Two down, how many more to go?

Bravo!!! The courageous Egyptian people have done it, finally! They have sent the sub-satanic bloodthirsty tyrant packing! The lowlife tinpot thug, Hosni Mubarak (and his cronies) kept the Egyptians in a perpetual state of brutal oppression for 30 long, long years. The bloody modern day Pharaoh of Egypt was finally sent packing due to a sustained and relentless peaceful revolution by Egyptians from all walks of life and all sections of society that lasted for nearly three continuous weeks. Like all filthy despots, the bloody Hosni rat did not go before ordering one final, vicious bloodletting of innocents by unleashing his paid thugs on peaceful protesters in Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Port Said and other Egyptian cities.

But the spark did not begin in Egypt. As the entire world knows, it began in another country in the region, Tunisia, when Mohammed Bouazizi, an unemployed university graduate set himself on fire as filthy Tunisian gubmint goons harassed him for “selling vegetables without a license”. Martyr Bouazizi’s act of self-sacrifice, sad and terrible as it was, unleashed uncontrollable and unstoppable events. It sparked off mass protests in Tunisia, which was held in the vicious grip of another filthy despot, Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali and his lowly goons. After a sustained mass revolution against the tyranny and savagery of the Tunisian thug, the despicable dictator fled Tunisia like a mangy dog with its tail tucked between its hind legs.

The (till then unthinkable) events in Tunisia had its repercussions across the Arab/North African world. A region firmly under the control of criminal dictators, mediaeval monarchs supported internally and externally by a variety of forces, witnessed a flurry of protests, from Egypt and Syria to Jordan and Yemen to Algeria and Mauritania and a whole lot of other countries.

The millions of Egyptian protesters were clear in their demands when they shouted, “Tunisia is the solution”, “Mubarak, Saudi Arabia is waiting to give you asylum” and “Gamal, get out and take your father with you”. The Gamal goon (Mubarak junior and the “crown prince”) fled Egypt in the initial days itself, on sensing that the game was up for the murderous Mubarak, his family and their detestable cronies. Papa Mubarak would not give up so easily, for he maintained a vicious grip over all of Egypt for three decades with the support of Uncle Sam, the Zionists, the Western “mainstream media” morons, the CIA and their henchman (who is also Mubarak’s deputy), Omar Suleiman – the bloody scoundrel to whom Uncle Sam (the American empire) outsourced its torture business euphemistically termed as extraordinary renditions.

Peaceful protesters praying en masse on the aptly named Tahrir (Liberation) Square which has been the most important nerve-centre of anti-Mubarak protests:

The Nobel Peace laureate – the sweet-talking Barry boy, who launched his “outreach campaign to the Islamic world” from Cairo, was caught in a difficult situation on seeing the massive protests against the man who was touted by the shameless “mainstream media” morons as one of “America’s best allies” in the Middle-East. Barack declared at first that Mubarak “must respect the wishes and aspirations of the people”. The geriatric tyrant took the hint and subsequently proclaimed that “he would neither stand for elections in September nor hand over power to his son”. The protests grew even bigger with the Egyptians rejecting the vile, cunning old fox’s scheme of trying to cling on to power by hook or crook.

When the desperate despot shut down the internet and mobile communication and unleashed his murderous thugs on the the peaceful protesters, the Egyptians sensed the obvious that Mubarak was clinging on because of external support from certain powers next door and in a different continent. The mediaeval monarch Abdullah al-Saud even condemned the Egyptian protesters as “criminals, insurgents and violent anarchic elements” and urged Mubarak to put them down with an iron fist as he himself would do in his primitive desert kingdom. As the Egyptians began to see through Barry boy’s little game of running with the hares and hunting with the hounds, an increasingly desperate Uncle Sam called for “the transition to begin now”. The Egyptians are not fools, Uncle Sam, they knew you were one (along with your puppet-masters i.e. they who must not be named) who was secretly urging the tyrant to step aside only after ensuring that your interests were taken care of.

The shameless Western mainstream media’s coverage of the protests in Egypt was quite biased and filled with omissions and half-truths. Instead of reporting things as they are, they were deliberately misleading the gullible ones in the West, warning them of the “dangers of having Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood” take over. Whatever happens from now, the Muslim Brotherhood was only a hopeless follower of the Egyptian Revolution and nowhere near to leading it. It was led by the courageous Egyptians from all walks of life, young and old, rich and poor, Muslim and Christian, men and women. In sharp contrast was the honest and courageous reporting by Al-Jazeera and that of the Egyptian citizen journalists on blogs and sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

The internet is really proving to be a powerful revolutionary tool and an instrument of collective consciousness like no other. No wonder all sub-human regimes want to control the internet by any means possible. The shameless liars in the “mainstream media” are fast losing relevance and are digging their own graves by their vile, voraciously arse-licking “journalism”. Only neutral, unbiased news organisations like Al-Jazeera and some others deserve to survive while filthy gubmint news outlets and the lowly corporate media vermin deserve to occupy their rightful places in the trash heap of journalism where they belong.

