish, they could easily get the book published outside SA and smuggle it into the country, either as hard copies or in an electronic format. Better still, it can be put on the web to be downloaded and the regime would not be able to do a thing about it.

      You’re absolutely correct – many countries around the world are actively buying up African farmland. I don’t know if North Korea is involved, but Africa is certainly being colonised again, but not by European countries this time. Your fertile, mineral rich continent is being colonised by certain uncouth, heavily overpopulated third world countries that have overshot their carrying capacity due to rapid overbreeding by their hordes.

      This includes uncouth Third World empires which have a large farming sector (but still cannot feed their teeming hordes due to overpopulation and environmental degradation) as well as certain countries soaking in wealth (from the export of fluid natural resources) but do not have much of a farm sector due to their harsh, arid climate and uncultivable desert soil. The following links should provide an idea, if you have not seen them already:–in-africa-1795483.html

      And they are buying up massive tracts of land in African countries by bribing the corrupt regimes. The produce from these lands is not going to feed Africa’s population but is meant to be sent to the overpopulated countries that are buying these farmlands. The African continent itself suffers from massive overpopulation and a perennial shortage of food, often having to deal with famines and starvation. With more and more farmland taken out of the business of feeding Africans, it can only lead to more starvation, malnourishment, violence and wars.

      You have a national strike coming up in SA? I guess the timing is deliberate and is meant to extract maximum concessions just ahead of the World Cup. If they secretly plan for the dreaded “Uhuru” during this strike, and with Mandela ailing and nowhere to be seen, things aren’t looking good at all 😯

  16. MB says:

    I’m not overly religious, but the Bible does state ‘Ask and ye shall receive’… There is so much anger and hatred in this world that should a global war break out there will be even more of this! All these bad feelings creates it’s own demon and this Demon is so tangeble.

    If God is going to ‘cull’ the human race, maybe he could do this with sicknesses and diseases! I think I would rather see this then the horrific events of war! It will also bring people closer together (trying to help each other), rather then destroy our fellow man?? Besides, I’m really worried about our animals (tame and wild)!! What chance do they have!

    I personally think God made a terrible, blatant mistake…. He created MAN!! We humans have proved this fact right through our entire history! This planet would be absolutely Perfect if it wasn’t for us homosapiens!!! My feelings only!!
    I’m not in a good way tonight! I attended two very brutal murders today … (Black on white) Not pleasant!!

    • I agree whole-heartedly with you, MB. God committed a blunder, a terrible mistake by creating humans. (For atheists, nature’s greatest mistake was allowing the evolution of these freaky clothed-apes-with-opposable-thumbs that call themselves Homo sapiens.) Without us humans, the planet would have been an incomparable paradise. Humans are the cancer that is slowly but surely destroying this potential paradise.

      Anger and hatred exist on a global scale. I guess Seiner will be proved right by future world events. It’s difficult to ignore the signs that we are being set up for a Third World War. And no, the poor animals don’t stand a chance of surviving a global man-made catastrophe.

      I’m extremely sorry to hear that you had to visit those two gruesome crime scenes as a part of your job 😦 Two very brutal Black-on-White murders in a single day within the limits of a single police station? That’s shocking! 😯 When will those living in denial over the slow genocide of Whites in South Africa ever wake up?

      I can understand the effect those horrible scenes must have had on you, MB. I guess one good night’s rest (or two) would do you a world of good, ma’am. Please take care of yourself and your loved ones. I do hope the salvation for White South Africans that Seiner talks about is just around the corner.

      • HODD says:

        You people are insane to imply that homosapiens was a mistake by God… Do you not realize that you are homo sapiens? You will cease to exist if you got your wish…

        White suicide in its fullest gloty it seems

  17. MB says:

    Hi alien…. and just how are you doing in this happy little place??? (SA)

    I re-read my last post and I need to fix something quickly… when I said I ‘attended’ 2 murders… I meant I ‘witnessed’ the grief of one family (I stopped in as I know them) and the 2nd one was a hi-jacking in the area in which I was shopping, (the same day). I saw all the police vehicles and stopped to ask. Both took place in different areas although in close proximity! However, the area in which I work is not that much better.

    Alien, gosh no…. I don’t wish for Siener’s words to come true any time soon!! As I have said before, I’m ‘praying’ for
    non-lingering sicknesses (Spanish Flu or the Black Plague comes to mind) rather then the destruction of war. To me that is just too devastating. Again I’m thinking of animals.

    I really feel, that this, if anything will bring people closer together. We will be so intent on (globally) helping and praying for each other we will forget to sit around that ‘proverbial’ table and fiendishly plot the demise of all us pathetic, Humans…. But that’s just my train of thought!!

    Alien, you stay safe!

    • Actually, I don’t live in South Africa, MB. In fact, I’m from an entirely different continent and have never been to SA in my life. Like so many others, thanks to the lies of the “mainstream media” scoundrels, I too was completely fooled into believing that SA is a wonderful country, a “Rainbow Nation” that had a great future ahead of it after the fall of apartheid. I was naïve enough to believe the dangerous lies of the international “mainstream media” then 😦

      That was until I was trying to find out how SA was preparing for the big event. Only then, did I discover that a slow, but brutal genocide has been taking place against Whites in SA, all brushed under the carpet of “high crime rates”. I now realise that SA looks like it is firmly on the path to becoming another Zimbabwe.

      I’m so sorry to hear that one of your own friends was brutally murdered by violent, sadistic and savage criminals 😦 May the souls of the innocent people murdered by those evil thugs rest in peace.

      I’m not sure if a deadly disease (like the plague or a flu pandemic) will provide salvation for those who are suffering in SA. In fact, it may even make things worse for them. One’s true character gets revealed in times of difficulty. In any civilised society, a deadly disease like the ones mentioned above may lead to everyone forgetting their differences and bonding as a society and helping others. On the other hand, in an uncouth society, such a pandemic can easily result in chaos, looting, disorder, violence and total collapse. So yes, the destruction of war will be terrible, but humans bring it upon themselves and in rare cases, it may result in improved society after the war. A case in point – who would have thought that the European continent, with its perpetually warring empires and countries till WW II would experience peace, prosperity and continental brotherhood like never before in their history?

      Of course, I could be wrong. Humans (along with a lot of other species) may go the way of the dinosaurs if a total, worldwide war breaks out.

      Please stay safe in that deadly dangerous place, MB. And if the situation gets intolerable, I hope you consider leaving, at least temporarily, until sanity and civilised behaviour take root in SA.

      • Sophy says:

        The original story at the top of this page talks of “all this will happen when the ice starts melting” The Volcano in ICELAND is causing th e ice to melt and all hell is about to break loose. Folks you better start building houses underground, there is nowhere to run on the surface. Alternatively start praying for a safe entry into heaven you would not want to see hell twice on earth and after crossing over.

  18. brian says:

    Uncivilised asian countries indeed,these eastern countries were civilised long before the so called west.Europe is the most densly populated continent.wake up , in lots of sectors asia is well ahead of the west.Today asian kids excell in maths and science and their dedication to education is unequaled.We in the so called west are drowning in sex ,drugs and booze.

    • I guess you haven’t exactly read what I’ve written, Brian. Nowhere have I said that ALL Asian countries are uncivilised. There are a few civilised countries in Asia as well, in the Far East, like Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Funnily, Australia is increasing considering itself a part of Asia. It doesn’t matter, they were never a part of the West, at least geographically. Most others are uncivilised and uncouth Third World crapocracies, like the rest of the lowly Third World.

      these eastern countries were civilised long before the so called west

      The lies that were taught to you in your history class don’t count here. Both the East and the West weren’t exactly civilised till the middle of the last century. The First World became civilised after that, and the uncouth Third World remains savage and backward due to their filthy “cultures” even now.

      in lots of sectors asia is well ahead of the west

      If you meant Japan and South Korea are ahead of the West in quite a few sectors, then I would agree. On the other hand, if you mean all the uncouth Third World barbarocracies of Asia are ahead of the West, then I guess I should have a good laugh 😆

      Perhaps this list should give you a rough idea of who is civilised and who is uncouth:

      Europe is the most densly populated continent

      I guess YOU need to wake up! (Asia’s population density is considerably more than Europe’s. Do a little googling. Besides, European population is declining while the uncouth hordes of the savage parts of Asia are still breeding like rats.) Perhaps this map will help you wake up to the facts:

      And it’s not just about population, but average fertility rates as well. Every civilised place has achieved replacement rate or is below the replacement rate of 2.11 children per woman. On the other hand, the uncouth hordes still breed like pigs, posing a grave danger to the whole of humanity, both with their breeding rates and their sheer uncouthness.

      We in the so called west are drowning in sex ,drugs and booze.

      You meant “THEY in the so called west”, didn’t you? Despite your keyboard name, e-mail address and proxy IP, it’s SO easy to find out whether you’re from the West or not. I’m sorry, Brian(?), but I guess you need to try your little tricks on the uncouth fellows in your uncivilised country, they never work on those who are capable of seeing through crap.

  19. The Hannes says:

    Hey Earthling, I am glad to see that there are at least some people in other countries who started seeing past “mainstream media”. I moved to New Zealand with my family a couple of years ago and is still stunned that although (not to sure about my source or info) there are more South-Africans living here than Maori’s (indigenous pea brained people) most people still don’t believe you when you tell them about the atrocities and genocide happening in SA. I have always love the Sieners prophecy’s and followed them. But I recall that somewhere in an prophecy about WW3 he said something about SA would get a strong leader that would help the country out in its time of need. I’m just wondering if I miss read it and or if it is in the prophecy.

    • AfrikaanerKryger says:

      yes it stated that a old man with a white beard will come when the Afrikaner desperately needs him…but i myself live in New Zealand after leaving the land of my birth of Africa, i am the first in my families line in 300 years to move away and so much of me is lost due to this decision for to be a Afrikaner is to be in the land were your soul belongs but there is a purpose for everything in life and for us being away from our beloved motherland has its reason, just look at how people are noticing the events taking place there

  20. Jan Vorster says:

    The truth thru facts verified. Go to This is the best study made which will send you on the right path.

  21. Molly says:

    Very interesting conversations here on this site.

    I am a friend of the Mandela family and know he is still alive but too old and frail to
    ‘wrap’ that cretin Melema over the knickles. That was done by Zuma but unfortunately it is not going to to make any difference to that idot he is full of hatred for the ‘whites’ andwill do everything to churn up trouble for our country.
    I have a feeling he is gay as he is not interested in women !

  22. GUnther says:

    Watch me video.

  23. Samantha says:


    Prophecies from 1899 until his death in 1926:

    * The outcome of the Boer War.
    * The Great ‘Flu epidemic of 1918.
    * England’s loss of all her colonies.
    * Independence for Ireland.
    * The atomic disaster at Chernobyl on April 26 1986.
    * Lady Di’s death The divorce and tragic death of “a beautiful English Lady in a car accident who would be mourned by the whole world.”
    * Civil war in Bosnia.
    * Dr HF Verwoerd, former Prime Minister, will die at the hand of a close friend.
    * The release of Nelson Mandela by ex-President FW de Klerk.
    * The Necklace Murders by blacks against blacks
    * South Africa will be governed by a black government.

    Not fulfilled yet (scan the topics and read what you wish)

    * Japan will be destroyed by earthquakes.

    * Ethnical violence in Russia and Europe

    Actually, this does seem to be in formation. Muslims in Europe already are changing the population profile. They represent a different religion and a race (Arab) within Europe. Whatever they protest about, will affect the countries they are in. I expect them to turn Europe against Israel, which has been the object of their wrath for thousands of years.

    * Racial violence will explode worldwide at the turn of the century and start World War III, in which Germany and America will fight side by side.

    * Laser weapons?: It is a chilling experience to read about his predictions in 1920 of this coming Third and Final War at the beginning of the 21st century when the armies of the world will use what he called “terrible electrical rays that sow death and destruction from above and below, and soak the earth in blood”.

    • Tom David says:

      America has obviously developed many new technologies in the past 60 years. It’s unreasonable to believe that the 60 year old hydrogen bomb was our last major development when we have spent trillions of dollars in research since that time.
      Tom David

  24. Eric says:

    World War 3 (The Cold War)

    World War 4 (The War Of Terror)

    Mandela is going to die shortly, he will not make it past 100.

    Christianity is mixed with witchcraft, Jacob Zuma becomes a christian pastor.

    Jacob Zuma (Corrupt Rapist)
    False king, oh how I long for your demise.
    You raped a sister and covered up your prize.
    Oh false king, you got out of jail.
    one hundred million and you made the jive.
    I can not sleep or eat, or enjoy as I used to.
    Oh king, you praised the false G-d.
    You said you were a pastor, and you loved the word.
    But your actions show us you are a lying rapist
    A corrupt man without bound.
    Populist power with this you ascend.
    To the heights of office you dictated.
    Be sure king you will descend.

  25. Samantha says:

    There will never be a World War 4. World War 3 would be the final one.

  26. Nicolaas says:

    Bring it on! It it time for our generation to give something back. My only fear is that I won’t see the “promised land”

  27. Nicolaas says:

    And hopefully we (Boere) can also get rid of the Afrikaners…and yes, there is a big difference.

  28. Night Child says:

    To my Fellow South Africans:
    A civil racial war in South Africa has already started a few years ago, it just have not reached its peak. It’s sad you don’t see it, it is sad that you miss all the signs, all the events, all the death and destruction.
    I was born and raised in South Africa, and believe me I live with this war on a day to day basis, it is a reality to me. It is true I would say that some parts of South Africa is more sheltered against the war than other parts and then again, you get people that don’t even see what is going on, not because they are blind, but because they believe like a million others that if you ignore a problem, if you look past it it will not affect you.
    What will it take for you to wake up? A loved one getting murdered perhaps? Or a dark shadow hovering over your bed or even your baby’s bed with a gleaming blade?
    And all our glories government does is ignoring it or cover it up! Because it increases their social standards and their chances for re-elections amongst their followers.
    Is killing a 100 people today and another 100 tomorrow not a war that is only kept quiet or covered up, or even taking place so slowly that no one must suspect it? I mean how much do you want our population to suffer, to die, before YOU will consider this a war.
    You don’t start preparing for a grenade to go off only after the pin has already been pulled and the live grenade is already airborne, do you?
    It is good and well each and every one of you writes and speaks about predictions, but if worst comes to worst, will just discussing it save your lives? How will a couple of words protect you?
    Sorry I’m being such a horrible, rude person, but I love my country, I love my fellow Boere, be they English or Afrikaans. This, our faith is not something I would even wish for my worst enemy.
    But here I am, I have to look reality straight in the face, I have a 3 – 8 and ten years old to look out for, and I have already lost my husband to this war!
    Where will you draw the line?
    Is this war going to be each person for them self’s or are we going to come together as a race, unite as a strong legion?
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not racist, some of my best friends are black, but at this stage I have to look out for the well being of my 3 babies! I don’t care if I lose my life, I’m not scared of death, I have God in my life, all I want to insure is that my babies would be save.
    As any mother will understand, I will fight for them past my last breath. But I need help, I just want to know that I will not stand alone……….

    • Willie says:

      Goeie Nuus.


      Jesus sê: “Amen, Amen, Ek sê vir jou; as iemand nie weer gebore word nie, kan hy die koninkryk van God nie sien nie.
      “Amen, Amen, Ek sê vir jou; as iemand nie gebore word uit water en Gees nie, kan hy die koninkryk van God nie ingaan nie.” (Joh.3:3-5)

      Hier vra Nicodemus dieselfde vraag waaroor ons ook wonder; hoé kan iemand as hy oud is weer ‘n keer gebore word?
      Hoe kan God ‘n sondaar in sy koninkryk kry? Ons weet tenminste dat geen sonde ooit in die heilige koninkryk van die heilige God kan kom nie.

      Toe God die mense gemaak het, het Hy hulle gemaak na sy beeld en sy gelykenis; dit is twee dinge van God; Gees en siel. Siel is dieselfde woord as lewe; die mens is dus gemaak met die lewe van God, want God was sy Pa.

      Ons praat dus oor Lewe: die Lewe wat Jesus Christus IS. (1 Kor.2:2) “Want ek het my voorgeneem om niks anders onder julle te weet nie, as Jesus Christus, en Hom as gekruisigde.”

      Hierdie goeie nuus het met geen godsdiens of met geen kerklike leerstellings iets te doen nie; dit vra nie vir die goedkeuring of saamstem van enige mens, of van iemand se “siening” of teologiese opleiding nie.

      Dit is enkel en alleen ‘n feit; die waarheid wat God vir elke mens sê; dit is dié nuus wat elke mens op hierdie aarde moét hoor. Hierdie boodskap is die enigste werklike en betekenisvolle waarheid wat daar is vir elke mens—tot in ewigheid.

