Two down, how many more to go?

Bravo!!! The courageous Egyptian people have done it, finally! They have sent the sub-satanic bloodthirsty tyrant packing! The lowlife tinpot thug, Hosni Mubarak (and his cronies) kept the Egyptians in a perpetual state of brutal oppression for 30 long, long years. The bloody modern day Pharaoh of Egypt was finally sent packing due to a sustained and relentless peaceful revolution by Egyptians from all walks of life and all sections of society that lasted for nearly three continuous weeks. Like all filthy despots, the bloody Hosni rat did not go before ordering one final, vicious bloodletting of innocents by unleashing his paid thugs on peaceful protesters in Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Port Said and other Egyptian cities.

But the spark did not begin in Egypt. As the entire world knows, it began in another country in the region, Tunisia, when Mohammed Bouazizi, an unemployed university graduate set himself on fire as filthy Tunisian gubmint goons harassed him for “selling vegetables without a license”. Martyr Bouazizi’s act of self-sacrifice, sad and terrible as it was, unleashed uncontrollable and unstoppable events. It sparked off mass protests in Tunisia, which was held in the vicious grip of another filthy despot, Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali and his lowly goons. After a sustained mass revolution against the tyranny and savagery of the Tunisian thug, the despicable dictator fled Tunisia like a mangy dog with its tail tucked between its hind legs.

The (till then unthinkable) events in Tunisia had its repercussions across the Arab/North African world. A region firmly under the control of criminal dictators, mediaeval monarchs supported internally and externally by a variety of forces, witnessed a flurry of protests, from Egypt and Syria to Jordan and Yemen to Algeria and Mauritania and a whole lot of other countries.

The millions of Egyptian protesters were clear in their demands when they shouted, “Tunisia is the solution”, “Mubarak, Saudi Arabia is waiting to give you asylum” and “Gamal, get out and take your father with you”. The Gamal goon (Mubarak junior and the “crown prince”) fled Egypt in the initial days itself, on sensing that the game was up for the murderous Mubarak, his family and their detestable cronies. Papa Mubarak would not give up so easily, for he maintained a vicious grip over all of Egypt for three decades with the support of Uncle Sam, the Zionists, the Western “mainstream media” morons, the CIA and their henchman (who is also Mubarak’s deputy), Omar Suleiman – the bloody scoundrel to whom Uncle Sam (the American empire) outsourced its torture business euphemistically termed as extraordinary renditions.

Peaceful protesters praying en masse on the aptly named Tahrir (Liberation) Square which has been the most important nerve-centre of anti-Mubarak protests:

The Nobel Peace laureate – the sweet-talking Barry boy, who launched his “outreach campaign to the Islamic world” from Cairo, was caught in a difficult situation on seeing the massive protests against the man who was touted by the shameless “mainstream media” morons as one of “America’s best allies” in the Middle-East. Barack declared at first that Mubarak “must respect the wishes and aspirations of the people”. The geriatric tyrant took the hint and subsequently proclaimed that “he would neither stand for elections in September nor hand over power to his son”. The protests grew even bigger with the Egyptians rejecting the vile, cunning old fox’s scheme of trying to cling on to power by hook or crook.

When the desperate despot shut down the internet and mobile communication and unleashed his murderous thugs on the the peaceful protesters, the Egyptians sensed the obvious that Mubarak was clinging on because of external support from certain powers next door and in a different continent. The mediaeval monarch Abdullah al-Saud even condemned the Egyptian protesters as “criminals, insurgents and violent anarchic elements” and urged Mubarak to put them down with an iron fist as he himself would do in his primitive desert kingdom. As the Egyptians began to see through Barry boy’s little game of running with the hares and hunting with the hounds, an increasingly desperate Uncle Sam called for “the transition to begin now”. The Egyptians are not fools, Uncle Sam, they knew you were one (along with your puppet-masters i.e. they who must not be named) who was secretly urging the tyrant to step aside only after ensuring that your interests were taken care of.

The shameless Western mainstream media’s coverage of the protests in Egypt was quite biased and filled with omissions and half-truths. Instead of reporting things as they are, they were deliberately misleading the gullible ones in the West, warning them of the “dangers of having Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood” take over. Whatever happens from now, the Muslim Brotherhood was only a hopeless follower of the Egyptian Revolution and nowhere near to leading it. It was led by the courageous Egyptians from all walks of life, young and old, rich and poor, Muslim and Christian, men and women. In sharp contrast was the honest and courageous reporting by Al-Jazeera and that of the Egyptian citizen journalists on blogs and sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

The internet is really proving to be a powerful revolutionary tool and an instrument of collective consciousness like no other. No wonder all sub-human regimes want to control the internet by any means possible. The shameless liars in the “mainstream media” are fast losing relevance and are digging their own graves by their vile, voraciously arse-licking “journalism”. Only neutral, unbiased news organisations like Al-Jazeera and some others deserve to survive while filthy gubmint news outlets and the lowly corporate media vermin deserve to occupy their rightful places in the trash heap of journalism where they belong.

Now, after a long, heroic and sustained struggle, the Egyptians have finally succeeded in throwing out the vile tyrant. But it is not over yet. They have to ensure that all the Pharaoh’s men are kicked out as well (especially Uncle Sam’s chosen henchman and outsourced torturer Suleiman) and that the 30-year emergency imposed by the scoundrel is removed immediately and that Egyptians demand and get back all their inborn rights and freedoms. But they have succeeded in one of their main aims, and I salute them for their courage, wisdom, perseverance and resilience. I share their inexplicable joy in getting rid of a satanic scoundrel who kept them in a vicious grip of misery and brutal oppression for over three long, painful decades. Congratulations to the courageous Egyptian people!!!

The question is: Two turdy tyrants down, how many more to go? The revolutionary wave sweeping the Arab/North African world deserves to turn into a tsunami and wash out all despicable dictators, mediaeval monarchs and other loony goons wielding power and the long suffering peoples of the region deserve a new dawn. This is much more than a single revolution in a single country. This is a serial revolutionary movement sweeping across the region. The last time a serial revolutionary movement like this happened was when the bloody Red totalitarian mass-murdering commie hordes were thrown out by the hapless masses they had enslaved for nearly half a century in Eastern & Central Europe as the evil Red Soviet empire (and its sidekicks) deservedly imploded and collapsed upon themselves after having reaped the fruits of the evil they had sown earlier.

I guess this is going to spread to other countries after the heroic revolutions have succeeded in two countries. I also sincerely wish this spreads far and wide and the long-suffering Kashmiri nation and the brutally oppressed Kashmiri people liberate themselves by kicking out the filthy, sadistic, sub-human, paan-and-gutka-chewing hordes of barbaric Indian savages and their rabid semi-literate mercenary dogs who have unleashed heinous oppression on the hapless Kashmiris with full impunity given by the sub-satanic laws (AFSPA, DAA, PSA etc.) of the stinking Indian shit pit of an evil empire.

Perhaps this might go beyond the region and its extended neighborhood. Perhaps the fast unfolding events in the volatile Middle East/West Asia/North Africa really challenge the existing order. “The powers that be” (TPTB) will then let loose the mother of all wars (WW III) that they have been planning for long and waiting for the appropriate time to unleash. When that is about to happen or while it is happening, the time would be ripe for the Second American Revolution to take place. Or perhaps this might just fizzle out with Tunisia and Egypt with the stinking despots clamping down with an iron fist on further protests as all sub-human regimes do. Whatever, the events that unfolded in Tunisia and Egypt were predicted with great accuracy by a modern-day Nostradamus. More on that in another post.

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