Now, after a long, heroic and sustained struggle, the Egyptians have finally succeeded in throwing out the vile tyrant. But it is not over yet. They have to ensure that all the Pharaoh’s men are kicked out as well (especially Uncle Sam’s chosen henchman and outsourced torturer Suleiman) and that the 30-year emergency imposed by the scoundrel is removed immediately and that Egyptians demand and get back all their inborn rights and freedoms. But they have succeeded in one of their main aims, and I salute them for their courage, wisdom, perseverance and resilience. I share their inexplicable joy in getting rid of a satanic scoundrel who kept them in a vicious grip of misery and brutal oppression for over three long, painful decades. Congratulations to the courageous Egyptian people!!!

The question is: Two turdy tyrants down, how many more to go? The revolutionary wave sweeping the Arab/North African world deserves to turn into a tsunami and wash out all despicable dictators, mediaeval monarchs and other loony goons wielding power and the long suffering peoples of the region deserve a new dawn. This is much more than a single revolution in a single country. This is a serial revolutionary movement sweeping across the region. The last time a serial revolutionary movement like this happened was when the bloody Red totalitarian mass-murdering commie hordes were thrown out by the hapless masses they had enslaved for nearly half a century in Eastern & Central Europe as the evil Red Soviet empire (and its sidekicks) deservedly imploded and collapsed upon themselves after having reaped the fruits of the evil they had sown earlier.

I guess this is going to spread to other countries after the heroic revolutions have succeeded in two countries. I also sincerely wish this spreads far and wide and the long-suffering Kashmiri nation and the brutally oppressed Kashmiri people liberate themselves by kicking out the filthy, sadistic, sub-human, paan-and-gutka-chewing hordes of barbaric Indian savages and their rabid semi-literate mercenary dogs who have unleashed heinous oppression on the hapless Kashmiris with full impunity given by the sub-satanic laws (AFSPA, DAA, PSA etc.) of the stinking Indian shit pit of an evil empire.

Perhaps this might go beyond the region and its extended neighborhood. Perhaps the fast unfolding events in the volatile Middle East/West Asia/North Africa really challenge the existing order. “The powers that be” (TPTB) will then let loose the mother of all wars (WW III) that they have been planning for long and waiting for the appropriate time to unleash. When that is about to happen or while it is happening, the time would be ripe for the Second American Revolution to take place. Or perhaps this might just fizzle out with Tunisia and Egypt with the stinking despots clamping down with an iron fist on further protests as all sub-human regimes do. Whatever, the events that unfolded in Tunisia and Egypt were predicted with great accuracy by a modern-day Nostradamus. More on that in another post.

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Why on Earth are so many animals dying en masse?

It’s yet another of those things the notorious scoundrels working for the controlled “mainstream media” establishments don’t want you to know. They’re doing their best to cover it up, make all these recent mass animal deaths around the world sound like petty isolated incidents or are offering absolutely ridiculous “explanations” that even a dimwit with half-a-brain would know are false. If one ever gets to learn the true scale of these recent mass animal deaths, then one would naturally begin to ask questions and start searching for answers.

Questions that the controlled “mainstream media” clowns don’t want you to ask. Answers that the information peddlers don’t want you to learn under any circumstances. A delightfully addictive state of non-thinking brainwashed ignorance is what “the powers that be” (TPTB) have decided to keep the masses in. A non-thinking state in which the ordinary masses of slaves begin to enjoy their own enslavement so that the “elite” hordes can continue to do what their ilk have done since the beginning of human civilisation – oppressing the masses, manufacturing “crises” in order to concentrate more and more power in fewer and fewer hands, creating imaginary enemies, going to war, shedding massive amounts of human blood (only that of the expendable sheeple and mercenary thugs, of course), looting resources, destroying environments and setting humankind back on the path to the Stone Age.

What is it they don’t want you to know? First, they don’t want you to know the sheer inexplicable nature in which the animals are dying en masse. Countless birds in different places across the globe are literally falling out of the sky dead:

Some of the “explanations” offered by the controlled “mainstream media” information peddlers would be hilarious, if they were not so preposterous – such as “New Year fireworks” or a possible “collision with an airliner” 🙄 causing these mass bird deaths. New Year fireworks! 😆 The shameless fellows! 😡

Second, it is not just limited to birds. Fish are dying in different places, not by the hundreds, not by the thousands or even tens of thousands but by the hundreds of thousands and millions 😯

Note what the so-called “officials” are explaining it away as, faithfully repeated by their boot-licking information peddlers – “cold stress” 🙄 Outrageous as it sounds, let us for a moment assume that two million fish suddenly died of “the cold” in the USA (in the Northern Hemisphere). Did 100 tons of fish (yes, 100 tons of ’em 😯 ) also die in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (in the Southern Hemisphere) because of “the cold” at the same time of the year 😕