      Dis uiters noodsaaklik dat elke mens dit moet hoor; dit is die oplossing vir àlle probleme; dit is genesing vir elke siekte, vir enige mens; dit is die lewe wat Christus is.
      Dit is die evangelie; die krag van God tot redding vir elkeen wat glo.

      Dit het net enkel en alleen te doen met ‘n siel en sy God.

      Jesus sê: “Ek het gekom om te red wat verlore is.” Hierdie nuus is vir mense wat na God soek. In werklikheid soek elke mens na God, maar hy weet nie wàt hy soek nie; hy weet nie dat daardie leemte en verlange en soeke wat in sy hart is, die soeke is na God in Christus nie.

      Kom ons praat oor Lewe; ons praat oor die naamwoord: lewe. Nie die lewenswyse of die manier van lewe nie. Elke plant het iets in hom wat lewe is; gras het gras-lewe; die naamwoord lewe. In elke dier is daardie spesifieke soort dier se lewe; dit wat hom maak lewe binne in hom; dit wat sy liggaam lewendig maak.

      Toe God vir Adam ‘n liggaam uit die stof van die aarde gemaak het, was daardie liggaam ‘n volmaakte mens; maar heeltemal morsdood; hy het géén lewe in hom
      gehad nie. Totdat God sy eie Godlewe in hom ingeblaas het; toe eers was hy ‘n
      lewende mens; ‘n lewende siel; die liggaam het toe lewe in hom gehad.
      Toe was Adam ‘n menslike liggaam, met Godlewe in hom. Hy het nie plantlewe of dierlewe in hom gehad nie, ook nie menslewe nie want ‘n mens was nie sy Pa nie—hy het Godlewe in hom gehad.

      God het vir hierdie mens gesê dat die dag as hy van daardie sekere boom van kennis van goed en kwaad sou eet, daardie dag sal hy sekerlk sterwe. Hy het geëet en hy hét toe ook daardie dag gesterwe; hy het uit die Godlewe uit gesterwe en dit is vervang deur ‘n ander soort lewe; ‘n ander pa se lewe; die ander lewe se naam is SONDE.

      Toe het Adam nie meer God-lewe nie, maar sonde. Dit is die ander lewe; die God-lewe is terug na God toe en die sondelewe het sy plek ingeneem. Sonde. Dit is die soort lewe se naam. Daardie dag is hy in sonde gebore—die teenoorgestelde van wedergeboorte.
      Die gras se lewe se naam is graslewe; die dier se lewe se naam is dierlewe; die mens se lewe se naam is sonde.

      Jesus sê vir Nicodemus: “wat uit die vlees gebore is is vlees, en wat uit die Gees gebore is, is Gees.”
      Elke iets bring voort na sy eie soort; elke diersoort plant sy eie soort voort. As mens koring saai, kom daar nie sonneblom op nie, daar kom koring op; elkeen bring sy eie soort lewe voort.

      Presies so, plant die mens die mens voort; elkeen wat nà Adam as mens gebore word, het dus dieselfde soort lewe as Adam; sondelewe. Dis nie die werkwoord, die sonde wat hy doén nie, of die werke wat hy doen nie, dis die lewe wat hy IS. Die soort lewe wat hy gebore is, IS SONDE.

      Deur al die eeue het God se liefdehart gesmag daarna om die mens weer daar te kry waar Adam en Eva was voor die sonde; weer uit God gebore met God se lewe in hulle sondeloos en sonder kennis van sonde; heeltemal onskuldig en heeltemal rein. Sodat God met hulle kan gesels en by hulle kan kuier, soos Hy by Adam gekuier het—want God het die mens lief met ‘n ewige liefde.

      God het verskillende profesieë aangaande Jesus gegee, tot daar waar die tyd ryp was waar Hy Hom moes stuur. Toe doen Hy iets sò wonderbaar; Hy vorm die menslike liggaam uit die vrou, Maria, uit die maagd, en Hy neem weer sy Godlewe en sit dit binne-in daardie liggaam. Daar word weer op die aarde ‘n mens gebore met ‘n menslike liggaam, maar met die God-lewe in Hom.

      Jesus het nie die soort lewe met die naam van sonde in Hom gehad nie, want Hy was nie uit ‘n man gebore nie; Hy was nie van Adam afkomstig nie, so Hy het nie Adam se lewe gehad nie. “Heilige Gees het haar oorskadu;” Hy was die Saad van die vrou—soos God aan die begin gesê het. (Gen.3:15) hy was die volmaakte, sondelose mens.

      Maar dit het nog nie die ander mense verander nie; al die ander mense wat ooit gebore was, was van die sonde-lewe van Adam. Toe die tyd in God se tydtafel aanbreek waar die mensdom gestraf moes word vir hulle sonde, toe maak God vir Jesus sonde, om Hòm te straf in die plek van die mensdom.
      “Want Hy het Hom wat geen sonde geken het nie, sonde vir ons gemaak, sodat òns kan word geregtigheid van God IN Hom.” (2 Kor.5:21)

      Sonde is die lewe wat die mens het; die mens-lewe wat ons van Adam kry; nie die sondes wat hy doen nie, maar die sonde wat sy lewe IS; nie die dade nie; nie die leefwyse nie, maar die lewe-soort. Die soort lewe.

      Hierdie sonde het God vir Jesus gemaak. Hy het nie sonde gedoen nie; God het Hom die sondelewe van elke mens, van Adam af tot die laaste wat nog gebore sou word, gemaak.
      Die straf van die sonde is die dood. Nie die fisiese dood nie, maar die tweede dood; die poel van vuur. (Openb.20:6) Tog moet die mens eers fisies doodgaan voordat hy die straf van die sonde, die poel van vuur, kan ingaan. Toe straf God die sondelewe van die hele mensdom—in Christus.

      Jesus het die smart van géseling, van die doringkroon, van die spuug in sy gesig, van die spot en veragting, alles ter wille van my en van jou verduur. Ons het dit verdien, maar ons het dit nie net verdien nie, ons is daarvoor gebore—ons soort lewe moes gestraf word. Maar Hy het die straf van òns af weggeneem, op Hòm, sodat ons dit nie hoef te dra nie.

      In sy liggaam is elke wetsoortreding en sonde en elke siekte van elke mens ingeslaan. (1 Pet.2:24)
      Sy liggaam was deurgaans sondeloos en volmaak, want hy het die sondelose bloed van God in Hom gehad—dit is waarom sy bloed vir die hele mensdom se sonde kon betaal.
      Die Bybel sê die siel is in die bloed; dit beteken die lewe is in die bloed. Jesus het die God-lewe in sy bloed gehad—nie menslewe wat sonde is nie.

      Toe Jesus sy asem uitblaas, sê Hy: “Vader, in U hande beveel Ek My Gees.” Dit is: “Doen U met My Gees dit waarvoor Ek hier sterwe; dit wat U beplan het—om U wil te doen; Ek het gekom om U wil te doen.” (Heb.10:5-10)

      Sy volgelinge het sy liggaam in die graf gaan bêre, maar die Gees van Jesus het in die strafgerig ingegaan. Die geregtigheid van God, die wetsreg, die hooggereg, die onsigbare gereg van die ewigheid het in werking gegaan met daardie Gees van die Here Jesus Christus. In sy Gees het Hy die straf gedra van alle wetsoortreding wat ooit op hierdie aarde gepleeg is of gepleeg sou word—vir elke mens. (Heb.9:14)

      Jesus het vir Adam op Hom geneem Hy het vir Adam gesterwe, so Adam het in Hom gesterwe daardie dag. Hy het sonde, wetsoortreding, ongehoorsaamheid wat die sondelewe van Adam IS, geword, en daarvoor is Hy gestraf—daarvoor het Hy in die hel gaan brand; dit is die tweede dood.

      Daar is baie kinders van die Here wat sê Jesus was nie hel toe nie. Wel, as Hy nié hel toe was nie, dan moét ek hel toe gaan. Nie net omdat ek sonde-lewe gebore was nie, maar ook omdat ek die dade van sonde gedoen het—ek het die hel verdien. So, as Jesus nie in my plek hel toe is nie, dan moet ek nog hel toe gaan.

      As Jesus net vir my fisies gesterwe het, dan hoef ek nie meer fisies te sterwe nie; Hy
      het vir my al drie dode gesterwe; onthou, ek wàs reeds dood in sonde; toe moes Jesus eers die dood in sonde sterwe sodat Hy daar kon wees waar ek is, voordat Hy die fisiese dood kon sterwe, en daardeur was dit toe moontlik om ook die volgende dood in te gaan; die hel.
      Die eerste dood van die mens, is die dood wat Adam gesterwe het; dood in sonde, waar alle mense is wat uit Adam se bloed is; die tweede dood is waar die fisiese liggaam sterwe en die derde dood, is die hel.
      Omdat die mens reeds die “dood in sonde” (Efe.2:1) by Adam geërf het, het die mens nou nog twee dode daarna; die eerste dood is die fisiese dood en die tweede dood is die hel. Maar in werklikheid was dit drie dode; verstaan jy?

      Jesus het die straf van die sonde, my sonde-lewe, vir my gedra, en hoe dankbaar is ek!
      Jesus wou die sondelewe, wat duiwellewe is, doodmaak en uitwis; Hy kon nie elke mens gryp en die duiwellewe wat in elke mens is doodmaak nie. Hy kon ook nie die duiwel doodmaak en so die sondelewe wat hy is doodmaak nie—die mensdom was reeds honderd persent besmet.

      Toe dien Hy die duiwel die grootste slag toe; iets wat hom totaal onverhoeds betrap het; Hy, Jesus, word daardie sonde, die duiwellewe, en hy maak dit tot niet in die hel!

      Hy sê: “Niemand neem My lewe van My af nie; Ek het mag om dit af te lê en Ek het mag om dit weer op te neem.” Sò maak Hy die duiwel, wat mag oor die dood gehad het, tot niet deur die dood! (Heb.2:14)

      “Aangesien die kinders dan vlees en bloed deelagtig is, het Hy dit ook op dieselfde manier deelagtig geword, sodat hy, deur die dood hom tot niet kon maak wat mag oor die dood het—dit is die duiwel.” (Heb.2:14)

      Maar nou moet ons onthou; ék was die sonde-lewe wat Hy geword het; Hy het in werklikheid ék geword en dis vir MY wat Hy in die hel uitgebrand het. Ek is mét Hom gekruisig (Gal.2:20) en saam met Hom—IN Hom—hel toe; daar het Hy die sondelewe wat ék was uitgebrand, totdat die Reg van God tevrede gestel was; tot dit alles betaal en gestraf is. (Jes.53:5)

      Die doodstraf wat vir MY bedoel was, omdat ék die skuldige was, het HY gevat. Toe die hou val, spring Jesus voor my in en Hy vat MY hou!

      Wat ‘n Verlosser! Wat ‘n God om te dien!

      Toe alles wat sondelewe is uitgebrand was—soos die brandoffer van ouds, wat die voorspelling hiervan was, toe kristalliseer uit daardie verbrande as van my sondelewe, die suiwere Christus-lewe—en ek mét Hom! Hy staan op en ek met Hom! Suiwere Opstandingslewe van Christus.
      Al wat toe van MY oor is, is die suiwere opstandingslewe van Christus.

      Daarom is die nuwe lewe wat ek nà wedergeboorte het die opstandingslewe; die ewige Lewe. Toe is ek en jy, en elke ander mens, voor God geregverdig.
      Toe kom sy ewige Gees, sy suiwere opstandingslewe, terug in sy liggaam, en God sê vir Hom: “U is My geliefde Seun, vandag het Ek U gegenereer.”
      Gegenereer is geboorte gegee aan; daarom is Jesus die eerste in die wedergeboorte; soos elke normale geboorte, is die kop eerste gebore, daarna volg die liggaam. (Kol.1:15-20)

      Hierdie Opstandingslewe van Jesus Christus, die Geeslewe, is die àlles van God; dis alles wat God ooit gedoen het; alles wat God IS, die vervulling van sy hele plan.
      Nooit kan daar weer ‘n aanklag van enige mens of duiwel teen daardie opstandings-lewe van Jesus wees nie, want Hy het klaar betaal! Maar in die dood was Hy ék, gevolglik is dit ék wat klaar betaal het in Christus; dis ék wat in Hom opgewek is; dis ék wat nou daardie suiwere opstandingslewe het waarteen nooit weer ‘n klag kan wees nie! (Rom.8:1)

      Ons praat van die soort Lewe. Nou kom God met die uitnodiging vir elke mens, om wedergebore te word en deel te kry aan daardie nuwe lewe—en die ewige lewe te lewe in die koninkryk van God.
      Die sondelewe—wat elke mens se lewe is—kan nooit, nooit in die koninkryk van God ingaan of dit sien nie. Dit sê Jesus. (Joh.3:3-5)

      Die mens moet ‘n ànder lewe hê voordat hy in God se koninkryk kan ingaan; hy moet God se lewe in hom hê. Hy moet dus uit ‘n ander Pa gebore word om ‘n ander Pa se lewe in hom te hê—dié lewe wat hy van sy aardse Pa, van Adam, in hom het, kan nooit in God se koninkryk ingaan nie. Nét Gees kan; nie vlees nie.

      Nou roep God en Hy nooi elke mens: “Want so lief het God die wêreld gehad, dat Hy sy eniggebore Seun gegee het sodat elkeen wat in Hòm glo, nie verlore mag gaan nie, maar die ewige lewe kan hê.”

      Al wat JY moet doen, is om te glo en aan te neem wat Jesus klaar vir joù gedoen hét; JY hoef dit nie te doen nie; jy hoef nie “goed genoeg” te wees nie; Jesus het dit juis kom doen omdat jy nie goed genoeg kàn wees nie—dit gaan nie oor “goed genoeg” nie, maar oor ‘n ander soort lewe.
      Omdat ék sondelewe was, moes ek ‘n ànder soort lewe kry. Wat doen ek nou?

      Ek sien en erken ek is verlore met my sondelewe en ek bekeer my; ek draai òm van my lewenspad wat ek tot dusver geloop het, na Jesus toe—ek neem vir Jesus aan as my Verlosser en Saligmaker en my Here (Rom.10:10) en ek sê dit vir Hom: “Jesus, ek neem U aan as my Here.”

      Dan doen Heilige Gees self daardie heerlike werk van wedergeboorte van my gees en my siel—my lewe. Wanneer God sien hierdie mens is ernstig; hierdie mens wil ‘n nuwe lewe hê, die mens bedoel wat hy sê, dan vind die wedergeboorte plaas.
      Ek verloën die sonde-lewe wat ek het; ek vereenselwig my met sy kruisdood en ek sterwe uit die sonde-lewe uit om by Hom ‘n ander lewe te kry—die opstandingslewe van Christus wat God in my gee.
      Deur die bloed van Jesus; die lewe (siel) is in die bloed; deur Jesus se bloed in my het ek nou die nuwe lewe; die ewige lewe; geregtigheid.

      As dit moontlik was vir die wetenskap om ‘n skaap te neem, hom onder narkose te sit en sy skaaplewe uit hom uit te opereer, en terselfdertyd ‘n leeu se lewe in hom te plant en daardie skaap word wakker; wat is hy dan? Hy lyk nog nét soos ‘n skaap van die buitekant af—maar wat ‘n verrassing vir die ander skape! Hy IS nié meer ‘n skaap nie; hy is ‘n splinternuwe spesie, iets wat nog nooit vantevore was nie!

      Presies so werk dit wanneer jy met jou hele hart vir God aangryp as jy sien Jesus het dit klaar vir jou gedoen en jy WIL ‘n nuwe lewe hê.

      “Wat van die begin af was, wat ons gehoor het, wat ons met ons oë gesien het, wat ons aanskou het en ons hande getas het aangaande die Woord van die lewe—en die lewe is geopenbaar, en ons het dit gesien, en ons getuig en verkondig aan julle die ewige lewe wat by die Vader was en aan ons geopenbaar is.” (1 Joh.1:2)

      Jesus IS die Ewige Lewe wat geopenbaar is. Ek neem dus vir Jesus, die lewe, aan as my àlles; my Here, my Meester, my Verlosser. Dan doen God in een oomblik daardie operasie, want ek vereenselwig my met die kruisdood van Jesus.
      In een vlietende oomblik dood God die sonde-lewe, wat die mens-lewe is, uit my uit, en Hy plant die suiwere opstandingslewe, die ewige lewe wat Jesus is, in my in!
      So is ek dan ‘n menslike liggaam met God-lewe in my; die opstandingslewe van Christus wat binne in my lewe.

      Dit is wonderbaar! Slegs die Christuslewe, die wedergebore lewe alleen kan in God se koninkryk ingaan.
      Daar is géén ander metode nie!

