Inhuman war crimes: rogue army shells makeshift hospital; 64 patients killed!

While the filthy bureaucratic vermin at the United Nations try desperately to cover up a genocide taking place with their full knowledge because of the involvement of several world powers in this genocide by a rogue regime that has killed nearly 8,000 civilians in the last four months alone, more and more unspeakable war crimes are coming to the attention of civilised human beings. In a genocide without witness, where all media, international aid workers and even UN staff are banned from the genocide zone to cover up the worst war crimes of the 21st century, where courageous journalists are butchered by government death squads, heinous war crimes are taking place with every passing moment.

In the latest horrific war crime, a makeshift hospital was shelled by heavy weaponry, killing a doctor, two nurses and 61 patients. This had taken place despite the exact co-ordinates of the hospital being passed to the rogue forces by the ICRC.

Patients waiting to be treated in a makeshift hospital that was deliberately denied medicines and supplies by the rogue SinHELLa regime were butchered in a deliberate artillery attack on two successive days:



The international “mainstream media” which deliberately colluded in the genocide by failing to report civilian casualties, is beginning to be troubled by its conscience. After all, not everyone is a filthy sub-human, sub-animal scum creature who takes great pleasure in watching fellow humans suffer or try to to dismiss heinous crimes that they passively support as “the internal affair” of another country. Internal affair, my foot! The filthy swine at the United Nations have an obligation to ensure that governments have a responsibility to protect (R2P) civilians in a conflict, failing which the United Nations has to do the same. In a genocide being perpetrated by a rogue state, the UN fails to step in because criminal scum in the Chinese and Russian regimes (with the latter ever eager to lick the filthy asses of the swine in the Indian establishment) are actively backing the genocide and the other three of the P5 rogues (USA, UK and France) are passively backing it despite being humiliated by the rabid dogs of the Sinhala regime (Sweden’s humanitarian envoy was flatly refused a visa by this bankrupt country that is totally dependent on foreign aid). News reports about unspeakable war crimes are beginning to get published despite the scavenging editors in news establishments trying to black out reports of war crimes. Read reports here, here, here, here and here.

There are other types of news establishments – the ones that indulge in sewer journalism. The top example of this kind is the toilet paper The Hindu that is paid to publish vile, nauseating lies by its masters in both the rogue SinHELLa regime and the scoundrels in the notorious CCP regime of China. Do you want to know how a sewer journalist looks like? Here is the best example of such a lowlife scum creature:

The creature in the centre (the one in front of the microphones) is the world’s lowliest sewer journalist, the natural result of a passionate one-night stand between a filthy swine and a rabid bitch. This vicious creature is N.Ram, the liar-in-chief of the world’s most disgusting toilet paper called The Hindu:


(To be continued)

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9 Responses to Inhuman war crimes: rogue army shells makeshift hospital; 64 patients killed!

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  2. Paloma Pentarian says:

    I’m waiting to see what he’s done, I hope you’ll tell us in Part II….


    • There is so much to write about what he’s done, Paloma, that it will take more than one post, which I’ll do later. However, to provide a summary – The Hindu (started in 1878) was actually a respected paper till about two decades ago. It did have some kind of a tradition of providing neutral and balanced news. However, all that changed completely and drastically when the current editor-in-chief (liar-in-chief) N.Ram took over at that time. In a single stroke, he managed to turn the rag into a stinking toilet paper though they still have two or three decent journalists on their rolls.

      From Mount Road Mahavishnu to Mount Road Marx to Mount Road Mussolini, it has been one rapid and disgusting decline of this paper. I have actually seen this nauseating change because I’ve been reading the paper for a long time. Of course, I was disgusted with the increasing amount of blatant lies that were being published and switched over to another paper and it was like breathing fresh mountain air after inhaling toxic fumes of nauseating particulate matter laden carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide.

      Faced with a rapidly dwindling readership due to intensified competition and the changing age profile of its readership, while other papers resorted to trivialising and sensationalising stuff, this paper has taken a different route, something much worse. N.Ram has taken the paper down the drain of what can be called as paid sewer journalism. In short, the paper is completely funded by certain entities and foreign governments from which it receives huge amounts of money to publish utter lies that are outrageous. For instance, one of its main sources of funding is the Communist Party of India (Marxist). In return, the paper acts as the mouthpiece and propaganda machine of this party with respect to issues concerning India. When some crooked criminals in the state of West Bengal backed by its CPI(M) government unleashed a campaign of terror on peaceful protestors in Nandigram who were protesting the seizure of small farms by violent intimidation, several people were killed by armed thugs and goons. One girl was gang-raped and burnt alive by the filthy scum beings. The paper completely trivialised the issue and made a government sponsored violent terror campaign appear as if it was a street brawl and this creature wrote some editorials that almost justified the reign of terror.