No, they don’t think the sheeple are that dumbed-down, as of now. The “mainstream media” news mongers are blaming it on “an algal bloom” :mrgreen: Thank heavens they didn’t blame it on “collision with a ship” as they did in the case of the birds 🙄

Third, there are plenty of other suspicious mass animal deaths, too. For a great website containing the links to all these mass deaths, this terrible aflockalypse as they term it, take a look at this page here. I guess they’ve stopped updating the page a while ago, but the mass die-offs continue unabated. The comments section does contain updates (with links) by readers from around the world though, as does this constantly updated page. Here is a map showing the mass die-offs:

Aflockalypse map

The Aflockalypse Map

Fourth, they don’t wan’t you to notice something, ahem, fishy about it. (That putrid, unbearable stench of rotten fish 😮 ) Except for one or two, most of the mass deaths have taken place within a certain latitude range on both sides of the equator. But one cannot but help notice that the bulk of these mass deaths have occurred in one particular region of the globe. The very same region, where not too long ago, a certain petroleum corporation was responsible for a furious, uncontrolled oil gusher that released God-knows-how many (kilo?/mega?/giga?/tera?)litres of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. And then satanically covered it up with a little help from Uncle Sam and his goons in the District of Criminals, by using deadly chemicals (what was that thing called, corexit?) and a total black out and control of any kind of information, thanks to the controlled “mainstream media” news peddling jokers. I wonder if the ocean currents and migratory pattern of birds would be able to link more deaths in other places to the Gulf of Mexico disaster?

There are so many plausible theories floating about the web (not counting the ridiculous ones dished out by TPTB and their media boot-lickers), that I’m not sure which one (or which combination of ’em) is true. The Bee Pee goons are a prime suspect, considering the geographical location of many of these sudden, inexplicable mass deaths. But the greed, incompetence and criminal negligence of the Big Oil bashi-bazouks (and their backers in the form of certain Wall Street crooks) isn’t certainly the only possible explanation.

Remember the Mayan calendar and all that 2012 stuff? Some are offering the explanation that these mass deaths can indeed be explained by a pole shift that is beginning to occur, with the changing magnetic field of the Earth causing these deaths either directly, or indirectly. Or due to increased solar radiation, or a combination of both. Though possible, it doesn’t sound too convincing to me.

These mass deaths being caused by HAARP is another theory that is floating about. Yet another one links it to a diabolical experiment with chemicals (chemical weapons?) that is deliberately being covered up. What gives some degree of credibility to this theory is that there is one man who could have explained it all, exposed all that has been happening to the public. And he is now dead, just like those poor birds and fishes. As you may suspect, he didn’t just die. He was brutally and sadistically murdered in cold blood, but not before being drugged and robbed of his briefcase (containing incriminating documentary evidence against TPTB?)

It was a stern message from TPTB to any potential insider like him who would feel troubled by his/her humane conscience that (s)he is being part of a diabolically evil plot against the welfare of humankind and consider going public with the info. No, they aren’t fake, set-up “whistleblowers” and disinfo/psy-ops agents in the pay of TPTB like that hero-to-zero-to-hero-to-zero Julian “Cablegate” Assange and his Wiki dumps. These are the real whistleblowers with real inside information that could expose TPTB. And as is expected of all such true whistleblowers who are about to go public, they either end up “dead under mysterious circumstances”, “commit suicide” or “die in an accident”. Dead men tell no tales, you see.

Listen to this news report, which of course, is not going to tell you the possible links between his brutal murder and what has been going on. You will have to look elsewhere for that. With the fe(de)ral thugs of the FBI rushing in to “assist” the police with investigations, one can bet a thousand tons of fish that a massive cover-up is in the works, whether John Wheeler’s murder is linked to the mass animal deaths or indeed, to something else.

Natural or man-made, what do all these sudden, inexplicable mass animal deaths taking place at the same time possibly mean for humans 😕 Heard of the canary in the coal mine?

If it is birds and fish today, it may indeed be humans tomorrow 😐 Come to think of it, this deliberate under/incomplete/misleading reporting by the controlled “mainstream media” news-mongers is only to be expected. If these lowly, shameless, voraciously boot-licking, controlled media morons can deliberately under-report and brush under the carpet the willful mass-murder and genocide of humans in the filthy, satanic turd world shit pits of the world, then what do they care about animals and birds? Hopefully, whenever the theoretical natural/man-made/divine mass cull of humans takes place in the future, the worst fate would be reserved for the vile falsehood mongers among the controlled “mainstream media” lowlives 👿

Let’s not forget the ones who believe in religion and the prophecies of old. The believers think these mass animal deaths are indeed a sign of the times. From Hosea 4:2-3

There is only cursing, lying and murder, stealing and adultery; they break all bounds, and bloodshed follows bloodshed. Because of this the land mourns, and all who live in it waste away; the beasts of the field and the birds of the air and the fish of the sea are dying.