      Dit gaan nie om hoe goed ‘n mens is nie; dit gaan nie om die dade wat jy doen nie; dit gaan om die soort lewe wat jy IS. Dit is die menslewe met die naam van sonde wat die mens se lewe IS omdat mens die sonde-lewe in die bloed van Adam in jou het, wat nie in die koninkryk van God kan ingaan nie.

      Iemand moet die Christuslewe hê om te kan ingaan.

      Dis nie hoe goed mens is nie; dis nie aan watter kerk jy behoort nie; dis nie of jy lidmaat is van ‘n kerk nie; dis nie hoe ver jy geleer het nie; dis nie hoe ryk of beroemd of hoog jy is nie; dis ook nie of jy predikant of bedelaar is nie; dit alles het totaal niks met die saak te doen nie.
      Al wat hiermee te doen het, is jy moet ‘n nuwe lewe in Christus hê.

      Die beste en hoogste en geleerdste mens wat ‘n skoon en “heilige” en voorbeeldige lewe lei, is steeds dood in sonde en totaal verlore; tot hy vir Jesus aanneem en deur die bloed van Jesus Christus wedergebore word met die nuwe lewe wat in die bloed van Jesus is—as hy nie wedergebore word nie, bly hy vir ewig verlore.

      Of jy ‘n Jood of Israeliet is, en of jy ‘n heiden is, dit het niks met die saak te doen nie. “Want in Christus het nòg die besnydenis, nòg die onbesnedenheid enige krag, maar ‘n nuwe skepsel.” Die nuwe lewe.

      My geslagsregister gaan net tot by Jesus Christus: Letta, dogter van Jesus Christus, Hy is die saad van Abraham; die Saad waaruit Abraham gegroei het. Géén ander geslagsregister tél nie; net dat ek uit Jesus Christus gebore is.

      Die wedergebore persoon gaan dan nié onder die Joodse wette in nie; hy is in Christus
      —die vervulling van die wet. Almal wat wedergebore is, is é1keen in Hom; ons is dieselfde geestelike liggaam, met Jesus as die Hoof.

      Stel jou voor; die Gees, die Opstandingslewe, is soos ‘n groot wolk, soos die teenwoordigheid van God in die Ou Testament voorgestel was. Elke mens wat wedergebore is, is deel van dieselfde geestelike wolk. Dis nie iets anders in die een en weer iets anders in die ander nie; elke mens wat wedergebore is, is een en dieselfde, want hy is die Opstandingslewe van Christus; hy is deel van die liggaam van Christus.

      ‘Want ons is almal ook deur een Gees gedoop tot een liggaam.” (1 Kor.12:13,14)

      Of iemand wat wedergebore is na MY sin goed genoeg is, tel nie. Of hy in enige ander mens se oë goed genoeg is, dit tel nie. Of ék hom aanvaar as deel van die liggaam, dit tel nie. Dit het niks met MY te doen nie; dit het niks met enige derde persoon te doen nie; dit het net te doen met die Hoof van die liggaam, Jesus Christus.

      Mense dink dat die ewige lewe ‘n tydperk is waarop jy hoop, of wat jy eendag sal ingaan na jy dood is. Nee. Die ewige lewe is die naam van die soort lewe wat Christus IS. (1 Joh.5:20) “Jesus Christus, Hy is die waaragtige God en (Hy is) die ewige lewe.”

      Die oomblik wanneer iemand wedergebore is, lewe hy die ewige lewe, want dit is die lewe wat die pas-geborene van sy nuwe Pa het; die lewe is in die bloed van die Pa. Die ewige lewe is nie ‘n hoop nie, dis ‘n werklikheid vir nou.

      Saam met Hom opgewek, saam met Hom laat sit in hemelse plekke. (Efe.2:6) Nou is jy één Gees met Christus; been van sy been en vlees van sy vlees. (1 Kor.6:17) “Wie die Here aanhang, is een Gees met Hom.” (Efe.5:20) “Want ons is lede van sy liggaam, van sy vlees en van sy bene.”

      Ons het dus dieselfde Naam as Hy; ons is nou uit ‘n ander Vader gebore; soos ons die naam van ons aardse Pa gedra het, so dra ons nou die Naam van ons hemelse Vader.

      Daarom moet jy ingedoop word in die nuwe Vader se Naam. Jesus gee opdrag en sê: “Gaan maak dissipels van alle nasies en doop hulle in die Naan van die Vader en van die Seun en van die Heilige Gees.”
      Daar moet dus ‘n Naam wees wat die Naam is van die Vader, want “vader” is nie ‘n naam nie, dis ‘n aanspreekvorm.
      Daar moet ook ‘n Naam wees wat die Naam is van die Seun, want seun is ook nie ‘n naam nie.
      Daar moet ook ‘n naam wees wat die naam is van die Heilige Gees, want Heilige Gees is ook nie ‘n naam nie.

      Ons weet dat die apostels verstaan het wat Jesus sê, en dus tot op die letter gehoorsaam was aan sy opdrag, so daarom het hulle gedoop in die NAAM van Jesus Christus. (Hand.2:38)

      Daardie ou sondelewe word dan deur die doop begrawe in die dood; as iemand dood is, moet hy begrawe word. Daaruit staan hy dan op in ‘n nuwe lewe. (Rom.6:4) Die nuwe lewe is die opstandingslewe van Jesus Christus; die ewige lewe.
      Dit is die loot wat God in ‘n ander wynstok inent; wanneer hy van sy eerste wynstok afgesny word, is hy dood vir daardie tydperk wat dit duur totdat hy weer in die nuwe wynstok ingeënt is—die nuwe Wynstok is Jesus Christus—en dan begin die nuwe lewe van die nuwe wynstok sirkuleer deur daardie loot—en hy lewe weer.

      Heilige Gees leer en lei ons in die hele waarheid, en Hy herinner ons aan alles wat Jesus vir ons gesê het. (Joh.16:26. 1 Joh.2:27) Ons lewe nou dit wat Jesus deur sy Gees vir ons sê.

      Met die doping met Heilige Gees wat jy as geskenk van God kry omdat jy nou sy kind is wat uit sy bloed gebore is, (Hand.20:28) ontvang jy krag om van Jesus ‘n getuie te wees; jy gaan vertel vir die ander mense ook hierdie baie goeie nuus—en die Gees werk saam met hierdie woord wat jy verkondig.

      Daarvoor hoef jy nie te gaan leer nie; as jy gedoop is met Heilige Gees, dan hét jy die toerusting om dissipels te maak. JY lewe die Woord en dit werk vir joù; jy vertel die Woord vir ander en elkeen wat dit ook doen, vir hom werk dit ook.

      Jy bid nie vir krag nie, jy gee krag. “Die evangelie is krag van God tot redding vir elkeen wat glo.” (Rom.1:16) Jy géé die evangelie en God se krag werk sy wil.
      God gee ons die bediening van versoening; ons gaan vertel vir elke mens hierdie goeie nuus, dat God reken sy sonde nie meer vir hòm toe nie, want Jesus het dit klaar betaal.
      Ons doen goed aan alle mense, want ons het die lewe van Christus in ons.

      Let mooi op; ons probeer nie om soos Jesus te wees en te lewe nie; ons doen en lewe sy Woord en Hy lewe IN ons; ons IS deel van sy liggaam. ‘n Leeu hoef nie te probeer om soos ‘n leeu te wees nie; hy is sommer net ‘n leeu!

      Elke dag delf ons dieper in sy woord, en elke dag leer Heilige Gees ons net meer van die waarheid; ons groei daagliks, terwyl ons die onvervalste melk uit die Woord kry en spoedig die vaste spyse by Hom begin eet—deur Heilige Gees, uit die Woord.

      Die lewende Christus lewe noù IN ons; Hy is nie iemand wat 2000 jaar gelede dood is en nou “iewers in die hemel” sit en ons moet hier op die aarde sukkel en onder mekaar stry en elkeen moet maar sien kom klaar nie.

      Alles behalwe. Die lewende Christus woon noù hier IN ons deur sy Gees en ons hoef nie te wonder oor iets in die Bybel nie, ons vra net vir Hom. Praat met Hom; gesels met Hom soos jy met jou beste vriend gesels, aanhoudend. Hy word nie vir jou moeg nie; Hy het jou lief; Hy gee om.

      Baie gou sal jy leer om te “hoor” as Hy met jou praat; jy hoef nie die beste voet voor te sit en ‘n ander stem op te sit as jy met Hom praat nie; Hy kén jou; Hy is altyd IN jou en by jou; moenie probeer voorgee wat jy nie is nie; Hy is jou lewe.

      Mense dink—en dit word vir hulle so geleer—dat hulle in Jesus se teenwoordigheid kom as hulle in die kerk kom—en dan weer uit sy teenwoordigheid as ons by die huis is; dan kan jy ontspan! So iemand ken nie die noù-Jesus wat jou lewe is nie. Jy kom nie op sekere plekke en by sekere geleenthede in die teenwoordigheid van jou lewe nie, en dan gaan ontspan jy wanneer jy weer uit jou lewe se teenwoordigheid uit is nie; jou lewe is mos jou lewe binne-in jou!

      Ons kàn nie uit sy teenwoordigheid wees nie; selfs as iemand nog nie vir Christus as sy lewe het nie, is hy ook nooit uit die teenwoordigheid van Christus nie—dis tyd dat mense dit besef; God is altyd oral.

      Dit is so heerlik om te weet dat jy altyd in Jesus se teenwoordigheid BLY; jy kan nie uit sy teenwoordigheid kom nie, want jy bly daar. Ons is in sy koninkryk in gebore; ons delf en ondersoek en lewe daarin—en ons groei na sy beeld, van heerlikheid tot heerlikheid—ewig met Hom in sy koninkryk, in hemelse plekke.

      Veronderstel jy ry op ‘n pad en jy is van plan om ‘n paar kilometer vorentoe by ‘n afrit links af te draai, om oor die brug te gaan, na jou bestemming toe. Ek is jou vriend en ek is in ‘n helikopter bokant jou en met jou in verbinding.
      Skielik waarsku ek jou en sê jy moet oplet na ‘n modderpaadjie wat ongeveer honderd meter vorentoe slaplinks uitdraai, jy moet dit vat, dit bring jou weer later by die afrit. Voor in die teerpad is ‘n obstruksie en die pad is tydelik gesluit.

      Jy sal my onmiddelik glo en sonder om een keer te twyfel, my instruksies volg. Hoekom? Omdat jy weet ek kan sien waar jy nie kan sien nie.

      Maar vir God, wat vir ons instruksies gee vanuit sy alsiende posisie, glo mens nie. Daarom wat jy jou so dikwels vasloop en in die moeilikheid beland. Om God se woord te lewe en te doen is lewe en sukses—in enige rigting.

      Nou kom ons weer terug by lewe; die sondelewe wat in die bloed van Adam is, is die boom van sonde, en die sondes wat die mens doen, is die dorings wat aan die boom groei.
      ‘n Doringboom dra dorings juis omdat hy ‘n doringboom is; die mens doen sondes soos moord en vloek en suip, juis omdat hy sonde IS. Die sondelewe is die boom; die sonde-werke is die dorings.

      Mense dink as hulle geeneen van hierdie sigbare sondes doen nie en ‘n goeie lewe lei en gereeld kerk toe gaan, dan is hulle goeie voorbeeldige “Christene” en reguit op pad hemel toe.

      Dit sal nie help vir iemand om die dorings almal af te knip en vir hom paar plastiese vye aan die takke op te hang nie—dit bly steeds ‘n doringboom. Hierdie boom moet met wortel en tak uitgekap en in die vuur gegooi word, en ‘n vyeboom moet in daardie grond geplant word—‘n vyeboom kan onmoontlik nie dorings dra nie. Lees daaroor in Jak.3:12.

      Iemand wat nog nie wedergebore is nie, is dood in sonde; sy gees kan nooit sterwe nie, maar sy “siel” is dood in sonde; die Bybel sê: “Die siel wat sondig moet sekerlik sterwe.” Onthou, Adam se siel het gesterwe uit God uit; sy hele nageslag is nou dood in sonde. (Efe.2:1)
      Die gees was die baas oor die siel en die liggaam, maar met die sonde waar die siel gesterwe het, het die siel toe die oorhand gekry oor die gees, en daarvandaan heers die siel met sy menslike Kennis van goed en kwaad toe oor die gees en die liggaam.
      Daardie goeie “Christen” wat soveel goeie werke doen en so vir mense preek en wat nie wedergebore is nie, omdat hy dink hy is goed genoeg, kyk na hom: hy is dood.
      Hy is verlore. Hy bly dood en verlore totdat hy miskien eendag vir Jesus aanneem as Here, en dan deur die bloed van Jesus weer gebore word met die nuwe Pa se bloed in hom.
      As hy egter nie weer gebore word nie, en hy sterwe, dan is hy verlore—soos hy hier op die aarde verlore is; dan gaan hy hel toe—sy gees met sy dooie siel. Die gees kan nooit sterwe nie, maar die siel is dood en lewe dus nie vir ewig nie! Daarom is dit die tweede dood; die siel het gesterwe met die sonde van Adam, en die siel bly dood tot in ewigheid; dan is hy vir ewig dood; verlore weg van God af.

      Met wedergeboorte word die siel (die lewe) gered en lewe hy dan vir ewig met die ewige lewe wat hy van sy nuwe Pa kry. “En die einddoel van julle geloof, die saligheid van julle siele verkry.” (1 Pet.1:9) Ons lees nooit êrens in die Bybel dat die gees gered moet word of dat die gees wedergebore word nie.
      Oorspronklik is dit nie die gees wat uitgesterwe het uit God nie; dit is die siel. Die gees en die siel is die beeld en gelykenis van God; die gees is onsterflik; dis die siel wat gesterwe het en dus dood is in sonde. (Efe.2:1)
      God sê: “Die siel wat sondig moet sekerlik sterwe.” Nie die gees wat sondig nie.

      Jesus sê: “Wat baat dit die mens as hy die hele wêreld wen maar aan sy siel skade ly? Of wat sal ‘n mens gee as losprys vir sy siel?” (Matt.16:26)

      Wanneer iemand deur God wedergebore word en die nuwe lewe wat in die bloed van Jesus is in hom lewe, dan is sy siel gered; dan het hy die saligheid van sy siel verkry. (1 Pet.1:9)

      Mense dink die gees word gered en die siel is maar net die “verstand” en sintuie van die mens. Die siel van die mens is die lewe; die Godlewe wat Adam gehad het was die God-siel.
      Sy siel het uit die God-siel (God-lewe) uitgesterwe toe hy ongehoorsaam was, en toe is hy nie meer “’n lewende siel” nie, maar ‘n dooie siel. Hy was dood in sonde—met sy hele nageslag. (Gen.2:7. Efe.2:1)

      Die mens se brein is deel van die sterflike liggaam; die siel van die mens is gesetel in die brein-gedeelte van die liggaam, dis spesiaal so gemaak, atoom vir atoom, om die ingewikkelde siel te huisves. Die siel bewoon nie nét die brein nie, maar die hele totale liggaam, want die siel is in die bloed, en die bloed is oral.Die gees van die mens bewoon die “hart” sowel as die brein—gees en siel is nie geskei nie. (Heb.4:12)

      Daarom, wanneer Jesus deur wedergeboorte die mens se siel red en die mens die nuwe siel (lewe) in hom kry deur die bloed van Jesus, dan is die mens totaal gered en genees en verlos—sover as wat daardie bloed kom; gees, siel en liggaam. Dit moet net verkondig word, dat mense dit kan weet en glo.

      • Julia says:

        thanks for this beautifully written letter. My faith has been strengthened and encouraged by your words.
        I can only say AMEN

  29. Whoknowsreally says:

    In short Siener van Rensburg said:
    When the ice melts……Japan earthquakes……, 3 blue(German) letters arrives at the SA parlement .

    (Note another prophet “Brandt” saw “XL” (forty) in the sky. This could be 2040 , 1994+40 , fortieth president etc. Many possibilities exist to justify the events the prophets foresee , eventually. Do not try to use the prophets predictions to know when it is going to happen. Rather use their words as warnings and be prepared when it happens and try to prevent other people using the prophets words as fuel for their unrelated anger or fear to incite people)

    For those that do not know the weapons and ammunition the south africans used in their war was from Germany most likely funded and paid for by the Kruger millions everyone is now still looking for. The German people were one of the few european nations that objected to the genocide of the South Africans by the British.The original terrible “idea” of concentration camps came from the British. They kept quite later for fear of other implications. .

    • Boer says:

      It appears that you posted on 23 Feb? Japan earthquakes…??? How did you know there will be earth quakes a couple of weeks after you posted this?

      Can you send some links with proof of the “ice melt” and “Japan earthqaukes” visions?