      There are other sources of funding for this paper. The notorious Chinese Communist Party gives huge sums of money in return for publishing lies. For instance, the creature N.Ram wrote a piece on occupied Tibet that even a stray dog would know was full of blatant lies. The CCP liked it so much that they actually used his article in forced indoctrination sessions for the people of occupied Tibet and Uighur. The paper also tries to justify the persecution of Falun Gong spiritual practitioners. Of course, it is completely silent on the widely proven live organ harvesting carried out by the CCP thugs. I have written about this before:

      It does not stop with that. N.Ram actually threatened non-violent peaceful protestors belonging to a Human Rights group called Friends of Tibet in Chennai because they dared to question the lies published in the paper. Also, the paper tries to present the view that China has a legitimate claim over the entire Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. Outrageous! Of course, this is done subtly but clearly to regular readers of the paper. Not a day passes without some big article about Chin Jin and Chin Jia (Chinese dictatorial gang of Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao) and their antics in the Middle Kingdom with the big, crumbling mud Wall in its middle.

      Of course, poison-laced toxic Chinese baby milk products that kill and maim innocent toddlers get a small passing mention, mostly to inform that one or two perpetrators were tried in a kangaroo court (sure, the greedy devils will have their organs ripped out of them later to be sold). The paper was also mildly critical of India’s decision to ban the sale of cheap, highly toxic Chinese toys. The scores of unfortunate pet cats and dogs killed by toxic Chinese pet food has never been mentioned. You won’t believe this, but the Chinese state-controlled news agency Xinhua actually presents more critical views about the CCP than The Hindu. It’s that bad – a case of the unofficial ass-licker trying to outdo the official one! Little wonder then, that people who have access to other sources of news refer to The Hindu as The Chindu, China’s national newspaper published in India or sometimes as the Chennai based Chinese national newspaper.

      It does not stop with that. The Chindu also follows the same policy of licking the asses of criminal thugs and dictators in power throughout the world. Examples are the notorious military junta in Burma (Myanmar), the genocidal Sudanese thugs wanted in the International Court of Justice for crimes against humanity, the terrorist dictator of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe and the filthy Rajapaksa goons of SinHELLa Lanka. Is it a coincidence that all these rogues and thugs are dear allies of the CCP? Yes, but there is more to it.

      This toilet paper’s coverage of the Lankan genocide is both outrageous and disgustingly barbaric at the same time. The thousands of civilians butchered in cold blood with cluster bombs and chemical weapons rarely get a mention, the editors and journalists murdered in cold blood by the regime’s death squads get a brief, two or three sentence obituary, the barbed wire fenced concentration camps that put the Nazi death camps to shame are praised, the Rajapaksa swine are encouraged to deny medicines, food and supplies to affected civilians, the heinous war crimes of the filthy SinHELLa rogue army are deliberately blacked out, the Rajapaksa rogues threatening international diplomats, journalists, envoys, aid workers and even UN staff are deliberately twisted to make it appear otherwise. Whether it is N.Ram who does it or the sewer paper’s Rajapaksas’ ass-licking Colombo based journalist, Muralidhar Reddy who does it, or a combination of the two and as well as other creatures like his cousin, the sewer journalist Malini Parthasarathy, I’m not sure.

      I believe it is the creature N.Ram since it was he who has twice received the Rajapaksa rogues’ award called Sinhala Ratna for the creature’s contribution to (sewer) journalism. Can you believe it? An “editor” receiving an award for “journalism” from a regime that is marked as one of the most prolific killers of journalists (according to Reporters Sans Frontières)? A “journalist” receiving an award from the very same rogues who butchered South Asia’s most fearless journalist, Lasantha Wickrematunge (an ethnic Sinhalese, editor of The Sunday Leader) and several others who dared to question the genocidal maniacs in the Rajapaksa regime? Yes, it’s true. This should tell you of the nasty, vicious nature of the sewer journalist N.Ram of the toilet paper The Hindu. I have written about it in some detail here:

      I can go on and on, but my blood begins to boil when I’m reminded of the nauseating lies of the pioneers of paid sewer journalism in the world, the piece of stinking toilet paper called The Hindu.

    • Paloma, contrary to the paid sewer journalist, N.Ram’s blatant lies about SinHELLa Lanka’s CONCENTRATION CAMPS, here is the truth about the shocking atrocities in these CONCENTRATION CAMPS run by the filthy SinHELLa barbarians, exposed by independent British news channel – Channel 4:

  3. Priya Joyce says:

    Such things upset me a lot…For I feel unable to do something agnst it…

    When emotions take a control over us(like anger)..humans..then we become animals…
    even worse !!

  4. Hi, interesting post. I have been thinking about this issue,so thanks for writing. I will certainly be coming back to your posts.

  5. leafless says:

    Something must be done. This is genocide!

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