Better still, is Zephaniah 1:2-3

“I will sweep away everything from the face of the earth,” declares the LORD. “I will sweep away both men and animals; I will sweep away the birds of the air and the fish of the sea. The wicked will have only heaps of rubble when I cut off man from the face of the earth,” declares the LORD.

And it gets even better in Zephaniah 1:7-18

Be silent before the Sovereign LORD, for the day of the LORD is near. The LORD has prepared a sacrifice; he has consecrated those he has invited. On the day of the LORD’s sacrifice I will punish the princes and the king’s sons and all those clad in foreign clothes. On that day I will punish all who avoid stepping on the threshold, who fill the temple of their gods with violence and deceit. “On that day,” declares the LORD, “a cry will go up from the Fish Gate, wailing from the New Quarter, and a loud crash from the hills. Wail, you who live in the market district; all your merchants will be wiped out, all who trade with silver will be ruined.

At that time I will search Jerusalem with lamps and punish those who are complacent, who are like wine left on its dregs, who think, ‘The LORD will do nothing, either good or bad.’ Their wealth will be plundered, their houses demolished. They will build houses but not live in them; they will plant vineyards but not drink the wine. “The great day of the LORD is near–near and coming quickly. Listen! The cry on the day of the LORD will be bitter, the shouting of the warrior there.

That day will be a day of wrath, a day of distress and anguish, a day of trouble and ruin, a day of darkness and gloom, a day of clouds and blackness, a day of trumpet and battle cry against the fortified cities and against the corner towers. I will bring distress on the people and they will walk like blind men, because they have sinned against the LORD. THEIR BLOOD WILL BE POURED OUT LIKE DUST AND THEIR ENTRAILS LIKE FILTH! Neither their silver nor their gold will be able to save them on the day of the LORD’s wrath. In the fire of His anger the WHOLE WORLD will be consumed, FOR THE LORD WILL MAKE A SUDDEN END OF ALL WHO LIVE ON THE EARTH!”

Woweeee! It sounds so exciting to me!!!   😛

Yipeeee! The end of the world is near! TEOTWAWKI! The end of the world!!!   😛

Alas! The only issue here is that the Bible prophecy seems to have already been carried out in the past 😦 on ancient Jerusalem and its hordes, and may not exactly be a sign of the current times. But who knows? 2012 or not, there still seems to be a chance left, even if it is a slim one 😐


So what do you think of the terrible aflockalypse and about it being a possible sign for TEOTWAWKI?


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Here is something that simply should not be missed!

In a world of sordid deception, satanic cover-ups and broadcast of big, blatant lies, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. On a planet run by powerful, turdy cabals of evil forces and filled to the brim with hopelessly clueless sheeple who haven’t the faintest idea about what distinguishes the real truth from “packaged” falsehood, telling the truth becomes even more difficult, if not impossible. For the hordes and hordes of rabidly brainwashed, shockingly gullible sheeple, anything uttered by the filthy tongues of the controlled “mainstream media” whores and arse-lickers (paid messengers of the sub-satanic forces) becomes the “truth”. So hopelessly deceived they are in their zombified sheeple state.

The unfortunate sheeple! 😦 I’m not aware if there’s anything in the universe that could possibly cure them of their advanced stage sheeploriasis, the dreaded disease where otherwise healthy and intelligent members of Homo sapiens sapiens become SO hopelessly brainwashed and trained to voraciously lap up whatever is dished out by the stinking “mainstream media” whores 😡  In a world where people become ever so eager to voluntarily and completely throw their own thinking and reasoning abilities out of the window for good 😯 , there is possibly nothing that can wake up the sheeple from their induced zombie state, one where the sheeple hordes are lined up and led to the slaughterhouse by the satanic judas goats  👿 After all, it’s quite impossible to save sheeple who are trained to believe that being led to the slaughterhouse by judas goats would be the best thing to ever happen to them   😐

Let the hardcore sheeple continue following the judas goats on what they believe is going to be a pleasure trip. For those sheeple willing to turn a new leaf and realise the extent to which they have been taken for a ride by the evil forces and their filthy arse-licking “mainstream media” whores, here is a video that simply cannot be missed!

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The rape of Kashmir

Poor Kashmiris! God knows how many more Kashmiri children have to be murdered in cold blood on the streets of Kashmir by hordes of semi-literate, trigger-happy mercenary killers of the CRPF, J&K police and Indian army, how many more Kashmiri fathers, brothers, uncles and grandfathers have to “disappear” forever from their families, how many more mass graves have to be dug up for the victims of of such “disappearances”, how many more Kashmiri girls, women and pregnant mothers have to be gang-raped by turdy savages who have complete immunity for their heinous crimes (under the world’s filthiest laws like the AFSPA, DAA, PSA etc.), how many more Kashmiri freedom fighters have to be locked up, beaten and tortured indefinitely without charges, how many more innocent Kashmiri school kids have to be martyred on the streets of blood soaked Kashmir before they finally become free from the brutal oppressive military occupation of the Indian empire, before they finally get their well-deserved ‘Azaadi’ (freedom). I can only pray that not many more will have to shed their blood before Kashmir becomes free of the indescribable evil and unspeakable brutality of the mercenary occupiers unleashed by the uncouth, barbaric turd world Indian empire.