    • Stretch says:

      It is written that Siener said that “Japan” will be devastated by earthquakes. Siener not being a well traveled nor educated man probably had no idea where Japan is. His prophecy more than likely is aimed at a nation or region which in this case is the remaining islands of a land mass between New Zealand and mainland China. Just as interesting are his Prophecies for America and England, England destroyed by floods and America by financial collapse and war.
      Whoknowsreally, just a quick note on the Kruger Millions, Siener said that the gold will be rediscovered in South Africa when the need for funding is most critical.
      Increasing natural disasters, war, poleshift and the coming of planet X ? Looks to me like the proverbial paw paw is about to strike the fan, better hold on to your hats.

    • John says:

      I always understood that it was the German Emperor, Wilhelm II, who suggest the idea of concentration camps to the British. Was that not so?

    • Safighter says:

      Hi.. That XL, I believe is X-10th month(October) and L-30th.

  30. Whoknowsreally says:

    When the ice melts…(check)Japan earthquakes……(check)…, ….. 3 blue(German) letters ……. Not yet.

    Are you ready!

    • Whoknowsreally,

      Wow!!! How could you possibly know that Japan would be ravaged by earthquakes two weeks before the event actually took place??? Earthquakes occur frequently in Japan but the Japanese people are thoroughly prepared and adequately trained to deal with such an event and usually manage to minimise loss of life and property to a great extent.

      It’s only when an exceptionally bad quake occurs that the Japanese suffer terrible losses – like this one when the 9.0 quake combined with the giant tsunami and the nuclear disaster to inflict unimaginable horror on the unfortunate Japanese people.

      Is this the quake that Siener was referring to? If this is it, then the days of calamitous global events are not too far away. Considering that events are rapidly developing in the Middle East, they could very well light the explosive powder keg the region is sitting upon and drag the entire world into the conflict. And lest I forget, Nelson Mandela’s health is deteriorating by the day to the point where it is being kept as a secret.

      And what are those 3 German letters you are referring to? It looks like you know a lot more about Siener’s prophecies than I could find on any website. Could you give some links to good sites on the web where they deal with Siener van Rensburg’s prophecies, please (even if they are in Afrikaans)?

  31. Smartiebox says:

    Hello AAE

    Some of Siener’s mother’s ancestors were French Huguenots and one thinks of the clairvoyant abilities of the Camissards of Southern France during the religious wars in previous centuries.

    According to AWG Raath in his book about the prophet and the Rebellion of 1914, Van Rensburg saw seven plagues coming over Great Britain, the Third World War being number five. Ultimately Britain will be plagued by great floods, which might sound melo-drammatic to some. However, with the effects of global warming (the past decade was the hottest in recorded history), melting of ice in Greenland, rising sea levels and a possible shift of the planet’s poles this might not be that far-fetched.

    In my opinion certain people are given the ability to read the future as a warning and also to give hope in times of trouble. In Zephaniah 3 there are predictions about the lost children of Israel beyond the rivers of Kush (Ethiopia) that will bring their offering in the end of days – this might indicate that the southern African continent has a specific purpose in divine planning. People are being purged right now and will eventually be spiritually stronger if they learn to search for the Light within and not rely on man-made thought systems of which the country has also seen too much.

    • Thank you, Smartiebox!

      I too believe some people do have a genuine ability to look into the future, but it is very rare and there are many fakes who claim to possess such an ability and use it to make a quick buck by deceiving the gullible ones.

      Seiner certainly seems to be one of those very rare ones who could actually look into the future and warn his people of the events that were going to take place.

      You mentioned Great Britain would be struck by seven great plagues with WW III being number 5. What are the other ones? I certainly wouldn’t rule out the possibility of Britain being destroyed by catastrophic floods, though it seems far-fetched at this point.

      Yes, there is a definite possibility that Southern Africa would play an important role as a place of survival and refuge for the remaining people on Earth after the big “events”. In the short-term the region seems like one of the most hellish places on Earth with all its problems, but in the event of a planet-shaking nuclear WW III accompanied by unimaginable natural catastrophes, the southern part of Africa would be one of the rare, relatively safe places in the world that a person can find oneself in.

    • John says:

      Ethiopia had a large Jewish population until about twenty years ago. They claimed that the first Emperor of Ethiopia, Menelik, was a son of the Queen of Sheba, Makeda, and King Solomon and had brought the Jewish religion with him. With the advent of Christianity in Egypt, many Ethiopians converted, but many did not. The Jews there largely emigrated to Israel when the last emperor, Haile Selassie, was overthrown in 1974.
      Perhaps these are Lost Children of Israel beyond the rivers of Kush.
      By the way, the so-called “Apartheid regime” of the last white government in SA was renowned for being one of the least corrupt in the world. It maintained justice for all races, and even gave up large tracts of the most fertile parts of the country to the tribes which had previously populated them (it should be remembered that most of SA is non-arable and that was retained by the white government, giving rise to the outraged cries that “most of the country is ruled by whites”). This government was certainly acutely aware of protestant Christian principles.
      The leftist press of the Western World followed the Communist line on the “homelands” and refused to recognise them diplomatically. However, such recognition was accorded by Malawi, for instance, a black African republic where the facts were better known.

  32. Smartiebox says:

    The 7 were:
    1 The loss of Britain’s colonies
    2 The US “devours” the UK financially
    3 The UK is flooded with emigrants from Africa
    4 Civil unrest in the UK
    5 Third World War
    6 Britain’s navy is paralyzed
    7 Floods in the UK

    This was how this author reported it. I haven’t verify the original sources.

  33. Mario says:

    There is a complete translation in English but it costs around 60 pounds, I have a pdf with all the 700 prophecies in Afrikaan..
    Let me know if you want a copy

  34. Smartiebox says:

    haven’t verified, sorry.

  35. John Love says:

    and he said that we would have LOTS of trouble with Chinese and also black civil disobedience and that whites will be terribly opressed WHEN THE ICE MELTS.

    China is invading our country economically and they already are the ones creating chaos in Zimbobwe next door……

    Read on……

  36. Thats all there is to it says:

    I have had an interest in prophecies for several years now (Irlmair, Cayce, Johansson, Baba Vanga, etc.) and, while looking deeper into Van Rensburg, I stumbled upon this website.

    Whatever happens, and WW3 within a couple of years being a distinct possibility, I am astounded by the absurd level of hypocrisy on this blog.

    The western, aka “civilised”, countries are responsible for the ravaging of resources in our world, the slaughtering and enslaving of Africans and American Indians after invading other continents, and are now decrying that “uncivilised” people immigrate. Not only that, but because of the resource-plundering lifestyle of the West we are now teetering on the edge of economic and ecologic collapse. Laughable and utterly moronic.

    Boers and Afrikaners on here are even worse, as they have the nerve to say “I am not racist, but…”. Well, the most widely heard argument in Europe in reply to Muslims is: “If you don’t like it here, return to whence you came from.” I suggest that Boers and Afrikaners should return to the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. Maybe they should’ve just behaved as guests like they are and always will be in SA.

    If this is any indication of what white South Africans think then I am appalled by their glaring lack of reasoning capabilities.

    BTW, there are a lot of other “Sieners” or seers around. Many predict a short-time technological deterioration to the levels of the 19th century after WW3. The reliance on a single source may come to haunt you.

    Good luck anyway.

    • Dutch Uncle says:

      The difference here is the origin of the visions……from the Creator God and not a divining spirit. That is why his predictions are 100% accurate, despite the inaccuracy of wannabe interpreters.

      As for racism, none on earth are as racist as black Africans. You must see how they oppress another and discriminate against each other, how the small San bushmen, for instance, or the Nama people are being oppressed by taller ethnic groups. The San and Nama are also few in numbers whilst their oppressors are in their millions.

    • Proudly Afrikaans says:

      Firstly, we are not guests in our own country, blacks and muslims that move to Europe were not born there, secondly we were born here and our ancestors were here before most of the blacks that are here now, the only original people were the San and Khoi.
      We are not racist my friend, the blacks are more racist than you will ever know, for years even during Apartheid, many whites were helping them, many were against it, and still today we are the ones they run to for help and the rest of the white world, yet they hate us so much. Maybe you need to educate yourself on the history of our country before you so blatantly call us racists or for having a lack of reasoning capabilities. There was nothing in this country when we arrived, for people with a lack of reasoning, we sure built this country up to what it was till 1994.
      We will NEVER be guests in our OWN country, this is our country of birth.

  37. Umlungu says:

    God speaks to me in dreams in the same way and a similar level of accuracy. I must point out that I have no control over this and that it isn’t a capability of reading/analysing the future. It is simply an impartation by God, an epihpany. No man can ever have this kind of foresight on his own. The purpose is to warn so that we can be prepared.

  38. martina says:


  39. “Amongst his last prophecies he said that when it becomes cold in South Africa like it hasn’t been for years, a national strike will take place which will cripple the country. At this time a prominent political figure in our country will die and he will be placed in a glass coffin so people will mourn for him 7 days. He says the strike will not cease and lead to civil war and when this politician dies the black people in our country will within an hour of his death barricade the main cities and slaughter all the white people. He says at this time Europe will start to boil and WW3 will come on the heels of these events.”
    All I can say is it’s a HELLUVA LOT COLDER THAN IT’S BEEN FOR MANY YEARS in SA right now……. and the strikes are mounting as they do every year at this time…

  40. Oortijies says:

    EA:- Interesting Blog.
    Glad to see there are people outside SA that use their grey matter and don’t except every thing as gospel. There is a lot of people even in SA that sees “god Madiba” as the christ of this age, here is some thing I have seen on the net, and this came from an outsider that I would like to share here.
    Mandela – Although his supporters glorify Mandela, who he is and what he stands for is not worthy of glory. Since he took power, his country has the highest crime rates in the world, and there is reverse apartheid with a vicious murderous twist, sanctioned by the government. While before there was just issues of equal education or voting, murderous rampages occur to kill all white Christians. He is an evil leader and NOTHING like Martin Luther King. King had morals, Mandela doesn’t. Under Mandela, the Boer Christians are being persecuted, murdered, and their farms taken. Mandela is a murderer.
    He has achieved next to nothing in his relatively short political career which saw South Africa rapidly decline to the status of the world’s most violent and crime-ridden country, and, to add to the confusion, his greatest friends are communists and dictators like Fidel Castro, Moammar Qaddafi, Yasser Arafat and Saddam Hussein. His ex-wife Winnie Mandela, whom he quickly jettisoned when it became clear she was a considerable embarassment to his political career, is a self-confessed advocate of terrorism and violence and has even committed murder.
    In his public statements and speeches Mandela is always critical of the democratic countries of the west, but has nothing but praise for the remaining communist dictatorships of the world. He condemns mistakes and controversial policies of the west, but refuses to publicly condemn the genocides and brutal repression of current or former communist countries; he is supposedly a “champion of freedom and democracy”, the “hero of oppressed people everywhere” but considers dictatorships like Cuba and Libya shining beacons of freedom and justice…
    He was himself originally incarcerated, not for his political views, but for involvement in 23 different acts of sabotage and conspiring to overthrow the government. He and his fellow conspirators of the ANC and the South African Communist Party were caught by the police while in the possession of 48,000 Soviet-made anti-personnel mines and 210,000 hand-grenades!*
    Winnie Mandela has been equally fulsome in her praise of Communism and violence.
    Mandela the right to hold views opposed to a war on Iraq, but he is here revealing his own racist attitude to world politics – only white leaders are a threat to peace,
    His views are always anti-American and pro-Communist. He is an evil leader.
    Also a prophesy for SA For All Those Depressed:-

    Sent by Pastor Amaka Abe from Nigeria.

    I spent my time praying one early morning while travelling in

    Nigeria. Suddenly I was in the spirit and I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit.

    “Write down what you are about to hear.”

    Suddenly I saw the globe and the continent of Africa was in front of me. I saw myself walking from the South to the North. Everywhere my feet fell, I saw rings similar as when a stone is thrown into a pond. These rings went from South Africa all over the continent of Africa, the sea and to the other parts of the world. I asked the Spirit what the meaning of this was and this is what the Holy Spirit told me.

    “The rings you see are the healing, saving and miracle power that will start from the Southern tip of Africa. This will be a mighty outpouring of my Spirit and many will come running into my Kingdom. AFRICA WILL BE SAVED!!.

    Many people from all over the world will come to experience the power of God. You will see things you have never seen before. THIS IS NOT THE SO CALLED END TIME MOVE, but this is a move where sons of God will raise up and take their rightful place.”

    As I moved to the North, these rings just increased in magnitude and as I stepped into Israel, I turned around and looked back to Africa. I stood amazed as I saw the cross over Africa. The foot of the cross grounded in South Africa, the left and right arms on the horn of Africa and on the Western coast of Africa and the top of the cross on the North edge. Suddenly the Spirit spoke to me again……

    “My time is now, where I will make My Word come true, Africa will be saved and this Gospel of the Kingdom of God will go from South Africa to the rest of the world. From now on Africa will evangelize the world, and this initiative I will start from South Africa. The best time in the Spirit is on your doorstep South Africa, now you will see My power and love in action. In the darkest moment My light will shine and no darkness will quench it. I’m raising sons who will stand on My Word and will proclaim what I say.

    Do not let your heart be troubled, don’t flee South Africa; God will bring the knowledge back to South Africa. A white cloud (Gods Glory) is rising from the South and the Glory of the Lord will cover the earth.”

    About 3 months later, one morning in a church service, I was caught up in the Spirit again and God showed me another vision. This was strange because I have NEVER experience such visions before.

    This is the vision: I was sitting in an aeroplane and had a window seat. We were flying very high, as if we were in outer space. As I looked out of the window, suddenly I saw a giant cross. Behind the cross I saw the globe and again the continent of Africa was facing me. Suddenly the cross fell down and as I watched it, I saw it was on its way to the earth.

    The cross went straight to the Southern tip of Africa and it pecked itself in the Southern tip of Africa. Again I saw the rings as when you throw a stone into the water. I heard the same voice saying, “That is my healing and miracle power that will flow from South Africa to the rest of the world. It will start there. I have a plan and no one will stop me”. Suddenly I saw the Southern tip of Africa becoming blood red and it moved upwards into Angola, DRC, Nigeria till it covered the whole of Africa. Again I heard the voice of the Spirit, “I will move mightily and soon you will taste My might and see what I have in store for My children. It is time for the Spirit-filled to come together as one. Don’t look to colour, for this move is not prejudice. Change your minds and seek Me with all of your hearts. It is time to leave your petty arguments and seek My face”, says the Lord, “for I have a plan. I am about to bless My people abundantly more than what they can think. Supernaturally you will experience My provision. Be faithful with what I give and I will open for you a window of heaven”.

    This word must reach each and every South African. Send it to the South Africans overseas. Be sure, God has chosen this nation to show the world what and who He is. Send this to your friend, pray together and help us as South Africans to call Gods Word into action. Families, call on the Lord, seek His face and He will heal your houses, your businesses, your government and your churches and you will live in peace and no harm will come to you.

    He knows the plans He has for us, plans of a great future and of a good hope. In Jesus Name, AMEN.

    This was received in the year 2011.

  41. J Ayl says:

    He said he saw things which he wanted kept secret – I wonder what those things were (only Boy Mussmann knows…?) Pole shift I wonder?

  42. Ladysphinx says:

    This is a link to a PDF file that has all the prophesies of siener van Rensburgs that is daughter wrote down they are pretty hard to read but hopefully someone will find it worth the while to look at them.

    Click to access Siener.pdf

  43. I love it whenever I happen about a remarkable together with effectively designed page such as your own. This page has made one think which isn’t normally so simple! Thanks a lot for all your remarks and I also want to get back to learn more of whatever you come up with. Many thanks and also have a awesome year.

  44. Raymond Winter says:

    Malema is the agent of Mugabe to carry out a Mugabe agenda that will lead to making south africa a failed state like zimbabwe.
    It can be then that south africa will cry for sane government & a return to civilized conduct
    Fools follow a foolish leader & deserve what they will get but ubfortunately taking down the rest of us with them.

  45. Tom David says:

    I have a pdf in both English and Afrikaans of all of Siener van Rensburg’s prophesies, if anyone wants to read them for free. Just send an e-mail to:
    Tom David

  46. i love this article.i hope i can read more of your work, keep it up!

  47. aerynrein says:

    If you’re interested in prophecy… this book is worth the read…

    Seeding the Mass Consciousness to Heal Earth’s Mental Body:
    The third volume of The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies completes a trilogy which first appeared in 2002. In this volume, Dr. Mau focuses on the next fifty years and the great cosmic healing of the earth’s badly damaged mental body and the role the Spiritual Regions will play in leading humanity out of the chaos of the economic depression and the coming earth changes. Finally, he offers advice on how to navigate through the present turmoil as well as how to develop spiritual discernment to avoid being led off the Path. Volume 3 points to the future and suggests how to cope with the tumultuous events ahead of us.

