A tale of two teams

How about trying to put the ball at the back of the opponent’s net for a change, Monsieur Anelka?


Whether it’s trying to foment a players’ rebellion against the coach or sleeping with a team-mate’s wife, John seems to be a Terryfic team man!


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4 Responses to A tale of two teams

  1. kanagu says:

    Welcome back Raj 🙂 🙂

    I have never seen Raymond Domenech as a godo coach.. last time France went to Finals only thru Zidane’s brilliance.. I am really surprised to see him in the coaching post for thsi WC also… and for England… they are bunch of stars who don’t know how to play together. Period.

    The toons are nice Raj 🙂

  2. lol 😛 Doomnech is the reason…*sigh I was supporting france..

  3. priya joyce says:

    I wun be surprised if an underdog team wins the WC this tym 😛
    well yeah tho some of the strong teams r on the top of ter pools..bt i guess tis tymes’ is a strange result..

    welcome backkk :))

  4. Thanks, Kanagu, Vishesh and PJ! 🙂
    Yes, Kanagu, problems aside, I guess France look very ordinary without a creative player like Zizou. Ribery impressed with his harwork, but they lacked the sheer talent of Zidane in midfield. England are a very ordinary team made of over-hyped and over-rated players.
    Doomnech 😆 That’s funny, Vishesh. But he wasn’t the only reason. I’m sorry, but looking at how they played, France certainly deserved to go out the way they did in the first round.
    Though they’ve won it for the first time, Spain weren’t quite an underdog team, PJ. They are the European Champions and one of the pre-tournament favourites based on form. But yes, the final was played between two teams who’ve never won it before. So an outsider did win it in that sense.

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