Shameless, conscienceless, worthless, hypocritical, pea-brained Indian hordes! The masses of lowlife Hindoid barbarians are delightedly watching the butchering of unarmed kids on the streets of Kashmir, yelling with delight as the world’s filthiest sub-human liars, the “Indian mainstream media” scoundrels, lie and lie and lie about how kids as young as ten and twelve years old, armed with nothing more than pebbles and stones, are “Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists” who are killed by bullets and teargas shells to their tender heads by the “brave security forces” in the ongoing “unrest” in Kashmir.

I wonder how the pea-brained, shameless, hypocritical Indian hordes ever get to sleep at night. The lowly liars would never waste a single opportunity whenever the chance presents itself to rabidly lie and brainwash hopelessly naive, completely clueless and unbelievably gullible people about what a “non-violent and peaceful” country the murderous Indian empire is, about how they supposedly “never colonised or oppressed” any people at any time in history, about how they were “terrible victims” of British colonialism (that was supposedly “comparable to Nazism”). Shameless, uncouth, unethical, immoral, hypocritical, conscienceless liars! If the colonialism of the British empire was bad, then the colonisation, oppression and brutalisation of the occupied peoples of Kashmir, Manipur, Nagalim etc. (and lately the hapless tribals of central and eastern India) by the evil Indian empire is a thousand times worse! Even the British empire was not so evil as to give its mercenaries total immunity to commit heinous crimes as the evil Indian empire has done (look up the world’s filthiest law – the ASPFA which is nothing short of a licence to murder). The next time the f***ing sewer people of the filthy Indian “mainstream media” make noises about the so-called “racist Aussies” punching the faces of a few immigration scamsters down under, the Australian media needs to point out how the filthy Indian empire pursues an official policy of racist oppression, gang-rape and cold-blooded murder of little Kashmiri boys and girls. Turdy, pea-brained, regressive, uncouth Indian hordes are among the lowliest of the low, filthiest of the filthy, hypocritical, lying, murderous, savage barbarians to have ever walked upon this planet.

Bad as the British empire was, at least it had some colonial officers who were men of high integrity, character, ethics and had a conscience that ensured that the masses of turdy lowlife mercenaries they supervised (Indian hordes themselves) had their sub-human, animal instincts kept in check. Moreover, the British empire had genuinely good people who came to the “empire’s crown jewel” to work among the “natives”. Men and women who weren’t direct servants of the empire (or its notorious predecessor, the East India Company), but people driven by a genuine Christian spirit of helping one’s fellow humans. They may have been “closet racists” who secretly believed they were carrying out the “White Christian man’s burden of civilising the savages and pagans” but that is immaterial. What cannot be denied is that they were genuine humane people, those large numbers of Christian missionaries, doctors, nurses, educators, social reformers, scientists and naturalists who descended on the British Indian empire and the services they rendered to the “natives” (who were wallowing like pigs in the filth of a grossly primitive, regressive feudal “culture”) were usually of a good humane nature.

It cannot be denied that the pea-brained feudal-minded barbarians of the Indian sub-continent learnt some aspects of civilised behaviour only because of the modern Western system of education introduced by the Brits. It would have never occurred to their tiny pea-brains otherwise, given the filth of their lowly, regressive “culture”. The shameless, uncouth, worthless Indian hordes will never admit it, but the organised “Indian freedom movement” itself was never started by the Indian hordes themselves, but by some humane, civilised, decent Brits! It may sound unbelievable, but it is 100% true! The foundations of the “Indian freedom movement” itself was laid indirectly by a few good, decent, humane, conscientious people like one particular Scottish ornithologist who wanted a greater say for the Indian hordes in the governance of the empire. There were many more such men (and some women, too) who had genuine concern for the well-being and advancement of the “natives” of the “empire on which the sun never set”. When I was young, my grandmother (a wonderful story-teller who enthralled her grandkids with both stories and real-life incidents) told us of one Brit doc who went well beyond his call of duty in curing patients, caring for their well-being and controlling the spread of deadly diseases. People like that were not rare. Google the name of the man who was instrumental in controlling malaria. Had it not been for his humane, scientific soul, this killer tropical disease spread by bloodsucking mosquitoes would have consumed millions of more lives of the regressive, primitive, uncouth Indian hordes every year as it did till then.