  48. Shawn says:

    Good day to all, the afrikaaners in South Afrika are only a handfull of people. Belief in Siener’s visions. They are not just dreams.

  49. Ben says:

    The reason prophecies do happen is to warn people and give advice and hope when things become tough. Siener’s were based on a sense of justice and were not necessarily race-orientated, but naturally focused on his own people as they were unjustly suffering as an effect of the Anglo-Boer War where 27 000 women and children died and where Boers’ farms were burnt down and cattle killed. This would have a crippling effect till today. The quote from the Nigerian pastor above I find interesting: only through the Spirit can people realize their destiny and no man-made policy or social structure is perfect. Today 54% of deserving young Afrikaans speaking children don’t get bursaries to study at university and it is quite a battle to survive. Those who treated people from other races better prior to 1994 seem to fare better, but the reality of trusting the Spirit provides quite a challenge in today’s South Africa.

  50. Willem Engelbrecht says:

    Interesting phenomenon, reading the blocs every body want answers. And yet it is given but not believed. Why? Is it so difficult to see? When a prophet visions and warnings came real why do so many still ponder?

    We all want truth but if we believe that all will come true then we must be afraid. We have to look at our own and that is why we tend to question the truth. Because the words attack us it scrutinise our being and will to live a live we want. The words off GOD himself stand to judge us if we dare to believe.

    Sadly the words are true, I wanted to read the visions but GOD kept it from me till many years later. In the meantime GOD spoken to me numerous times so today I can say GOD said and not I read!.

    When you are told that the book ( JESAJA) ( Forgive I do not know the English chapter) will tell you the path off South Africa will you believe? Well it is true want to know what South Africa will become read this in the BIBLE and see the word off GOD as it came true and will be true.

    I can tell you that there will be war in South Africa , There is so many that I have been told my only word will be let the words off GOD be the words off GOD amen. I do not yet understand all I have been given by GOD as I am leaving it in God’s hands I slowly see what we will encounter and where we will go. I am being taught by GOD so let God’s words be as God’s words is amen.

  51. Deon says:

    Hi Frik Pretorius

    I personsally do not know if there was a prophecy by Siener van Rensburg about the “Night of the long knifes”, but about 2 years ago there was a news bulletin on Jacaranda FM that hardware store owners in and around PRETORIA, not tshwane, reported that sales of pangas has increased in the last +- 6 months prior to that bulletin by a few 100%, one even stating sales in 1 month of about 19000 (nineteen thousand) units.
    Now, is there really that much grass around Pretoria that can be cut with all those pangas or was it just bought for the sake of saying “I have a panga”?

    Just asking.

  52. The Wolf says:

    True to the culture of traditional and good Afrikaners, Oom Niklaas had his foundations in Christianity and in God. For me the fact that he predicted the doom of Generaal Koos De La Rey is perhaps the most significant to date. It is quite frightening to be honest. I drove past the intersection where the Lion of the West Transvaal got shot. As with Lincoln and JFK, there are speculation that his death was part of a conspiracy.

    The old South Africa had a white military and police force that stood ground with the best if not perhaps the best during the mid 80’s to mid 90’s. Our special forces, especially infantry was seen as the best. Our recce’s are sought after in the middle east. Our sons of the old South Africa. Even our police task forces was feared. One of our last old school detectives, Pieter Byleveld has retired. He released a book, I suggest you read it to get a clearer picture of the barbaric savages living in this country.

    Today we have a black military with higher than 70% HIV AIDS ratio. It’s about the money not pride. The police force is stricken with corruption, like the ANC government. The media is being gagged on reporting certain matters.

    As a white South African I can honestly say that things have taken a turn for the worst. We have BEE to contend with, this forces white owned companies to incorporate black executive board memebers, in order to maintain new business, especially government business. We have AA, which is reverese racism, now blacks get preference on a job application, instead of qualifications and experience. We have the gun law that has been deemed illegal, but many whites have handed in their weapons like idiots. People who don’t question the motives for change. People who don’t ask why.

  53. The Wolf says:

    I can elaborate quite extensively on the corruption and incompetence of the ANC and their followers. I can explain in detail how the ANC has failed to imrove the country since the inception of the ANC. Who knows how much donated funds the ANC recvieved since and prior to 1994, and what has happened to that money. Feel free to take my word here and now that the ANC has done nothing positive for the country since their rule. I lie, they have implemented the tobaco act, which I found quite surprising.

    I would like to share with the readers here, seeing that they have an interest in the Afrikaners, which I am one myself, the predicament whe find ourselves in, and my personal opinion on what the ANC is up to.

    Pre 1994 media reports on rape, murder, farm murders, hi-jackings was hardly heard of. Certainly farm murders and especially attacks on whites. One could safelty walk on any beach at night, or be in the streets without major concern. Yes, we also have the normal criminals offcourse.

    School incidents was limited to fist fights, and a kid here and there that sold marijuna or porn. Today the white girls ar eto afraid to go to the bathrooms, in fear of being raped. I’m referring to public schools. Strangely enough, the only public schools that are still considered to be a school, is the Afirkaans Public Schools. It’s inherent that whatever we do is natuarlly and inherently prosperous.

    When the Dutch group of people seeking better life and opportunity left the Cape, the Voortrekkers was formed. We did not die halfway through our journey. We, together with the Zulus and British formed the country what it was prior to 1994. Strangely, the Xhosas, whom you don’t read much about during the Anglo Boer War, consists 99% of the ANC supporters. Getting back to the public schools, the English schools are in shambles. Why? Because the blacks reign there. They don’t in Afrikaans schools becuase of the language barrier.

    My next comment: The Strategic Plan for the Whites.

  54. The Wolf says:

    The ANC started disbanding the SADF and SAP. This was replaced by the SANDF and SAPS.
    Basically remove all the whites and replace with blacks. Then, perhaps the most strategic phase, they removed the Commandos. The Commandos was units formed back in the Anglo Boer War, used in the modern SA to protect remote towns and especially farms and small holdings. They were ex-military, ex-police or reservists, and armed with automatic rifles. A very effective unit, again something that comes natural to the Afrikaners.

    I believe the ANC saw this as a crucial element to disband, as even after the military and police was replaced by a watered down verison, the Commandos still posed a real threat and resistance to their greater plan. So by 2000 the Commandos where completely gone. This is also the same time period whereby the VIOLENT FARM MURDERS started. Is it really such a strange coincidence?

    Recently, about 2 years ago, the media was instructed diplomatically to report on more “positive stories” as the papers was filled with farm or white murders. The common element was the violent way the people got murdered, and the common motive behind it – racism. Recently, this year, an enitre white family, including a 4year old girl got murdered ona farm in the Free State.

    During 2000 to approx 2005 we experienced the highest rate of emigrations. Not only due to violent crime, but also the economical aspect – reverse racism. The ANCYL also made a poitn to disrupt university classesm especially Afrikaans classes.

    So disbanding the old forces wasn’t enough, the ANC also wanted these people either dead or better out the country. Less resitance. Less hope. Next the ANC changed the religion. In the old SA school was opened by assembly that incorporated prayer, Christian orientated. The ANC declared this null and void.

    During the last 5 years, 2007 to current, a high increase in pre-meditated rape and murders came to light. The modus operandi is a group of blacks will enter the residence of a white famiy, at the most vulnerable time (i.e. during a party at a house, or unexpected hours of the day). They will tie the family down, make the father and sons watch how they rape the mother and daughters.
    This is fact.

    There has also been an increase on reported cases whereby the SAP, whom is suppsoed to protect the citizens, act in a racist manner against the whites. We have a program on Sunday nighrs called Carte Blanche. go and invesitage the archives. It’s filled with rape, murder and corruption.


  55. The Wolf says:

    I have no doubt that the ANC have been and still have meetings behind closed doors, with, in my opinion, the Chinese. In these meetings the ANC is being coached by the Chinese or possibly other communist country, how to get rid of the whites, or their Genocide Plan for the whites.

    I believe the ANC has had these meetings for since atleast 1995. They have been very specific in their strategy. There is no way the ANC or an element within the ANC could achieve such structured results. “Never underestimate the power of stupidity in larger numbers”.

    I must add that I believe there are many blacks that are against the ANC and attacks on whites, but they get threatend with their lives if they don’t comply. When they are in groups, all theur rassionale goes out the window. One on one they can rassionalise and come to sober conlcusions.

    We are currenly on Stage 6 of Genocide. 6 out of 8 stages.

    Perhaps to confide in Siener’s visions, history also repeats itself. The Afrikaners have been outnumbered throughout the entire Anglo Boer War, but we suffered the least losses – besides the conentration camps enforced by the British as a last resort. We gave the British “No end to a lesson”, and to date was the highest loss in lives and monetary value ever incurred by the Empire. We stood our ground at Blood River when outnumbered by Zulus. Offcourse by the Grace of God.

    In summary, the ANC is consiring with another force to rid the whites in South Africa – I think Sienrs mentioned another force in his book. As a reaciton, many Afrikaans groups have been created. Perhaps the biggest one to mention is the Suidlanders, and the Kommando Korps, Suidlanders believe and have taken head to Siener’s visions, they have a contiued campaign to warn the whites of the possible attacks, and have an evacuation in plan. The Kommando Korps are trianing young white Afrikaans boys the old military ways. They have recently announced a alliance treaty.

    The thing with the blacks here is that they are cowards. They have been fighting a silent war since the ANC took over. Softly and quietly killing off and spreading fear to the white communities. They have been succesful, but we as whites never expected this.

    What I also like is that Sienr predicts that the Germans will rise as the force to reckon with in WWIII. He also says that America and Germany will join forces, as England will be destoryed by Russia, although I believe this to be China / Korea, perhaps combined effort.

    Also, he says tha the Americans are very keen to recruit the Afirkaner men, which actually happens withouth question.

    Had the SADF been around, had our sons of war been here, the ANC and their kronies would be out of action in two weeks. Come back boys, we need you. America, Germany, England, anyone befriended to the Afirkaners, please help us. Take note of what’s been happening here. We are being killed. The ANC is already guilty of Genocide.

    • Thats all there is to it says:

      My, My, My.

      According to you, the white Afrikaners are clearly superior to the Blacks in SA, and particularly to the Xhosa in the ANC. They can even count on the help of God, who, according to you, favors them more than any other people in SA.

      If that is so, then why, oh why, do you need the help of the Europeans? Surely, such a superior race can not be killed and has the means to protect its daughters and women from rape and other atrocities.

      Also, why would you like to get any help from England if, according to the Siener, they will be destroyed for the sins they committed?

      You do not make any sense. Maybe, just maybe, the SA under the ANC is fairing better than you can accept. Maybe that’s why the emigration from SA has gone down since 2005. Maybe, just maybe the ANC and the Blacks in it are just smarter than you.

      In any case, by your own admission, you seem to belong to a dying breed.

      Fare thee well.

      • Carica Ture says:

        Oom Lungu

        @All there is to it: as a reborn Christian and a white African, all I can say is that the racists on either side of the fence all draw their guns in the name of God, which is taking His name in vain or even blasphmey. The AWB’s and Malema’s are out of touch with reality and singing Psalm 23 won’t “register” with God at all. My Bible doesn’t teach racism.

      • Oom Lungu says:

        @Thats all there is to it: when God shows a person’s colour in a dream, it usually depicts the colour of the heart and has little or nothing to do with ethnicity. If the word “kaffir” means “unbeliever”, then affirmative action has been completed as most whites in SA today are either total unbelievers of just nominal believers. Neither are His people anyhow.

        Some live in the past…………….Malema will wake them up!! Then they will realise they have no God in their camp to protect them.

      • Nog 'n Boer says:

        Thats all there is to it,
        I don’t know where you are from but your comments just show how stupid you are, there is a proverb that says “don’t argue with a fool as the people may also consider you to be one too, therefore I will not try to argue with you except to say you are talking through your neck. Rather refreign from making comments like what you just did.

        • Thats all there is to it says:

          Nog’n Boer, what an apt name you have chosen.

          The only thing your rant says, is “I don’t like what you’re saying, so shut up.” Well, that’s the reasoning equivalent to that of a 4 year old child. At the very least, a grown up would have included a reason for why he/she did not like it.

          But I agree with your sentiment not to have an argument with a fool. By the way, as you were inquiring from where I hail: are you aware that in Dutch as well as in German “Boer” is the description of choice for people one considers uncouth, rather slow of wit and relatively unrefined?

          @Oom Lungu: dear uncle, I hope that Malema stays out of politics, as I think he is racist, corrupt and very divisive. That is surely not what SA needs.

      • Safighter says:

        Hahaha! You obviously don’t live in SA! The English is not welcome in my home! They murdered over 30 000 of our woman and children in concentration camps! One day you will see.. One day

        • Michael says:

          I just wonder though of actually how many Afrikaners still resent the English today? Does anyone have any insight to this?

          • Trac says:

            You know Michael I have read some of what you have had to say and I thought you seemed like an intelligent man until I read the part of where you said no English people are welcome in your home because of what happened in history. What an ignorant statement to make. It is with this kind of mindset that our white nation is divided. If all of us saw each other in the same light that you do we can start building our boat now because there is no way in hell we will win anything. This country was build on Afrikaans and English people alike and yet you still live in the past. You seem to think that the people who built the the concentration camps in the time of the Boer War are still walking around us today. That world is gone and the white South African English and Afrikaans people are suffering together. The struggle we face is a struggle for all irrespective of what language we speak. Forget the Boer War Michael we are staring into the face of our own war and if we don’t unit we shall fall… got that!!!! Now look at history, we have Jews in every single nation in the world, each speaking a different language but they are Jews and united. The white race has been hunted and killed for thousands of years, its time to look past what blood language you speak and stand together. This world is about to go into war and its got to do with colour and religion. Look past what country you are from and what language you speak and get a grip with reality and unit. Do you know that right now China has more Dollars in her country than America. America is her biggest customer.
            Do you know that China has signed a treaty with Russia to dump all her dollars back into the world market? This will cause the dollar to drop to nothing bringing on another 1929 depression. It will be China that will cause Russia to strike England. You really need to wake up and change your attitude to your fellow white man because really right now we need everyone we can get!!!!
            Really Michael if I wrote what you said I would feel embarrassed, that was really dumb!!!

            • Michael says:

              Trac i am not sure if you have mixed up things or read in hast as I never said the English are not welcome in my home, Safighter did. I do resent the English and Americans and always will as they are not nations of any moral value. The English and Americans are not my enemies because of the past but because of the present, they are the ones who are responsible for the world’s corruption. I am merely interested in knowing if the Afrikaners will stand against England when the time comes, for whatever reason I don’t care but since history does hold bad ties it may keep alive the dislike which I hope still remains. I do not hate the English people in South Africa, but for the ones that are too British and hold to dishonourable ways I could not care for. One must know there is nothing special about the Afrikaners, it is not from the language they speak that makes the unique but from the values and virtues they hold. Without these aspects, the people may be close together but live for no true cause and are worthless just like the rest of the world. As every year goes by more and more Afrikaners become infected by the Anglo world and slowly do all the things Afrikaners and the entire population of white South Africans stand for will die off and we will be just like every other Anglo nation. And due to this many Afrikaners have become the biggest scum in the country and are worthy of nothing.

              I am aware of the problem of unity among our people, Europe is one family yet since our tongues are divided we become isolated from one another and are now foes, as it has been for hundreds of years. However much changed in the past hundred years and no longer are we divided as we all were once, every nation is now aware of the truth and it is a dormant truth people are aware of deep down inside but are waiting to be revived. When things do start, people from resented nations such as England and America will be granted asylum away from their nation if they choose to follow the true cause, but the price will be great. As in all things there is good and evil, so of course not everyone will be bad nor everyone good.

              I am surprised at your vision of another great depression as this will undoubtedly happen, but to the cause of it I am not certain of, as China may appear all economically powerful, but a happy mask covers the real face of despair their country faces. China is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode and it is just a matter of time before it does and this will most likely be one of the great reasons the world will fall into another depression. And with this depression all the nations will be fighting for their own survival and no nation will care much for another, and it is for this reason the seriousness of what can and most likely will happen in South Africa is far from fiction. Nothing ever comes free in life and unfortunately blood will always have to be spilt in order to bring a new cause.

              Now back to the Boer War… Despite the past being just history, is that history never leaves you just as the so called “Holocaust” will never leave Germany (well for now). I, myself care for what happened but know I cannot take the actions of the past and throw them on to present. I need to remind myself always of this as I know if I allow anger from the past to overthrow my judgment it can come to be a great cost to us all.

