A great future for Ubuntu?

I think Mother Earth and Father Time have ganged up against this alien 😦 ,so some of my unfinished posts will have to wait for some more time.

Can the penguin make us throw Microsoft out of the window?


This one is about open source software in general and the Linux operating system in particular.I actually like proprietary software like the Windows operating system for the ease of use factor.However,different versions of Windows have let me down very badly when I needed them the most,so I took a look at some versions of Linux some time ago and was hooked so completely that I use both Windows and Linux side-by-side these days.When it comes to other software,I usually prefer the open source ones.Read more about the battle between open source and proprietary software on this link.

I hope Linux distros (vendors’ versions of the Linux operating system) marginalise Windows in the future,but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.I say this because I took a look at one of the most promising Linux distros for beginners,Ubuntu,and I liked it so much that I immediately downloaded it and burned it on a CD.It was a very smooth journey till then,but my problems began when I tried to install the operating system.It seems that I use a rare video card on my home computer and what is worse is that Ubuntu has got several issues with my video card.I tried my best and also made use of the online forums but I simply could not succeed in installing Ubuntu.Ofcourse,there is a limit to the amount of time one can spend on installing an operating system and so I gave up 😦

While I think that open source software is a wonderful idea,the average home computer user will have to wait.Linux is making serious inroads into Microsoft territory in the work and educational environments.Offering Linux distros bundled with personal computers is a great idea to popularise Linux.But Linux distributors will have to think of widening their driver database (a device driver is a software component that interacts with a hardware device) if they even want to think of challenging Microsoft.

That is the sad part,because I would prefer friendly penguins that are full of life to windows that are made of dead wood or metal.Ofcourse that may be because I am the kind of person who,if asked to choose between a dog and a diamond,would always choose the dog 😀

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2 Responses to A great future for Ubuntu?

  1. Richard Chapman says:

    Good news! Ubuntu isn’t the ONLY Linux. As a matter of fact, it isn’t even the best Linux. That award goes to, drum roll please, the one that works the best on your hardware. But how would you know? You only tried one Linux out of 10 possible distributions, the top ten on Distrowatch. Oh, one more little criticism. The title of your post should have read “A great future for Ubuntu?”. Because you tested Ubuntu, not the OS on the Mars Landers or the OS installed on 75% of the top 500 super computers or the OS that runs the National Security Agency of the United States Government. According to you, there isn’t a “great future” for those installations, maybe you should write them a note. Or maybe you could just name the culprit that was the cause of your disappointment, Ubuntu.

    You didn’t name the “rare video card” that gave you all the trouble. That’s like taking a car to a mechanic and not telling him what went wrong. It also makes your argument weak.

  2. Raj says:


    Thanks for your response and the little criticism.I agree that the title should have been “A great future for Ubuntu?”.I have edited the title after reading your comment.

    Anyway,I wanted to write about Linux in general without getting into the details (as this is not a technical blog),so I did not mention the name of the video card.

    You are correct in saying that the hardware should determine the distro.But I think Ubuntu would be the best bet for a normal Windows user who wants to switch to Linux.

    And don’t worry about the last line in the post.I did not mean to say that Windows is a diamond compared to Linux.Not at all.As far as I am concerned,a diamond is just a polished lifeless stone,and is quite worthless when compared to man’s best friend 🙂

    And by the way,I really hope that Linux marginalises Windows as soon as possible.The sooner,the better.

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