In fact, it was none other than the current unelected prime minister of the Indian empire, the bloody blue-turbaned thug (inhu)Man-mohan Singh, who has his hands soiled with barrels of innocent Kashmiri blood, who actually praised the contributions of many Brits towards India while receiving an award from a British university not too long ago. Well, he may be a decent economist, though he is far from being an honorable man, the bloody blue-turbaned thug, but he was actually being candid on that occasion. Unlike his recent fake promise of stopping rights abuses in Kashmir, only to be followed by the unleashing of the most savage repression on Kashmiri freedom fighters, many Brits in the then British Indian empire were actually men of honour, conscience and a genuine humane Christian spirit.

That’s so completely unlike the semi-literate mercenary savages that the filthy, uncouth, evil, turd world Indian empire has unleashed upon the hapless people of Indian-occupied Kashmir (and other areas). The worthless creatures who kill, murder, rape, loot and plunder with full impunity given by the world’s filthiest laws like the AFSPA. The conscienceless murderers who spray bullets on ambulances and medicos transporting the dying and maimed to hospitals. The heartless trigger-happy thugs who pump dozens of bullets into pebble-throwing kids on the streets of blood-soaked Kashmir.

No matter what the world’s filthiest liars (the Indian “mainstream media” scum) may dish out, this phase of the Kashmiri freedom struggle is NOT led by the “Pakistan-sponsored terrorists of the LeT”. NOR is it led by “the Kashmiri militants of the JKLF”. NOR is it led by the “separatist leaders” who have mostly lost the respect of the Kashmiris.

It’s a full blown freedom struggle against a bloody, sadistic, turd world evil empire that has unleashed hordes of trigger-happy mercenaries upon the helpless people of Kashmir. Mark my words, what the world is witnessing now in blood-soaked Kashmir is history being made. It’s a full blown freedom struggle led by none other than ordinary teenagers and kids. It’s an unarmed freedom struggle led by lads whose tender hands ought to be holding pens and typing on keyboards instead of throwing stones. It’s an unarmed freedom struggle that’s being led by boys who ought to be kicking soccer balls instead of kicking at the evil armoured vehicles that carry the cowardly mercenary killers who pump bullets into teenagers. This is a righteous freedom struggle against an evil occupational empire that never hesitates to mass murder as many kids as possible, rape as many women as possible and butcher as many innocents as possible in order to maintain its evil, vice-like grip on the throat of Kashmir.

As a matter of fact, there is a song that is rapidly becoming the liberation song of these teenaged, unarmed Kashmiri freedom fighters, even as they are being savagely and brutally oppressed by the mercenaries of the evil, uncouth turd world Indian empire. It goes like this:

I got no pistol,
Ain’t got no sword.
I got no army,
Ain’t got no land.
All I got is stones in my hand.

Watch this video of what is just another day for hapless Kashmiris under the brutal, sub-human, barbaric, repressive, murderous occupation of the savage, filthy, uncouth, rapacious, evil, turd world Indian empire:

Like all evil empires in world history, however powerful, murderous, evil and uncouth they may seem, the turd world Indian empire will reap what it is sowing in terms of spilled blood in Kashmir and elsewhere. Like all those bloody imperial occupiers who not only had to bite the dust, but watch in agony as their failed, evil empires deservedly crumbled into pieces and the hordes who willingly played a part in the crimes of their empire suffer the severe consequences of their evil actions, the worthless, conscienceless, inhuman, hypocritical, lying, deceptive, uncouth hordes of the evil Indian empire will eventually have to reap the consequences of their murderous deeds. And the barbaric hordes have done it and are doing it not just in Kashmir, but in Nagalim, Manipur, Mizoram, Asom, the tribal heartlands and elsewhere. That’s an unbelievable quantity of blood that the uncouth, pea-brained, primitive, blood-thirsty turd world Indian hordes have accumulated on their filthy hands. The spilled blood of countless innocents that will eventually come back to haunt them down wherever they go and whatever they do. The crimes that the uncouth, savage, turdy Hindoid hordes allow to be commited with impunity in their name will one day have their dreaded but well-deserved consequences for the worthless lowlife feudal barbarians that (over)populate the turd world Indian empire.

As one Sikh organisation, whose people were at the receiving end of the brutalities of the evil Indian empire not too long ago put it while condemning the barbaric murderous repression unleashed on Kashmiris, “The Indian establishment is drunk with power and arrogance”. Yes, the barbarians who run the evil, uncouth turd world Indian empire are drunk with power and the sheer arrogance that they can do any evil and crimes and get away with it. Not for long, turdy, sewery, sub-human savages, not for long! There is a limit to which any evil empire, however demonic, sub-human, murderous, blood-thirsty, evil and powerful it may be, can get away with its crimes against humanity. All the murderous evil empires throughout world history have collapsed like a pack of cards due to their own heinous crimes against humanity once they crossed the threshold of a crime limit, after which their evil deeds boomeranged upon them as well as the worthless hordes who were willing participants and/or gleeful observers of the heinous crimes of their evil empires. The evil, uncouth, sub-human, unethical, immoral, savage turd world Indian empire passed that threshold a long time ago with its never ending thirst for the blood of innocents. What goes around comes around, and the turdy, uncouth, voraciously arse-licking Hindoid savages will ultimately have to reap what they have sown!