              • Trac says:

                Thank you for you letter Michael. I am sorry I lashed out on you, I am not an aggressive person by nature, but do become angry when I feel injustice being inflicted. I agree with you that history plays a vital role in our society. It is the very thing that has sculptured the world today as we know it. Man was brutal and still is. If I see the world today – we have evolved our mental capacity to progress very rapidly with regards to technology, but when it comes to the progress of our spiritual consciousness we seem to be moving at snail pace. Thus to me is frightening because from what I see man has chosen to ignore history as his guideline on what not to repeat and has done nothing spiritually to calm the beast in him. We are no less savage and brutal than we were a hundred years ago and yet we have warfare that can easily destroy our planet. Our leaders who make decisions which affect ever human life are the worst of the lot. What really shocks me are these men in power are suppose to be the brains of the world, and yet they cannot or will not see that their very need and greed for power is destroying the planet at a rapid speed. The only hope I see for mankind to survive is for the human population to make a mental spiritual shift in consciousness and that miracle might still happen. Maybe not the whole population as we know it, but a huge chunk of it. What people must understand in this world is that we are not human beings having a spiritual moment, but everlasting spiritual beings having a human moment. We are held accountable for our actions by the laws of the universe (God). I read a very interesting conversation between an old traditional red Indian and his son and it went like this. The old man said to the boy that their are two wolves that live within us….one is good and the other evil, but only one can survive….and the boy asked….which one survives…..and the old Indian said…..
                THE ONE YOU FEED!!! How true, now why cant we all understand that and try and project more good and love and intern that will generate more positive vibrations which is desperately needed in a world that is controlled by either good or evil – (negative or positive). The human race as it evolves seems to be loosing touch with God. I am not a bible puncher and my relationship is personal with my Creator, but I cant help but speak up. You know before 1994 our parliament
                opened with prayer our schools opened with payer and our televisions were family orientated.
                Today prayer is banished and try and watch E TV late on a Saturday night and the adds are
                pure porn. We telling our youth to sustain from sexual activities and only have one partner, yet our TV is pushing porm and our movies are showing people meeting and having sexual intercourse on the same day they meet. What a contradiction. Once a child crosses over into and adult body, curiosity with regards to sex is huge and instead of teaching them morals and respect for themselves and the opposite sex and mentally installing the idea that sex is sacred and shared between to consenting adults who love each other, our media is telling them that one night stands is the norm and women are objects of men’s sexual fantasies. Its insane that all I can say is
                This is one crazy world and our country through the western world’s force was given over to a nation of people with no morals or very little of and +- 400 years ago was running around in skins hunting for survival. If the western nations of the world who has had hundreds of years more time to spiritually evolve and yet is far from spiritual and still using War as a form of control then what can we expect from this government. This is a group of people who’s history is based on working for a minimum wage and now has billions at their disposal. The need for greed has clouded their judgment and responsibility for the people and country alike. We need to take back our country and we can if we unit. The Afrikaans nation is a proud nation who even today is God fearing and carries with them and installs into their offspring very good morals and respect. Through their intelligence they were able to take a country that had 30 years world wide sanctions and make it a county of prosperity. Wow that is something to be proud of. So what the black government must understand is that the national party didn’t give up SA without a back up plan. Her greatest Allie is Germany who has a history of being a war machine. The whites are not alone and we all intern must understand that. We need to stop looking the other way and hoping the problem will go away. Just look at the rest of Africa to know that it will never go away unless we make it happen. We need to unit as a white nation and open our mouth and allow our voices to be heard otherwise we have no grounds to complain. Now is the time for all of us to stand up and unit as a nation and fight back otherwise we will have nothing left to fight for. If not for ourselves then for our children!!!

            • Boer007 says:


              May I just say that a true Afrikaner loves ALL people, whether they are Afrikaans, English, Zulu, Tswana or whatever. Dit is mos wat die Bybel van ons verwag.

              The strong guys on this forum who “do not like the English” are the very people that will prevent the Afrikaner nation from getting control of things in the country again.

              To our English brethren out there, we need you very much as our comrades.

              Dank die Vader nie alle Afrikaners moet swanger wees om een breinsel te he nie.

              • Trac says:

                Thank you for setting the record straight. I must say that Michael did respond to my letter and has correct the misunderstanding. I think his choice of words misinterpreted his message. And you are right we all need each other now more than ever to get through this very trying time. I read up on the farm murders and my heart becomes very heavy and I am sure this applies to most white SA. That shows me that we are united subconsciously, now we just need to become conscious of this and that intern will give us courage and strength to fight back. We have besides the Germans the greatest power on earth his name is Jesus Christ…..what more could we want!!!

            • Michael says:

              It is all easier said than done, for anyone in South Africa to stand and fight for a change is digging their own grave, it will never happen with just us alone. However things will change but not in the way as everyone expects it to happen, to read a prophecy is not straight forward as a recipe, there is way more than meets the eye and so many people have misinterpreted many things to come. The problem is with this is that it makes people naïve in expecting something that will never come and trying to question it in their own way instead of acknowledging what is right in front of them and this makes people misinterpret the truth from the lie.

              Many people despise National Socialist Germany even though they were not the only ones responsible for the greatest of evil, but despite this if you take away the bad from National Socialist Germany the good outweigh the bad and more over the things they realised and understood were so true and without a doubt they knew what was going on. Now anyone who tries to revive National Socialism anywhere is truly naïve and a fool and is wasting their own time, and besides many so called people who think they are something by calling themselves National Socialists today are nothing but rejects from society trying to find a place to fit in and in truth are a mockery to the once true National Socialists.

              The ungodly things that are occurring is due to liberalism which was given life from America and their vile disease is spread by them everywhere, but one day they will have to answer to what they have done. It angers me so in knowing some people want to go to America and believe it is a better place and a new beginning, little do they know that what they think they believe is so, is the total opposite and America is soon to become a waste land, a land just like that which will be outside the walls of the New Jerusalem, a place for the dogs, all those who are ungodly.

              I read the news everyday which is something I should for the best refrain from, as the things I read make me burn with fury inside and everyday does my heart grow colder in sympathy for people who deserve nothing more than death, even though death is too kind for these people. A pressure builds up in me constantly and all I can hope for is that this pressure, when released goes to a worthwhile cause and I don’t let it out on something naively a waste of time. I don’t expect anyone to follow suite, but I refuse to be like everyone else and run from something that will eventually catch up to us all. I may leave South Africa and go to Australia but when there I am free from one thing, just to encounter another and still so the thing I ran from will follow and find me. I will never be able to live with myself and have a family knowing what I am going to leave my children to face because I was too much of a coward and did nothing to stop it when I could have, so what better way to live and die than for what is right. As it is said “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it. For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” – Mark 8:35-36

              You are not a Bible puncher and to those who rebuke you because of the truth are the fools who cannot face the truth. Many so called “Christians” abuse the Bible and twist the words to their liking and no matter what you do in life they will rebuke you not from Gods words but from their own. I am a firm believer in what I believe and nothing will change me otherwise unless God spoke to me personally, how can anyone speak against the truth? This is something that has been going on with humanity for decades and look where we are now. I have understood and acknowledged many things people have looked past and I will not change my ways, and if for some reason I am wrong then let God do as He pleases, but I am assured of my ways and I will not change.

              At the end of this, all i can say is that the Allies will not celebrate their centurial victory of WW2, but fear will pass through them all in this time. They all say it will never happen again, it is impossible! Such words to only be soon buried in the ground.

              • Trac says:

                If I tried my best to say it better, I would not have found the words. What you have said now, no matter how hard I may try, I can not fault it. These are the truest words I have ever heard come out of another human being. What a pleasure it is to meet a fellow human being who thinks the same as I do and is not afraid to say it…..well done on saying how you feel and your wording couldn’t be more clearer……I truly am touched…….now why cant more people be like this. I hope you can accept my apology for accusing you of having only one brain cell. I think that your brain is firing on all cylinders.

            • Michael says:

              Apology accepted you don’t have to take it bad as I didn’t take it serious. Besides I am use to people taking my words bitterly and it is something I will have to get use to in the future, not because my words are lies just that people lack understanding (not saying you did, i just wrote incomplete). I do believe there are many people who feel the same or to some extent the same but are too afraid to do anything and like with many things these people just need a spark or catalyst to get them going.

              • Trac says:

                I couldn’t agree more…..but whats worse for me is when you do voice your thoughts many will try and argue you down with nothing that really stands. I get really annoyed when someone argues back but has no idea what they are talking about, I have learned to judge the company I am in and remain silent. Its far easier that way, but it also means that most of the time your thought remain your thoughts.

          • Trac says:

            By the looks of it only you Michael, but then again there might still be a few more out there who need to be pregnant to have more than one brain cell working….but I really hope for the sake of our beloved country that it is only a few otherwise we are in real trouble….hope you understood that!!!!! From an English speaking South African who had a stunning British mother who loved Afrikaans people and South Africa more than her own people and country…..Oh and may I fail not to mention married an Afrikaans man!!!! Now we need a couple more of those and we could actually look at getting our country back. United!!! United!!! United Michael – look up the word and then you might get the message….you really have annoyed me but then I am sure I am not alone!!!!

            • Michael says:

              “need to be pregnant to have more than one brain cell working” <— I have to say I have never come across such a statement before, lol.

              She is “stunning” hey? Is that supposed to persuade me or something???

              Just joking… you are not seeing me in the right way, but I suppose I couldn’t expect otherwise. Yet know this is not so and I cannot write an entire essay on here as it will be infinite, my views on the British is hard to explain, but just know simply I do not hate them all. Despite my heritage which I do cherish I do not stand with any family, I do not care if you Afrikaans, British, German, Polish or Russian etc. I will welcome you as my family if you hold to true values and virtues, and if not then you are my foe. I do not care for different nations and I will easily kill my own people if I have to, because as I have said every nation has its good and bad people and I am only out for the good. However since certain nations already have laid a path to their subjection they will be used as the symbol of who is the enemy.

              “Now we need a couple more of those and we could actually look at getting our country back” <– Not sure on this statement? How does one loving help with unity?
              I do admire your enthusiasm though as without this in people there will never be hope.

              • Trac says:

                With regards to your question how does”one loving help”. Its pretty simple….God is a God of love, but also a God of War….Good heavens he fights Satin every day…nothing meek and mild about him, but his love is endless and compassionate. Like God we project positive vibrations through our love for one another, but slay our enemy who threatens our own. Once we unit as a family and flush out the wolves in sheep’s clothing amongst us through our love an empathy for each other can we become strong in our stand against the injustice that is being project against us. This is how the Jews have survived against thousands of year of prosecution and no matter what anyone feel about them they are the most cleverest nation on earth. Not my personal opinion, but actual fact through research. Unfortunately the facts also prove that the black nation has the lowest IQ, but then we could have told them that without sending thousand on research. You do get clever ones, but they are one in a million and that is sad. So I don’t know if this answers your question and its difficult to put inner feelings on paper, but that is my personal feeling and not everyone will agree and I respect that.

            • Michael says:

              I use to think once the Jews were something more but with research they are no better than any other. Yes they may stand closer with one another unlike Christians will do, but their corruption is just as great as any other nation. Yet as long as America and England have involvement in any nation that nation will never be free to rid itself from corruption. One big misconception which you may be thinking not sure, but since so many believe this I may think you are as well influenced by it. One big propaganda rumour from ww2 is that the scientists of Germany were all Jews or most of them were, this is a complete absolute lie and not true whatsoever. Many rumours go on even with Hitler receiving help from Jews to educate him or once loved a Jewish girl and lived with Jews, these are just many of the stories told by spreaders of deception for what reason is most likely for just pure enjoyment.

              • Trac says:

                I think I need to do more reading. From what I see, there is still a lot I don’t know. Unfortunately at this time in my life, I have started my own Long Distance Transport Brokerage, so life is hectic and focused on build up my company. By night I am so tired I don’t have the energy to read, but like everything it comes to pass and in time I will have weekends to lay in my sun room and read again.
                I love history and my daughter shares the same passion. She only gives me 90+ for this subject.
                We have so much to learn, will there ever be enough time.

            • Michael says:

              I must say history does have its share of lies and disparities and it is hard to see truth from lie, but with enough research and careful attention you will pick up where the gaps don’t fit. I have always taken a great interest myself in history and the History Channel is my favourite channel (including all those alike), however one must be careful when listening to everything they say on television as I have picked up many tales with no facts and basically just lies and more over is merely propaganda being brainwashed into people. I have heard by someone who works for National Geographic and said there are many exaggerated stories on these channels. And not even on television but especially the internet and even in our libraries. I just say have an open mind and don’t fully take something to heart until you have known enough to make your own judgement.

              You say you are surprised at knowing someone is like you, well is feel even more the same. It is great to know there others out there who are the same, and I encourage those to spread this understanding in a personal level with others in a gradual way. I am glad you share a passion in history such as myself because without it we are lost and our future will never progress, I am even more glad your daughter shares this passion as it is vital for the youth to learn these things and as well that there is a lack of women in this understanding and not having enough passion in it for themselves and the future of our people. To be honest I expected you to be younger or maybe closer to my age but since you have a daughter is doubt so. Yet I suppose I grew up sooner than others and I am out of my age range when it comes to understanding/wisdom. Maybe to your surprise I am only 23 years of age and despite people never taking me serious I know this will all have an advantage when I am older, when people will take me serious.

              To say from my personal view don’t worry too much about research now, spend time on your business and get things settled, it is more important for you to take care of your family than to care for history. Encourage your views on others and your family because in the end it is this that matters most as it is the numbers that add to make a difference. All I ask is for people to stand when asked to stand and not to be cowards and hide in the corners, because when the time comes every person will count in the end. If everything goes as planned then a great future we will see in our life time, and we will be able to die knowing our children will grow up in a land of greatness and everything glorious will be with them.

              • Trac says:

                Well I am shocked that a young man of your age can have such wisdom. My daughter is almost 4 years younger than you and myself and many others consider her to have an above average IQ, but you take the prize. Are you currently studying, because really from what I have read and your attitude is not that of an average 23 year old man but one of an intellect beyond his years. I am sure your mom is proud as I would be to have had a son who can sit with wiser older men and communicate with them on an intellectual mature level. I know this is rear because I see what is out there. My daughter has many friends of both sexes and I have asked her many times why she acts on a lower mental level with them, but with me she’s herself and communicates with maturity and intelligence and her response is always the same. “They don’t understand and I don’t want them to feel uncomfortable. Just now they think I am trying to be cleverer than they are when all I am doing is being myself. Its easier that way!!!” That to me is very sad!! but I think it will change when she goes to Varsity, I hope so….Do you find it difficult expressing your thoughts to people your own age? And do they understand? I really would like to speak to you away from this site and continue to communicate and hear more of your opinions and view on many topics. If you want to chat further in detail about what has happened, what is happening and what is still to come drop me a line, my e-mail is I really enjoy speaking to you. If not we can carry on chatting on this site, I really enjoy intelligent people, they are like hens teeth…lol now I am exaggerating, but they are a dim a dozen. My daughter said to me the other day that she is convinced that God loves stupid people, when I asked her why she said, “Because he made so may of them.” I’m sure God has a sense of humour and no two people are the same. I think she was just annoyed because two people within minutes made some mistakes in the traffic and almost took her out.
                Anyway I am now finished working so I am calling it a day. We will chat again. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas, its been a pleasure reading them.

    • Carica Ture says:

      Apartheid was a necessary evil to keep atheist communism from Russia and China out of our country. They are the ones who had been instigating racial division, hatred, civil war, riots and strikes. The SADF never wa sa match as not even the US can defend itself against those nations.

      Our only defense and recourse lie in being united in Christ Jesus.