As for my Kashmiri brothers and sisters, I’m terribly ashamed at the way in which you are being brutalised, oppressed, murdered, raped and butchered in cold blood by the world’s bloodiest evil empire in recent history. I have no words to console you, knowing that there are no words in any language that can ease the pain of what you are being subjected to by the semi-literate, uncouth, conscienceless, bloodthirsty mercenary lowlives unleashed upon you. I can fully understand any hatred that you may have for me. Please understand that not everyone of those worthless, feudal-minded, murderous, regressive, savage, uncouth hordes that you call as Indians are shameless, conscienceless, demonic murderous scum, gleefully watching and celebrating as you are being raped, murdered and butchered in cold blood. A great many of them are, but not all. I have absolutely no part to play in the inhuman evil that you are being subjected to. Forgive me if my taxes are being used to savagely repress you for I have no control over them. I have absolutely no part to play in the evil that the sub-human Hindoid barbarians have unleashed against you. I hate the evil that you are being subjected to as much as you do. Wish you good luck in your courageous freedom struggle in overthrowing the evil yoke that you have been subjected to. I pray for your safety and well-being in the face of the horrendous crimes unleashed against you and wish that you get to enjoy your well-deserved ‘Azaadi’ as soon as possible. As for the conscienceless, shameless, lowlife uncouth creatures that are responsible for inflicting those heinous miseries upon you, they shall get their deserved comeuppance for their crimes against humanity soon, they truly will, those lowlife, voraciously arse-licking, turdy, pea-brained, uncouth, savage barbaric Hindoid scum beings!

Free, free Kashmir! End the f***ing bloody Indian occupation now! Azaadi for Kashmiris! Viva Free Kashmir!

(Note: The territory of Kashmir used to be a princely state during the days of the British Indian empire. When the former British Indian empire was split into two empirelings – the evil, turd world Pakistani and Indian empires, the two newly formed empirelings militarily occupied different parts of Kashmir by using a combination of brute force, naked aggression and deception on the people of Kashmir who just wanted freedom. Pakistan-occupied Kashmir consists of the territories of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit & Baltistan. Indian-occupied Kashmir is known as Jammu & Kashmir. The evil Chinese empire occupies a third part of Kashmir known as Aksai Chin that it militarily annexed when it defeated the evil Indian empire in a short border war in 1962. The issue of Kashmir was taken to the UN which resolved that an internationally-monitored plebiscite should be held in which Kashmiris would be free to decide whether they wanted to join India, Pakistan or become free. However, the two empires have been loath to conduct a plebiscite fearing the results. Especially the evil Indian empire knows that the people of Kashmir would never join the Indian empire after all the atrocities and graves crimes that it has committed against the Kashmiris. The uncouth, shameless turd world Indian empire went back on the promise of plebiscite that was repeatedly assured to the Kashmiris by “leaders” of the Indian empire.

Now, the filthy Indian empire views it as a supposedly “internal issue” or at best a “bilateral issue” with the Pakistani empire, shamelessly lying and reneging on the repeated assurances and promises of a plebiscite for the Kashmiris. Meanwhile, it continues to hold the hapless Kashmiris in an iron grip of state-sponsored terror, violence, repression, barbarism, murder, rape, torture, curfews, human rights abuses, repression, disappearances and mass graves. The shameless “international community” and the lowly, worthless “international mainstream media” continue to gloss over the atrocities perpetrated in Kashmir by the world’s largest turd world barbarocratic sham democracy. The less said about the filthy Indian “mainstream media” liars and the lowly, uncouth, savage, shameless, conscienceless, primitive, regressive, barbaric Indian hordes, the better. It’s completely futile to expect any decency, conscience, humanity or civilised behaviour from hordes and hordes of rabidly overbreeding, semi-literate, pea-brained, feudal-minded, regressive, uncouth turd world barbarians drunk with power and the arrogance that they can get away with committing any crime.)

(All photos posted here are courtesy of the Kashmiri newspaper, Rising Kashmir.)

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A tale of two teams

How about trying to put the ball at the back of the opponent’s net for a change, Monsieur Anelka?


Whether it’s trying to foment a players’ rebellion against the coach or sleeping with a team-mate’s wife, John seems to be a Terryfic team man!


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FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa threatened by racial tension, violent crime

This was a post that I originally wrote for truthDive

In less than 10 weeks from now, most inhabitants of planet Earth will be in the firm grip of an “illness” that is sure to have a much wider geographical spread and a greater reach than any flu caused by lowly viruses like the H1N1 strain. As football fever takes over the world, schools will witness a sudden drop in attendance, organisations will have to watch helplessly as productivity plummets and entertainers who aren’t smart enough to reschedule their performances to avoid a clash with match times will have to play to empty galleries. After all, it’s only once in four years that the world’s greatest and most popular spectacle, the FIFA World Cup, takes place.

The 19th soccer World Cup (2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa) will be the first time that the tournament is being staged on the African continent. South Africa won the rights to host the event, edging out Morocco and Egypt in the all-African bidding process. Despite initial concerns and relocation rumours, FIFA has stood by South Africa and expressed confidence in the the ability of the hosts to stage a successful World Cup.

Even if the South Africans have managed to overcome problems related to infrastructure and logistics, it’s hardly going to be a smooth ride for the tournament. High rates of violent crime and uneasy relations between the peoples of the “Rainbow Nation” are things that could turn out to be a nightmare for the hosts and their guests from around the world. With only a little more than two months to go before the tournament kicks off, race relations have taken a sudden turn for the worse.

Eugène Terre’Blanche, the founder and leader of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) party, was murdered on his own farm in Ventersdorp, allegedly by two of his employees over a “wage-dispute”. Described by the mainstream media as a “white supremacist”, leader of a “far-right party” with very little support, Eugène Terre’Blanche was a hated figure for many, and some even go to the extent of claiming he deserved what he got.

However, the brutal murder of the aptly-named Terre’Blanche (which can be translated from French as “White Earth” or “White Land”) should not be seen in isolation, whether it was over a wage dispute or not. Even after the transition from the apartheid regime to a supposedly democratic government, South Africa cannot be called a peaceful country by any stretch of the imagination. Though violent crime is a terrible nightmare for all South Africans, be they White or Black or any one else, the White citizens (4.5 million or about 10% of the population) of the country, particularly the Afrikaans-speakers (Afrikaners), are at the receiving end of the most violent, horrific and brutal crimes.

Many Afrikaners feel they are being subjected to a slow, but extremely violent genocide. If the horrible farm murders are anything to go by, then their claims are certainly true. After the transition in 1994, out of 40 000 White farmers in South Africa, more than 3 000 farmers and their family members have been brutally murdered, often after being raped and/or tortured in the most horrific ways. The South African regime also supports dictator Robert Mugabe of neighbouring Zimbabwe, whose tyranny and violence against dissenters and commercial farmers led to the complete collapse of Zimbabwean society.

Genocide Watch believes the terrible violence against Afrikaner farmers constitutes warning signs of genocide. However, the international community and “mainstream media” deliberately continues to ignore these signs. Even in the event of all-out genocide against the Afrikaners (there are plenty of rumours of about “Uhuru” or a planned campaign of genocidal ethnic cleansing against White South Africans), it is unlikely that they will get any support, as all the uncivilised regimes of the Third World would band together to support a genocide taking place under a fellow Third World regime. The shameless international “mainstream media” would deliberately turn a blind eye, as they usually do.

Faced with an uncertain, violent future, many Whites (including Afrikaners) are emigrating to other countries. Others want Afrikaners to form a separate homeland called Volkstaat. Considering the fact that Eugène Terre’Blanche was planning to consolidate the AWB and make international efforts to form an Afrikaner homeland, it raises questions about his brutal murder. This comes after Julius Malema, the president of the ruling African National Congress’ Youth League sang a controversial song that included lyrics like “kill the boer”. While André Visagie of the AWB initially called the murder “a declaration of war against the Whites” and vowed to extract “revenge” for the murder, the party later retracted its stand and instructed its members not to indulge in any form of violence.

Racial tension is not the only thing that worries South Africa ahead of the World Cup. The country is plagued by extremely high levels of violent crime. The rate of assaults and murders is very high, car-jackings and armed robberies are quite common while rape is endemic in South Africa with monstrous levels of child/infant rape. The government and tournament organisers claim crime levels have seen a reduction ahead of the tournament, but the safety of soccer fans and visitors still remains a worry.

Watch this chilling video of certain criminal elements openly declaring that fans and tourists were an easy target during the World Cup:

Faced with such threats, the 2010 World Cup may not attract spectators in droves as expected earlier. Many fans may feel that it’s better to watch the spectacle on television, as the risks associated with going to South Africa may be uncomfortably high.

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Petting one’s way out of pain

Pet animals have always been one of Mother Nature’s best gifts to humankind. According to a new study, stroking a pet can help persons recovering from surgery cut their use of painkillers in half.

At the 18th Annual Conference of the International Society of Anthrozoology and the First Human Animal Interaction Conference (HAI) in Kansas City, researchers have presented their findings about pet therapy. According to the researchers, patients recovering from joint-replacement surgeries required 50% less painkillers if they used pet therapy.

A British charity, Pets and Therapy, has been helping patients recover by taking animals into care homes, hospices, hospitals and children’s wards. To read more, click here.

I guess adopting a cute and cuddly little pet would be a much better option than ruining one’s health with an overdose of pain-killers. Enjoy this funny pet video 🙂

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