    • Seeker says:

      To you My, My, My I think its time to do less taking and more reading. If you going to
      argue your point then you need the facts. It is obvious by your attitude that you are under the impression that the whites on this site are against the blacks. You have it wrong unless you are the goverment. Do your homework and you will see that it was the whites who gave this country to the blacks, not by force, but willingly in a promise of a better future for all. I speak to many black business people who are as concerned about OUR (black and white) country as much as the whites are. Maybe we should put a little green man as head of the goverment and just maybe he can get it right and if he buggers up the blacks can stop blaming apartheid and the whites can stop blaming the blacks. This country is so devided and why….not by the people themselves in the beginning….we all started off with great hope, but that hope has been destroyed by all the wrongs that has taken place till now. I have never read ever of white men entering black homes and raping the women. I have never read of white men gang raping a 6 month old baby to death or entering an 84 year old woman’s home and raping her. And yet we read of these events regulary, to the point were before we got really angry and sad now we are so conditioned and blocked off that its like normal. Now that is frightening. You got to understand that these acts are barbaric and not only desturbs us but disgusts us. We as whites compare what was and what is now and it is scary. If you can expain this to me and it makes sense then I will never speak of this again and my question to you is how is it possible that a country that had 30 years of world sanctions against it was prosperous, food prices were in line were even the poorest could put meat on the table, schools were operating, fuel costs were affordable….I can go on and on, but now in a country that is admired and supported by the whole world is basically in major trouble. You explain that to me and if your honest with yourself you will have to admit that something is terribly wrong with this picture….and by the way this isnt a rasist question, its just a question asked by a woman who doesnt have to be pregnant to have two brain cells working…You got to understand that in 1994 not only the world, but all white South Africans stood back to watch what was going to happen next and the events that have lead us to 2012 have basically destroyed any faith the whites and many blacks have in a black goverment taking our country to a first world country. We are falling backwards at one very fast pace and all the citizens of South Africa are struggling, if you cant see that my friend then I have just wasted my time talking to you…..but then again what can you expect when our very own goverment has secret meeting with Robert
      Magabe….good grief is this who our goverment follows…..a man who has destroyed his own country to the point of no return…..does this make any sense to you at all…Again not a rasist question…

  56. Nog 'n Boer says:

    The way and at the speed that world events are developing now, makes me think/sure that we will not see the end of 2013 before we will see all that Siener has spoken about, come about. I actually expects things to develop to that, during the latter part of this year. The people misinterpreted Siener and thought that the ANC will rule for 3 years, My view is what he actually predicted, is that they will only rule for three terms, which come to an end in 2013. So beware and watch as the snow start melting in Europe, this year at the end of their winter.

  57. Nog 'n Boer says:

    Sorry actually three Presidents will rule before over through of government.

  58. Nog 'n Boer says:

    Sorry actually three Presidents will rule before overthrow of government.

  59. Hi I have a PDF in english for you there is also a Boer group on FB which discusses these prophesies. many are discussed in english too. inbox me if you are interested.

    • Mark says:

      Hi Bianca!

      I would be happy to get english PDF about Siener van Rensburg’s prophecies.

      Regards Mark

    • vinny says:

      hi bianca
      i am fascinated by this site and would be interested in getting an english PDF . This site has put a whole new perspective on governance in South Africa in the context of world affairs

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Bianca, Please let me have the English copy of PDF. Thank you, Jenny


    Good evening friends! Please excuse my English, as my afrikaans is better! 🙂

    I am a great follower of oom Siener’s prophecies and as a Boer I believe that his visions will come true. But it is very important for people to know and understand that he was given this awesome, yet bitter gift by God to warn us of what’s coming. Yes, these things will happen, but there is reason why it will happen. Back in the 80’s we used to be a God fearing people and things has changed. People have forgotten God and what He has done for our people. They have forgotten the covenant that was made at BloodrIver, when a hand full of boers defeated thousands of Zulu’s in a battle which seemed impossible. Your youth have become non believers, who believe the right way forward is to mix races. Our biggest downfall….rugby! Rugby was our downfall prior ’94 election, yet we have not learnt our lesson! Not ALL Boers are guilty of this, yet we will have to fight again to get SA back into the hands that will build it back up to what it used to be!

    There is also a prophecy by oom Siener that says that christians from all over the World will flee to SA, because they will fear for their lives in their own countries, as they will be persecuted for their beliefs. SA will have to go through the up coming prophecies in order to shelter so many God fearing people in great need all at once!

    • Oortjies says:

      So right my friend, there are horrible things coming for those in Europe and USA, and we think we have problems! If I was one of those Christians, I would have booked my flight already to the RSA. I am not even talking about those that ran from here with their tail between the legs. they think they have missed the pawpaw hitting the fan, but they jumped from the proverbial “fat into the fire” when the left, they just don’t know it yet, but are going to find that out soon now I believe.

      I also truly believe, that SA has a Gods purpose, to protect His elite from things that are going to happen all over the world.

      We are in for some interesting times, but we do not have to be afraid as all is in His capable hands.


    Zimbabwe farmers had NO warning, I consider SA and myself lucky and blessed to have had the prophet in our history.

    Many, many Afrikaners still don’t want to see, hear, know or be warned. The prefer to not know, and some even laugh.

    Oom Siener also said…South Africa will go in last and out first (into war).

    My personal opinion, when all start, thousands of our people in other countries will return to fight along our side…or was it part of a prophecy of oom Siener? (I sometimes get mixed up)

  62. Essie says:

    So Malema is out of the anc, what do you guys make of this?

  63. GossipGirl says:

    Personally I believe that Malema was simply a mouthpiece. He was used by the ANC to voice whatever policies they were considering implementing to see what kind of a reaction it would get. And when they realised that it was mostly negative because their little puppet was enjoying his pay cheque a little too much while advocating the direct opposite in public they had to take action to be seen as “proactive” and “strong”.
    I prefer to watch what the government is really doing while Malema was speaking – for one the huge issues with the Gauteng e-toll program were completely ignored for months because of Malema’s ability to steal the spotlight. It was only after he was ousted and the more intelligent population no longer saw him as an extension of the ANC that we took notice.

    And his replacement is no better than Malema was. He still uses the same arguments and aligns himself with the same policies Malema was in favour of. I’m pretty sure he’ll also start causing waves as soon as people have accepted him in that position.

  64. Fantastic blog article. Cool.

  65. Amanda says:

    All I want to know is… Is this world ever going to turn for the better,I have read Siener Van Rensburg book but did not finish. Will we ever have a white president again to get our country back on its feet?

    • Michael says:

      A white president? No! This form of leadership will never be again part of South Africa, a new beginning will come though but not in this light as everyone expects. We Afrikaners have only ever had one family in Europe and so will we become one together with them and many more nations, and so a true nation of God will be formed and everything that is glorious will be with us. Seven leaps from now, and will a South African born bring this new life to the world, but first he will have to leave his born land to go home to his root land and once order is established will the born land become what it was always meant to be. The price for redemption will be high though and thus so will the rivers turn red. It has been too long, the wait is nearly over!

  66. Juan says:

    Jul boere afrikaaners moet bitjie die vvk se webtuiste besoek en betrokke raak by organisaies wat opreg vir ons boere staan en as ek nog iets kan se politiek gan ons nie red nie! As ons nie ons lewens gan regmaak met God nie gan bje van ons nie net ons lewens verloor nie mar ons sielle ook! Ek glo met my hele hart dat God ons n unieke volk gemaak het en ons is met sy doel in suid afrika en dat als sal gebeur wat ookal moet gebeur. Jul moet een ding verstaan dat die stryd nie teen ons is nie mar teen God en sy kinders! Die vraag is in watter kant bevind jy jouself? EK glo in al my glorie dat ons weer ons volkslied met trots sal sing al kos dit ons landsvlag in bloed gedoop!

  67. Berndt says:

    If you believe in the Bible as far as my knowledge goes the third world war will be between
    God and Satan. Armegeddon according to the book of revelation.

    • Michael says:

      Assuredly you must be a JW? Do not be so naive because it will be this misunderstanding that will lead yourself and many others into the wrong hands. Many wars and conflicts are still to come before the end of days, if you expect this end to be in your life time you are the one in the dream land. A great time is to come but it will not be the end! As long as you follow God will you not be fooled unless you are already part of the numerous hypocrites who call themselves Christians and yet are part of the church of Satan. Be it your known acknowledgment of this or not, make sure you follow the truth!

      Know that a leader will come and they will treat him as the enemy and strike him down as all man has done in the past like that of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. He will speak the truth but your hardened hearts will not listen nor believe and so another will come and strike them down and you will all glorify this person as the true one from God, yet because of all your wickedness at heart you will see his evil as good. Follow the first and you will die today and live forever and follow the second and you will live today and die forever. Heed a caution of warning….

  68. Gary says:

    Just an Update of what has come true:
    Siener and Johannah Brandt saw a small Zulu Spear being buried — Malema was cut out of the ANCYL

    Siener- I see a small black man rise up and become strong where he raises his Zulu Shield and the shadow will fall over the whole Africa, but it won’t last long and he will dissapear behind the mountains and a woman will take his place!! — pres Zuma was involved in the AU and this week Nkosa Dlamini Zuma (a woman) was made leader of the AU!!
    Whiney Mandela this week anounced that the ANC is falling apart!! Just something to keep in mind!

  69. Youngsn says:

    does anyone know where i can get a copy of the dvd, uhuru- the night of the long knives?
    please email me–

  70. Jeremy says:

    Do Do you not think that we all  should have a contingency plan put together now so that when Mandela does die we can unite and defend ourselves if we need to

    • Tom David says:

      No shit, Jeremy. You should have had a contingency plan about 18 years ago when you handed over power to the ANC, the Communist murderers who are going to rape and torture your daughter to death! Wake the fuck up Boers!!!!!! If you want the free prophesies of the Siener van Rensburg, e-mail me at:

  71. Jeremy says:

    Tell me, do we, as the white minority have a website or any contacts that we can look into for a contingency plan when Mandela dies and the kak hits the fan?

  72. Spoktjok says:

    @ Jeremy. Look up Suidlanders. They do have a plan for when anarchy breaks out.

  73. I wud just like 2 know if it really happens where must us go 2 with our woman and children 2 be save and 2 strengten the white people’s numbers for war

    • Tom David says:

      Look, the “kaffirs” as you call them (although I don’t know why, as it is an Islamic term just meaning “non-believer”) are going to kill every last one of you, just as they have in the rest of Africa. Why do you continue to look the other way and pretend it isn’t going to happen- just like you did 18 years ago when you allowed the ANC to take control.

  74. In Wonder says:

    Ek het al vir baie jare oor Siener van Rensburg gelees, en daar is baie daaroor geskrywe. In my opinie bestaan die nag van die lang messe nie. My afleiding is ook nie dat die blankes die swart regering met geweld gaan omver gooi nie. Verdeeldheid onder hulle self sal die begin van hulle ondergang wees. Dat ons onsself sal verdedig indien nodig is verseker. Die meeste van Siener se profesië gaan oor die derde wêreldoorlog.

  75. Safighter says:

    For the people that is not Afrikaners: to my knowledge only 2 nations in the worlds history has made a real pact(gelofte) with God, the Israelites in the bible time and the boers at slag van bloed rivier. In the pact we promised God that if He helped us that we would build churches in His name and follow only Him. The boer has strayed off the path. We are going through a “smelt kroes” . The time is NOW! As julle SA mense op hierdie site nie reg is vir die kaffers nie is dit the last. Die dinge kan nie ver wees nie!

  76. Vonk de Boer says:

    Hi Kobus,The only people who realy prepare for whatever is comming are the so called rightwing members and the black movements like the ANC and Blackwash(Linked to the Black Panthers in USA) etc. There are rightwing groups like AWB ,VVK , Suidlanders,Boere Jeug Komando,Volksbrandwag, ETC.. Surge on Google or facbook and join up.They are Boer movments that are working on plans of survival.If you dont like their political views then do not join, they will not take people who will betray them. If you betray them then you will be first in the firing line..In the end you will not be safe with the liberals, they will be killed by the black masses anyway, the only other option is to emigrate.IF you are on facebook then you can read daily news of what is realy going on, on n Wall of “Boere Krises Aksie.”Arrange for your famillys safety now!!
    Many poeple are asleep and do not realise how far things have moved on.Do not want to shock you , but do you know that 20 .000 anc youths are geting millitery training right now at army bases in SA? ??? They are not army, they have their own and different uniforms!! What do you think they are training for??? Charity work?? If you want proof contact me for evedence.Vonk de Boer on facebook, send a message or look on my timeline.

  77. If you are going to link to movies I took the time to incode and upload you could at least give me credit for it.

  78. Boer007 says:

    It is important to refer back to the original visions of Siener van Rensburg, instead of believing everything you read on the internet. The visions below are the original Afrikaans/Dutch – and the translation or explanation in English.

    13 Dec 1918: In Europa is net een garen boom en die boom verander aan een bos blomme. (kosmus of erekrone of duiwelsbos).

    A “garingboom” represents a government in all siener’s visions. The vision above predicts the formation of the European Union as we know it today.

    23 Aug 1918: In Europa is ‘n blok en ‘n skerp mes kloof die blok aan twee; Toe kom ‘n sker en skeer om die onderkanse stuk toe is hÿ ‘n droge garing boom. hÿ skeer al om en om totdat hÿ helemaal om geskeer het, aan die anderkant het die sker ‘n bietje wÿd geskeer, die wat oorgeblÿ het word ‘n lap en die lap draai om die garing stomp die garing stomp draai in die rond ‘n Groot klomp blauw beeste gaan naar die Zuide kant toe aan die regterkant is ‘n klei muur. Bÿ Pretoria brand ‘n geweldige vuur agter ‘n laning maar hÿ raak weer weg.

    The vision above predicts a split in the European Union. The southern nations will split from the northern nations. The southern nations (as per the vision above) will most likely be the PIGS countries (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain). These countries cannot cope financially with sharing the same currency of Germany and other stronger European nations and their split from the European Union is widely predicted by financial advisers today. It is anybody’s guess what is meant with the “fierce fire” that is burning at Pretoria.

    12/12/1918 In Europa kom een strooi hoed uit en toe kom daar een vrouw met blauw oge uit en sÿ het die hoed op.

    The vision above possibly predicts the election of Angela Merkel as German chancellor. Blue is the colour of Germany in all siener’s visions.

    5/15/1919 Engelse wâans trek van die Weste naar johannesburg. Toe kom in die Noorde een vrouw mens uit zÿ het blauw oge en haar kleed is tussen wit en blauw. net toe zÿ weg raak, gaan ek naar die Westen. Toe is hier een draad kamp en die hoenders hol onder die draad deur hier heen.

    The vision above possibly indicates that Angela Merkel will disappear from the scene before any help from Germany (to the Boers) can be expected.

    1/1/1918 In Europa staan ‘n man met blauw pak klere en wit boordje en kÿk hierna toe.
    8/6/1922 In die Noorde van Europa staan ‘n man met pak bruin klere aan en kÿk na die Zuide.

    The visions above possibly indicates the man that will become German chancellor after Angela Merkel.

    8/23/1916 In het Zuiden kom vrouwens uit en zÿn blauw aangetrek (Mooi) die ander kom van Oost verbÿ naar West

    The vision above possibly refers to Helen Zille (which has German born parents).

    1/19/1917 In die Noord Weste zien ik een emmer vol bloed die omval

    The vision above is open for interpretation. Can mean anything from Eugene Tereblanche’s death, to the recent massacre at Marikana mine, or maybe none of the above. The fact is, that violence is possibly predicted..

    31/8/1918 In Kaap kom waans by ‘n vloer bÿ mekaar, toe hul bÿ die vloer kom gaan die koring gerwe na die vloer en die koring word skoon. In Europa in West kom ‘n blauw vlag uit net of hÿ hierheen wil kom. In D.W. is ‘n garing kraal, toe gee die kraal ‘n draai en is toe waans wat daar na die zuide rÿ.

    Note that D.W above means Duitswes (or Namibia). Germany is still very interested in their former colony country Namibia.

    2/18/1918 Groot mandjes lê aan die kant van die zee in die water. Die blauw steen van Europa draai hierheen In Pretoria kom ‘n dik garingstomp uit wat verdroog is en trek af na Zuide toe

    German warships in Namibian waters, which will be used to arm the boere. Boy Mussman (good friend of Siener) wrote down the following, which was told by Siener (read the pdf which contains the original letter from Boy Mussman, as was included in links by previous readers) :Die Duitsers sal 3 blou briewe stuur (goeie nuus vir ons) aan die SA regering. Na die derde brief sal die SA regering uitmekaar spat en vlug. Die Duitsers sal 5 oorlogskepe (mandjies) by Luderitz anker en vandaar met die Luderitz / Prieska spoorlyn wapens aanry vir die boere. Met hierdie wapens sal die boere die SA regering oorweldig en die land oorneem.

  79. Vanessa says:

    Hi, please see the links I’ve included:
    1960-1994, the South African government loses more and more grip on situations and circumstances because they ‘forgot’ their Lord and God that gave them the country in the first place.
    e.g.: daily opening prayer in parliament was abolished in 1972 for the sake of Muslims and Hindus.
    SA Distress
    1994 – mr. van Rensburg correctly prophesied the release of Mr. Mandela, it’s political ties (communism) and the false and violent ‘peace’ that the man and it’s party ‘preaches’.
    [The Illuminati and the Protocols –

    1994 until the death of nelson Mandela: the era in which the boerevolk (afrikaners) lose their power in parliament, get persecuted, murdered and alienated from their origin/roots. note: South Africa has got with the anc a 70% party; therefore it hardly can be called a democracy.
    The Truth about Democracy
    The death of nelson Mandela to a new and more balanced government: right after the death of nelson Mandela very big strikes and disobedience occur, and they followed by a local ( 3 of 7 provinces ) civil war for ground and power (eg: zimbabwe type of actions). These actions are however short lived; the revolt is quenched in a border town called Prieska and the people causing the revolt then are scattered. Mr. van Rensburg has prophesied that weapons will be transported over a railway line to that town; that railway has been completed last year.
    During the time of that new government the Lord will return and establish His Millennial reign on the Earth, but also very big trouble will be upon the earth, and as a result many European refugees will flee to South Africa.
    [Christ’s 2nd coming :

    The second coming of the Lord being a jubilee year it’ll cause the borders of South Africa to extent beyond Zimbabwe and Namibia. Striking details in his dreams and prophecies are known, and symbols reoccurring in his visions are consistent and can be with relative ease correctly interpreted.

    The World (especially England, France and USA)

    America and England will become bankrupt and full of debts.
    [The Four horseman & the two witnesses
    England will be totally annihilated, even their ground will burn away as a Russian-led invasion will invade Europe through Turkey and use terrible weapons.
    [World war 3

    The invasion will be stopped in France by German-American forces. Mr. van Rensburg actually made a remark that Germany will receive new ‘ground-breaking’ technology from America that they (the Germans) will use to defeat the Russian invasion; the USA will be unable to respond in a timely manner because of a severe attack on their troops, ground and finances.

    Mr. van Rensburg also indicated that the trouble for South Africa will be much shorter lived when compared to other countries also less troublesome, as the Lord will send His power and blessing causing South Africa to be a safe-haven for Christians from all over the world.
    [Naphtali – a hind let loose or a Springbuck Gen 49:21

  80. Vanessa says:

    Please take a look at
    We need all the support we can get.
    The Lord is calling upon YOU.

    • Michael says:

      You are highly wrong about your motto saying “Gods Royal Law of Liberty and Freedom”. No one of God can ever be a liberal the two are complete opposites, in fact it is liberalism that has brought the world into its corrupt state of immoral order today.

      And i am not sure where you from but South Africans, specially Afrikaners are NOT loyal to England. We don’t care for the English, never have and never will, we despise them! Everything about the English is corrupt, nothing that has authority is good in that nation. Yes i do know in every nation there is good and bad, but the bad out number the good in England and so everything of them is corrupt. The Afrikaners will only always be loyal to the Germans first and then the Dutch, i do not need to explain why this is so as reading of history tells you enough. The Afrikaners were allies with Germany in the second world war, it was only the English population that fought with England. Oh and people need to grow up about propaganda and realize the lies from the truth, the Afrikaners are more into National Socialism ideals and this does not mean the hatred of Jews as National Socialism has nothing to do with the hatred of Jews as that was a personal issue! And while the Afrikaners still held onto sympathy for Nazi Germany they never after the war considered Israel as an enemy but as allies.

      It is sad how people like you fall into the lies and take them as the truth. Either your naive or deep down know and are trying to corrupt peoples minds from the truth. Learn history yourself with a neutral perspective and don’t listen to what others say, see and believe for yourself and the truth will be clear as day.

      • Paulo says:

        Ok ,you say you are loyal to the Dutch right. Now tell me did the Dutch come help the afrikanes people in the first boer war.(Nooooooooooo). Did they help you in the second Boer war, i’ll answer that(Nooooooooooo). Let me tell you that they were one of the country’s that were against South Africa. Remember god gave this country to his God fearing people. Not because you were French,Dutch,English,Portuguese or Europens. To me the Dutch are back stabbers. Look at the past history. We must stop looking at other nations and look to God for God is the only one that can help us. To me the Dutch is dead. We are our own people for God made us so. We should worry about our own country not other country’s. we don’t owe them anything, not a cent.

    • says:


  81. Vanessa says:

    “The second coming of the Lord being a jubilee year it’ll cause the borders of South Africa to extent beyond Zimbabwe and Namibia. Striking details in his dreams and prophecies are known, and symbols reoccurring in his visions are consistent and can be with relative ease correctly interpreted. ” – taken from the prophecies of Siener van Rensburg
    Also read : Christ’s second coming
    Please e-mail me if you want more information
    Also see SA Distress

  82. Baltis says:

    @ Safighter – The Israelites consists of 12 tribes – The Boers are of the tribe Naphtali. [Genesis 49:21 Naphtali [is] a hind let loose: he giveth goodly words.
    Naphtali is thought to have settled in South Africa, among other places, with the South African National Emblem being the Hind or Springbok.]
    Here is the Abrahamic Covenant http://jahtruthnet/covt.htm
    This is the Covenant that we signed with God

  83. SpartanMBR says:

    Some facts from Oom (Uncle) Siener van Rensburg.

    He predicted South Africa will be handed over tot he blacks by a man that comes from Vereeniging. This was FW de Klerk that free’d terrorist Nelson Mandela (yes, terrorist and murderer – do some research), ultimately resulting in the mass cold blood murders of white citizens in South Africa. The coward now lives in Greece, and his ex-wife was mysteriously murdered in South Africa about 5years ago. FW de Klerk was born and raised in Vereeniging.

    Oom Siener talks about mass strike action that will cripple South Africa, post take over by the blacks / ANC. I am fortunate enough to have seen the end of Apartheid and the mess of the so called “New South Africa”. What I can say it the ANC government has no control over the masses, their own. The strikes began post 1994, and almost 20years later it is out of control. Strikes are becoming violent, in your face, and now strikes are backed up with lethal action by the strikers. The country is in reality crippled with any major strike, irrespective of trade. The ANC has no control over this, neither the military (non existent) nor the police (no comment). Citizens are on their own – that is the reality.

    Oom Siener talks about Germany regaining military strength “in the quiet”. Germany will now become actively involved in NATO operations, the first time in approximately 20 years. Oom Siener mentions that Germany will become the strongest military force in the time of need. They will be “on the good side” this time. Do you know that America has chosen Germany as their “home” in Europe? Do some research.

    If we consider his visions during the Boer War, and what became reality, we have to consider what is relevant to our time. I can see, from a South African point of view, that anarchy is on our doorstep. The people who wish to ignore this, is blatantly ignorant, or as Oom Siener predicted, immigrants that can leave the country at a drop of a hat – and most likely to be kind hearted to the criminals, murderers, rapists and thieves. They (the immigrants) do not care for the country in any event. It is them who will be the first to leave.

    It is clear to me that while there is without a doubt a clandestine war against whites in South Africa (cold blooded murders, black empowerment, affirmative action, general genocidal actions), when total anarchy breaks out, it will very quickly turn black on black. It’s in their nature, and what counts in our favor is that they are unable to maintain order for a sustained period of time. Africa has proven that they (blacks, yes blacks) are unable to govern a country. The exception being Namibia and Botswana, as both these countries has European influence at leader level.

    The trick for the remaining white (and black law abiding citizens – this will be DA inclined blacks) is to stay alive until the ANC is overthrown. It is somehow comforting to know that Oom Siener has been accurate in his past visions,including the dark period we as whites (and good blacks) are experiencing now, and the end result that “God will make a miracle happen in SA”.

    Peace and Love to All.

    • Willem says:

      Thank you SpartanMBR, spot on. You seem to be well informed and on the “correct side” of Siener’s prophecies.
      To any of our SA Black readers, I would like to say that Siener did not predict the total annihilation of blacks in the coming holocaust, instead he prophecied the fleeing of the blacks from SA, through the Northern borders of SA, due to the colossal intervention within the country at the time of the first phase of the turnaround for the Boere-Afrikaner in South Africa. “The blacks will be put in their place” is what he prophecied.

      • Michael says:

        One must not forget what is black in this country, it has been perfectly declared by law in this country by who is defined as being black, these are Africans, Indians, Coloureds and Asians! And as the persecution of the whites continues greatly within this country and these inhuman beasts continue to steal our world and works not one of them stand to help us and this is why each one of these people’s will be treated as the same as they see themselves to be. All will be pushed up north far beyond the borders of South Africa, for the new South Africa which will receive a new name will have its borders all the way to the Southern end of the DR Congo. And all non-whites will be removed from this land and pushed out! And this will occur just after the cleansing of Europe once again, but never again will lies be told and persecution be put upon the Jews, for the Jews will be our brothers in this fight for the riddance of this vile pest that tarnishes our lands! These beasts will be pushed back east into their desert lands from whence they came!

        You know what is the scary and exciting part of this is that it is not far away at all, within 30 years this will all have become reality. It has been long enough to wait for what the world must pay for what they have done, if they ever ask why this is happening they only need ask themselves why.

    • says:

      SPOT ON ! !

  84. In Wonder says:

    The core of his messages is that the White South Africans looked at the leaders instead of their God for leadership. That is still true today.

  85. carika says:

    Where can you find these books? I want to get and read them asap!!!


  86. Vida says:

    yes, can someone tell me also where to find these books as I would also like to read them. Thank you in advance, Vida ps I have just come back from holiday in SA and it is a very sad country at the moment, poverty of black and white is rife and life is hard. Food is incredibly expensive and the cost of living is horrendous. I will be helping my family from this side of the world, Australia.

  87. Michelle says:

    Hi Tom David, I read earlier that you have english version copies of Seiner Van Rensburg prophecies. I know it has been over a year since you posted that comment but I was hoping you still had them. I would greatly appreciate a copy if at all possible 🙂 My email address is

    • Vida says:

      Hi Michelle,
      My name is Vida and I was wondering if you receive the articles in English, would you be so kind as to forward them to me as well as my Afrikaans isn’t that good! (Married to an Afrikaner)It would be most appreciated 🙂
      Thank you ,
      Kind Regards

  88. Vida says:

    sorry that was meant to be

  89. Horst Poehlmann says:

    The genocide in Africa is already happening against the population with the help of Hepatitis B vaccination that contain a poison (latin: virus) to destroy people’s immune system. Len Horowitz could demonstrate this connection ( WHO is killing Africa (note there is no question mark!). Jim Humble was able to cure malaria in two days with a cheap remedy. He was put in prison ( As long as the British empire and its long arm, the USA, exist, there will be no peace on earth.

  90. s blenkinsop says:

    I follow sienaar van rensburg all the time

  91. Larisa Janse van Rensburg says:

    Hi There

    My name is Larisa Janse van Rensburg, Daughter of Jackobus Johannes Janse van Rensburg (born 1955) and Granddaughter to Jockobus Johannes Marthinus Janse van Rensburg (born 1921)- who is Siener van Rensburg’s Grandson.

    I have only recently become aware of this fact and i am absolutely facinated by all the prophesies and predictions and still cannot believe that this is my family.

    please send me a copy of the prophesies to


  92. Rose James says:

    Goeie dag

    Het jy behoefte aan ‘n dringende lening af te betaal jou rekeninge of begin ‘n nuwe besigheid, dan soek nie meer nie, my naam is “Mnr Williams Andres” Ons is gesertifiseer lening maatskappye wat bied finansiële bystand aan mense wat dit nodig het, en dit is ons e-pos nie huiwer om asseblief stuur vir ons ‘n boodskap met behulp van: {}
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  93. Mr Maurice says:

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    Kontak my by

  94. Sean Dalgety says:

    he wasn’t talking about laser weapons, but about Tesla weapons, which make lasers look like fly swatters. My wife is Russian, she has family in the military and I can tell you without a doubt that what Siener saw already exists and it is capable of killing millions, can be transmitted through the sky, and uses electricity and not light, as a laser does.

  95. Mr Maurice says:

    Nodig om ‘n dringende lening? Indien so terug te kry vir ons vandag om jou lening onmiddellik

  96. maurice says:

    Fuck sakes keep your shit of Maurice

  97. Superchick says:

    My goodness, it sounds like the country I live in is about to explode. What a load of BS. I am white, Afrikaans, living in South Africa. There are many criminals, both white and black. Many racists, both white and black. No-one that has commented on this blog seems to be really aware of the state of things in this country. Not a single one of my black or white friends and colleagues hate one another. There is something deeply disturbing about reading all the racist comments and hate speech expressed by people on this blog. Get a grip guys. This is still the most beautiful place in the world to live in. All you expats, eat your hearts out because we all still love it here. We have problems, as does every other country in the world, but I see a great future for all of us. So there, put that in your pipes and smoke it.

    • It is always good to be optimistic but do not underestimate the power of the media and the manipulations of the Tavistock Institute and their US counterpart. They know exactly how to manipulate people’s mind. Just think of Lybia, Egypt and Syria recently. I was in India after the US had staged the “Hindu” revolt in Mumbay. Neighbours that were friends til childhood suddenly became enemies just because they had different faith. It is so easy to manipulate the masses. Prophets can see the most likely outcome but it is not written in stone. Siewer van Rensburg has a pretty good track record. Things can change IF people wake up – but will they? As long as they listen to rock music and watch TV it is unlikely as there are subliminals on all. The best person cannot live in peace if the neighbour (the greedy Zionists in the US and GB) does not like it. It happened recently and it might happen again – in your country.. If you get angry about my comment, you are already programmed. Maybe you should watch the movie: The Matrix. there is a lot of truth in it.

      • says:

        Contradict yourself. God’s plan reveal to His prophets before implimenting

        • You should read your Bible a bit better. According to the Old Testament the prophets were often sent to tell HIS people what would happen IF they do not change. HIS people were often warned. That very often they did not listen is another question. What is the point of changing if it does not make any difference because your GOD has made up HIS mind already? Why warning them through HIS prophets?

          • Tracey says:

            i like the way people refer when addressing another person religion as “YOUR GOD.” Your God, my God is the same God, man has given him a different name and interpreted his messages according to what suits them. I wish people would get it into their heads that there is only one (1) God. Secondly God himself is the only one who stands outside of time, not even Satan can see, so he has a clear indication of what is to come if man doesn’t listen. He clearly states that he repents for giving man free will, which intern allows man to change the course of destiny. His prophets warn of what will be if change doesn’t take place, but it is in the hands of man to decide his own destiny. Like a parent warns a child of danger, it is up to the child to listen to the parent, or suffer the consequences of disobedience. The bible was written in a time where people had little if no education, it was written for the masses and yet today, scholars who study religion still argue amongst themselves over the messages given for mankind to follow. Our good Lord has become a money machine. Every Sunday he is sold to the masses, because according to religion if we step out of line we will burn for eternity and be banished from our father. It is disgusting that churches across the globe can use him to bring about fear into the masses for financial gain. The son of God, walked with ordinary people who sinned everyday, he visited the jails and the lady that walked the long road with him till his death was an ex-prostitute, and yet when he entered the churches he displayed anger and rage. He called them cockroaches and accused them of changing his father’s messages for their own gain. We are not humans having a spiritual moment here on earth, but eternal spiritual beings having a human moment on a plain called Earth were good and evil fight a continual war. God understands that we are surrounded by master deceivers who do Satan’s work to mislead us. Satan has used the Church to change the messages of God and make it almost impossible to be fully righteous. The message is to be as or almost as righteous as the Son of God. This task given to mankind is impossible to reach and Satan knows that which intern installs fear within of the very God we should feel enormous love for. This breeds doubt and failure to any human trying to please his Creator. My teenage daughter said to me that she doesn’t want to get involved with religion, because she doesn’t want to feel like a failure on a daily basis. Isnt that sad.
            The biggest business today is selling God (Churches) because he represents eternal life and paradise, funeral companies, life insurance companies to look after the ones left behind and pharmaceutical companies to keep us alive. Don’t we spend a lot of energy and money keeping our wolves asleep. All messages coming through the prophets are warnings, they are not carved in stone. Mankind has choices, otherwise God would not have repented.

          • says:


            • says:


    • says:

      You are blowing smoke up my ass.

    • says:

      you are blowing smoke up my ass

    • says:


  98. Fuck the anc kaffir and coolie terrorists and criminals ,these pigs are animals.

    • says:

      you can I certainly do not want to ,not even if you pay me the amount of Zuma’s house in Nkandla

      • says:

        I see Russia becomes aggressive with China to take over South Africa and Zuma is just a toy they use. This is coming soon and Germany will rise up because what Russia is starting to do in Ukraine. America will change government and will rise to come and protect us whites her in and start a war in Europe . Many whites will flees to this country is their millions.
        South Africa. Blacks are murdering us white farmers and the government is turning a blind eye. JUSTICE WILL COME TO THE ANC who worship satanic idols and they will be judged

    • says:


  99. Koenraad says:

    The Seer spoke of Russia attacking Europe trough Turkey. Now Russia has taken over the Krim, and Turkey already treathened them with closing the Bosporus. Turkey wants to protect the Krim Tatars, who they see as native Turcs. Seer also spoke of the resurrection of the USSR. Next Russian stop might be North Ossetia, or the so called Djnepr republic. 😛

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